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8 Activewear Trends that will Rule 2022

Apart from sports and other athletic activities, activewear trends has become our everyday, street, and loungewear. It is a key part of the fashion industry and most individuals like to wear it as a statement piece. Therefore, activewear must take on the demands put forth by the masses. American made athletic wear has to be designed in such a way that it exudes a unique and different appeal altogether.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and take your clothing seriously, then the latest fashion trends will work up your interest. For those of you who desire to up your fitness fashion game and add some fun to your wardrobe, we have some amazing pieces.

The trendy fitness fashion pieces given below may get some of your creative juices flowing. Sparking an inspiration for shopping. So brace yourself for the most fun ride through the fashion world! These trends may even bring some evergreen garments out of your closet.

This will not only help you put together some amazing fitness outfits but will also help you air out the oldie goodies!

Whether you are a man or a woman we have the perfect pieces for all. If you are in search of the activewear trends athletic wear made in USA then check out the SPRT Brand! They have a great premium quality athletic range that will blow your mind.


The latest and one of the relatively exciting fitness activewear trends is the onesie. Surprisingly comfortable and yet a chic fashion piece! Who wouldn’t like something like that? It is because of the comfort and the flexibility they bring, that they have become so popular so quickly. No need to pair a top and pants together. Or worry about the colors complementing. All you have to do is pull out a onesie in your favorite color put on your joggers and get going.

Not only does it make your dressing ritual simple and easy, but it also provides ease in movement and your athletic activities. While we are aware that they can be intimidating to try on. You should opt for one! As we have found them to be flattering for all body types. So it would not be all that bad if you give this trend a try.

All you have to do is thrown on a crew-neck top with a zip-up and add some knee-length socks to complete your look. Of course, you would need your shoes so don’t forget those!


This is another fitness activewear trends that has made its way into 2022 with a big hype. It is none other than your favorite American made athletic wear in pastel colors. Just as these light color hues got introduced they made their way to the top. Making athletic jerseys available in these colors practically fly off the racks, as masses rushed to buy it. 

These fitness pieces were surprisingly very well-received by all. Making them the primary choice of individuals who wore athletic wear made in USA. You can opt for colors like lilac, aqua blue, peach, or pale green. These pastels will give your wardrobe a new and refreshing feel. 

While they are the perfect choice for spring wear. If you like to stay up to date with the trend and love fitness, then you can try these on throughout the year. 

The varsity look

Another very popular fitness fashion trend that is likely to rule 2022 is the varsity look. Many individuals nowadays are really into varsity-inspired fitness looks. It features sweat shorts with high socks. Crew neck tops and chunky sneakers.

If you are into big shoes and neat clothing without flattery drapes then this can be your first choice. With this look, you can combine different colors and textures to pull off a unique outfit. The colors can help uplift your look and make your outfit pop.

Seamless Tops

One of the recent biggest trends that have emerged in USA athletic wear is the introduction of seamless pieces in women’s wear. These garments come without a seam or a hard hem. This athletic wear fuses style and functionality providing you with the most breathable and comfortable clothing out there. 

The forecast suggests that this is going to be the next big thing in the following year. Therefore, it is safe to say that you must add these to your wardrobe. Thus, making sure that you look chic at all times. 

Not only will these pieces keep you up to date, but they will also give you well-fitting clothes that are super comfortable and do not pinch. They add much-needed ease to your sportswear. Most people report that these pieces do not bother or scratch in any way. 

Flared Pants

Next comes the flares, which entered this year with a bang. Individuals who have a soft spot for leggings love them. It is because they provide you with the comfort of the leggings without the additional restriction. 

These are not just for those who do yoga. Rather, serve as perfect activewear trends for hiking and Pilates. If you are looking to add something simple like leggings to your wardrobe then you must opt for flares. They are much more comfortable and breathable than regular sweats. 

Bike Shorts

Another chic piece that became a part of USA athletic wear this year is biker shorts. With summers right around the corner, there is no better time than this to invest in biker shorts to add to your fitness wardrobe. You can follow this trend by opting for bold and solid color shorts. If you like to carry something bold then you can go with patterns and funky colors.

Mesh Athletic Wear

Another fashion trend that is going to go big in 2022 is the use of mesh fabric in American made athletic wear. It is not anything new that mesh is a part of sportswear. But you can consider it as one of those trends that are everlasting. This is because such sportswear is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for heavy activity.

Sustainable Clothing

Last but not least comes eco-friendly clothing. This sustainable American made athletic wear came into existence last year, but there is no doubt that it is here to stay. It is safe to say that it will not just stay but rule the sportswear industry in the year 2022. Sustainable athletic wear promises to stay at the forefront of fashion for some time to come.

Therefore, it is a smart choice to start investing in such pieces. It will not just add some great pieces to your wardrobe, but this way you can also give back to the environment. As they are made out of recycled fabric, it is a treat for those who love to preserve nature. With all being said, keep your environment in mind the next time you make a purchase! 


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