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Why Are Your Outlook Folders Missing? Learn How To Find Them?

Losing an outlook folder can be a scary event for any user. And if you are perplexed about how to revive the Outlook folders missing, here’s the guide for you.


Outlook is used for various purposes. But, an issue like outlook folders missing is quite common. Since it’s common, it can also be resolved easily and quickly with the correct methods. For instance, import and export methods or data file properties.


Let’s understand the methods in detail. 


What Causes Outlook Folders Missing Issue?

Some of the critical factors that can influence the issue are mentioned here. It can be any of the reasons:


  • Your outlook folders are hidden
  • Accidentally deleted the outlook folder
  • A syncing problem with the server
  • The folder is damaged 


Ways To Resolve The Outlook Folders Missing Issue

Following are speedy methods to resolve the outlook missing folders issue. Let’s try each one by one. 


1. Folder showing in online email

If your outlook folders are missing or not showing in your app. However, it is visible in the outlook web app (OWA), then use the steps mentioned here: 


  • Reset All Views in All Folders.
  • Exit and close the outlook folder.
  • Now press Windows + R keys to open the run dialog box.
  • Type Oulook.exe/cleanviews and hit the ok button.
  • Now the outlook program will launch. Check for the missing folders.


If the folders are still missing, continue with the following process.


  • Open the Run dialog box again.
  • Type outlook.exe/resetnavpane


If the problem persists, move on to the next solution.


2. Data file properties

Follow the steps mentioned here and search for your folder. 


  • Launch outlook program.
  • Then, right-click on the outlook mailbox.
  • Now, select the Data File Properties option.
  • From here, move to the Outlook Today dialog box.
  • Then select the Folder Size option.
  • Here it has the list of all folders in outlook, their names, and locations provided. You can also see their size.
  • You can figure out the missing folder from here, track its current location, and bring it back to its original site. 


3. Search and browse the missing folder

This process will help you find the missing folder using an advanced folder search. Here’s how you can do it: 


  • Launch the MS Outlook program on your system.
  • Then, navigate to the Search tab in the menu bar.
  • Now, select the Search tools.
  • Then, choose the Advanced Find option. Or you can press Ctrl+shift+F keys.
  • A new window will pop up.
  • You can copy or note the item’s details with the folder’s name.
  • Tap the Browse option (see in the top right corner of the screen).
  • This will help you find precisely the folder that is missing.
  • Please remember the folder location in the “Select folder(s)” dialog box. Also, note the path before tapping the OK button.
  • Return to the Outlook main window. Find the folder here and relocate it to its original location.


4. Import and Export

If you haven’t retrieved the data after moving them to the PST files, you can import them. Thus, you can recover them as mentioned in the steps below:


  • Launch the Outlook program on your system.
  • Now, select the File tab (on the top left corner).
  • Then, choose the Open and Export option.
  • Select Import/Export to launch the Wizard.
  • From here, tap Import from another program file option.
  • Click Next.
  • After that, enter the .pst file you wish to import under the File to Import.
  • Then, select the Browse option.
  • Now, decide how you want to handle your email and contacts.
    • Replace duplicates with items imported
    • Allow duplicate to be created
    • Do not import duplicate
  • Click Next.
  • If it asks you to enter the password, enter it and tap OK.
  • Otherwise, tap Continue.
  • Select the destination for the files imported. 
    • Choose Office mailbox 
    • Otherwise, choose “import items to the current folder” to import the files in the selected folder.
  • Tap Finish.


5. Check your folder in the trash

If none of the above helps you find the missing outlook folder. Please check it in the trash if you mistakenly deleted the folder. 


  • Go to the recycle bin of your system. 
  • Find the delete folder here.
  • If it’s there, tap on it and select the restore option.
  • Go to windows explorer and search for the folder.


Unfortunately, a folder deleted permanently is impossible to retrieve. 


Bonus tip: 

  1. You can check the deleted folder from the server. But, please understand that if you have deleted the folders permanently, you have no way to restore them. However, you still have a chance if you can find the folder from the recoverable items. 
  2. If you have only a few (1 or 2) messages missing, you can ask the end to resend them. 

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Summing up:

As you can see, these methods make it easy to find the outlook folders missing. Anyone can perform these methods in an emergency or anyway. But, if you can’t get rid of the issue and cannot find the folder, don’t panic! Our technical expert will assist you and resolve this problem. You can contact us anytime, and we’ll be glad to help you!

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