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Dangers of mice infestation

Dangers of mice infestation

Have you ever witnessed mice’s feces or small-sized black colored grains in different but hidden areas of your home? Have you recently heard strange noises like chewing or scraping at night or have you noticed teeth marks, holes, and Scratches over different objects like books, clothes, or food items? 

The presence of these signs indicates the mice infestation, which is highly dangerous not only for your property but also for your health. It might be shocking for you to know that each year, millions of people are infected by the allergens found in mice’s urine and catch serious diseases. These small creatures, commonly known as rodents, can destroy all objects and transmit lethal diseases to you and your family. Well, there’s no better way to get rid of them other than hiring mice control surrey and extermination services.

With that said, let’s take a look at some dangers mice infestation can cause in your home if you aren’t taking appropriate action in time:

Lethal Diseases 

The biggest and most dangerous impact of mice infestation is the transmission of several diseases by the biting, urination, or allergens of the mice. The allergens present in the mice’s urine are a major source of the serious pulmonary disease call Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that causes failure of the respiratory system and leads to death. Exposure to such disgusting creatures causes asthma and other breathing problems, especially in children. Mice saliva contains the bacterium Leptospirosis that causes fatal diseases like liver failure, kidney problems, and meningitis.

Rodents’ bite or contact with anything that has mice saliva causes rodent red fever in humans. It gives rise to abdominal pain, muscles itching, headache, and nausea.  

Food Contamination 

The kitchen is the best home for mice that provides them with plenty of food, water, and nesting places. When mice get into your kitchen it makes several ways to reach out food containers. The contaminated food causes health issues like vomiting, muscle pain, headache and many others. It also costs the wastage of food. 

Destruction of Electrical Wires and Insulation 

Mice infestation if not treated timely can cause massive destruction. Mice are used to chewing everything the hat comes their way including electric wires, cloths, paper, etc. They chew up the protective cover of electronic wires that increase the chances of electric shock or fire. Mice prefer dark spaces for nest building and for that purpose they destroyed the insulation. Contamination of insulation residue with mice urine causes foul-smelling and breathing in this atmosphere causes asthma. 

Structural and Property Destruction 

The interesting fact about mice is that their teeth continually grow and they always gnawing on several objects. Their teeth are sharp enough to destroy precious structures including furniture, insulation, counters, and clothes. 

Mice mostly like to live behind walls where they damage the electric system and other objects like walls, etc. 

Increase Allergic Reactions 

Several allergens present in the urine and saliva of mice are the major sources of allergic reactions in humans. When mice get entry into the air conditioner or heater ducts their feces blow up and are inhaled by the humans through breathing in that area. It causes severe pulmonary disorders like breathing shortage, chest tightness, and asthma. 

The chances of getting infect by these allergens are more common in young children due to higher sensitivity. 

Spreading of Other Species 

Once mice enter your home it is a welcoming sign for several other species to get settle in your place. They cause mites infestation. Different pests including ticks, flies, and lies present in the hairs of mice travel along with them and cause serious infections in humans. 

If immediate steps are not taken to eradicate mice it may lead to the conversation of your house into a pet house.


Mice infestation is quite a serious problem that needs to be handel adequately and in a timely. Slight negligence can lead to massive destruction and increased health risks for your entire family. If you are facing that problem, take immediate steps to eradicate the mice from your house and rescue your family from the dangerous impacts of mice infestation. Although there are some DIY practices that can help in mice control, we usually do not recommend them as they require experience and expertise to implement. The best advice, as stated above, is to get a reliable pest control company, on board and get rid of them in a hassle-free way.

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