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11 Tips for Prepare for Your Next Bodybuilding Competition

Are you heading to your first bodybuilding competition? Have you been to a few and are looking for an edge? There are several ways you can prepare for your competition. Many start earlier than you would assume. You may need to update your gym wear, prep your skin, and start the shaving process in the days or weeks leading up to it in addition to you workout and diet goals. Here are some tips to help you be more successful with your next bodybuilding competition.

Start Prepping Even Earlier

You will want to start preparing for your competition as early as possible. The date can quickly sneak up on you, and suddenly you are not prepared enough. Changing your training plan even a few months out can help you prepare. Start focusing on what you need, whether it’s more lifting power or more defined muscle. Make a plan, fill your gym duffle bag with everything you need, and hit the gym.

Don’t Underestimate Skin Prep

Tanning is an essential element of competition. It can show off the contrast and definition in your muscles. To get the right tan, you need to prep your skin properly. During competition, your skin is a factor, and it’s important to take care of it. Even if you have the best physique, you can lose points for not taking care of your skin. Start exfoliating two weeks before the competition. Remove as much dead skin as possible. This helps your skin accept to the tan better. You should also get into a good daily skincare routine.

Start Shaving Early

Start shaving a few weeks before the show. Use a high-quality razor blade to shave. An electric razor simply can’t cut your hair short enough. You can start with an electric razor to get large areas. Then, follow up with a razor and shaving cream. You want to do a final shave two days before your competition. Apply tanning a day later to give yourself time for it to set. You can also do tanning the day of the competition. Your skin may not accept the tan if you don’t shave.

Tanning the Right Way

Your gym wear is great for getting in a good workout and showing off your muscles. It will not, however, give you an even tan. You want a total body tan. Start this about a month before the competition. Some athletes start as early as 12 to 16 weeks out. This gives you a good base to work with. The best time to apply tanning agent is the day before the show. Usually, three coats is typical. Tanning agents look best on skin that is already tanned.

Turn to Your Community for Advice

The chances are good that if you are going to competition, you are already part of a bodybuilding community at your local gym. You probably already wear gym wear from specific brands to represent your passion for the iron sport. You can turn to your community for advice and support. Someone in your community has already been through multiple competitions. This makes them a valuable resource. Ask them for tips whether you are just starting out or have a competition or two under your belt. They might give you an advantage on the local circuit.

Keep Doing Cardio

You probably know your body well by now, especially if you throw on gym wear and regularly head in for training sessions. You will need to do cardio and be smart about it. Start with a small amount of cardio and work your way up. Your body will adjust, and you will consistently progress. This also helps you burn off fat efficiently. However, everyone’s body is different, and you will need to figure out what works best for you.

Change Your Diet

Your diet is probably going to change to prep for competition. Avoid processed carbs. Complex carbs are fine if your body is used to them. This helps as you won’t have to cut them as low for prep. Carbs can help curb stress hormones like cortisol. This also helps preserve muscle mass. You will also want a diet of high protein and medium fat. Chicken, fish, green veggies, and complex carbs will be vital. Do food prep so you won’t be tempted to stray from this. Your trainer or nutritionist should have a specific plan for you. Depending on the competition, you might go through alternating periods of low and high calorie intake.

Work on Your Poses Weeks in Advance

A combination of having the perfect physique, tan, and posing is the secret to placing high. A key factor is knowing how to present your physique. Start practicing your posing a month before the show. Begin with 10 seconds per pose and add 10 seconds every week until you can hold each pose for 40 seconds. It’s possible you only have to hold the pose for a few seconds during competition. Being overprepared means you are able to hold it longer and are ready for anything.

Use the Right Gym Wear During Breaks

On the day of the competition, your gym wear should be loose, lightweight clothing in dark colors. It’s harder to see tan stains on dark clothes, and you may get it on your clothes. Keep extras in your gym duffle bag. White shirts will definitely show the stains. Ditch socks and wear sandals or flip-flops instead. You will want soft, silky clothes instead of heavy clothes. Stringer tank tops are a great option. This way, you won’t mess up your tan, which can hurt your chances of winning your part of the competition.

Avoid Sprays, Deodorant, and Lotion

Another way to mess up your tan is by discoloring it with sprays, deodorant, and lotion. Another thing to avoid is hairspray. While it can style your hair, it could also turn your tan orange, yellow, or green. Use other options instead. You will also have to be comfortable with knowing you and other competitors may not smell pretty during the competition.

Be Prepared for Anything

Your gym duffle bag should be stocked with all the supplies you need to help you be prepared for anything. Keep a few bottles of water to stay hydrated. An electrolyte drink can help keep you on your feet. Get extra potassium through a banana. Keep extra gym wear and shoes in the gym duffle bag. A sugary snack can help give you a bit of energy and see you through the end of the competition. Bring extra towels as you never know when you’ll need them for a variety of reasons.

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Since my first mountain bike race, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and a health nut since I discovered how much better I race after! When I’m not at the gym or on my bike, I love blogging about all the cool health and wellness products my friends and I have come across. As I seek out new wellness adventures and develop my blog, I hope my personal fitness stories help you find your favorite wellness brands and products. Thanks for checking out my profile!

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