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How e-passport will benefit a common man?

The concerns over traditional passports are never-ending. Authorities of maximum countries witness significant concerns related to security at national borders. Facial and fingerprint recognition is becoming a popular solution in the current era. It lowers the likelihood of identity theft and illegal immigration. Around 120 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, have used e-passports to improve their security systems. Moreover, the advent of e-passport does not only benefit governments but also offers significant advantages for the common man. 

Astute Analytica estimates that the global e-passport market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2027. 

E-passports are Time-Saving

Passengers with e-passports do not require to wait in a long queue. The benefit of an e-passport is that it can be examined within seconds. Once examined, the gates will allow the passengers to travel to their locations. 


E-passports help track people’s biometric data, thus declining the chances of fraudulent activities. Moreover, data theft and the creation of duplicate passports are the significant disadvantages of traditional passports. All of these factors are increasing the demand for an efficient solution, which is e-passport. 


If the chip passport authentication is tampered with, it will fail. Thus, it is the best part of the entire concept. To avoid redundancy, the e-passport contains multiple layers of protection. Moreover, this is the most critical of the three aims from a security standpoint. Moreover, the most important component of e-passports is Digital signatures. It is regarded as the foundation for ensuring integrity. 


Unlike traditional passports, e-passports do not allow people to erase data from them. Thus, it increases the safety of the passport holders. The action will also help reduce counterfeit passports in the market. E-passports are equipped with the additional security of biometric information stored in an electronic chip embedded in the passport. Moreover, they are embedded with holographic images in a laminated film. The film can change the color and move under the light. Furthermore, they also contain demographic information, biometric information, and details of the cardholder. E-passports are considered secure because they also contain the fingerprints of all 10 fingers of the bearer to offer 100% security. Apart from that, they include iris scans, color photographs, and digital signatures, which are a significant boon for the e-passport revolution. Advanced biometric information is slowly getting added to the ePassports, which includes fingerprint scans and iris scans to bring advancements.

It Helps in Crime investigation

Officials can acquire reliable information about a citizen using biometric proof. As a result, it assists law enforcement and other government authorities in criminal investigations. Furthermore, if the e-passport is stolen or lost, the user can use the database to validate the information. Moreover, it allows authorities to perform thorough inspections electronically at a lower cost. Portugal government introduced its national electronic passport in 2006. According to the information, electronic passports have significantly helped Portugal to support ICAO international standards and EU regulatory framework. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) council embraces standards and recommended practices (SARP) related to air navigation, border crossing procedures, air transport & safety, air disasters investigation, etc. In addition, governments are allowed to transfer information with other systems, including air operators, customs, immigration, and other authorities. 

Biometric passports have been introduced in over 120 countries to prevent unlawful entry and improve security. In 2008, Slovakia began issuing e-passports. In addition, to combat identity theft, Peru uses biometric passport technology. Rome and Naples have also issued e-passports embedded with facial recognition facilities. Furthermore, Bangladesh recently declared the establishment of e-passport infrastructure, and Pakistan is forecast to begin e-passport services from 2022. 

After years of delay, Nepal has finally begun issuing e-passports.

Biometric identification technology has also been used in Israel for travelers. The country’s passport policy was updated in 2017, making it necessary for all nationals to use a biometric passport and ID.

Further, Saudi Arabia is planning to implement electronic passports soon, and Indians are also expected to receive e-passports in the near future, as other countries have done in the past.

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