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7 Amazing Qualities of a User Friendly Website

A good website developer not only keeps the main aspects of website development but keeps a good user experience in view as well. A good website has good coding that shows less buffering and glitching. Some points are written may prove very beneficial for the website developers to keep in mind while developing their client’s websites.

Less Time to Load

When you are developing a website make sure to give it coding more stability and reliability. This will decrease the loading of your website. The buffering of your website can have a large impact on the website as it will drive away the traffic which mostly results in loss of lead. The bounce rate increases with the increase in the buffering rate. Potential traffic makes potential customers which is why it is important for a good website.

A good website has a maximum of 8 seconds of buffering time. More than this will drive the potential traffic away from your website. The usability issue of your website decreases its reliability. Eventually, your website will be flagged as irrelevant and a drastic drop can result in the search engine of your website. Make sure that you have a well-optimized website and that it can load within three seconds of time.

Make it User-Friendly

A good user-friendly website is very important in Website Development as it increases the screen time on your website. The more a customer remains on your website the better the chances of your user turning into your customer. It makes the user’s knowledge much more pleasant and leaves a good impression on your traffic.

An easy and simplified way to check and see the prices and know about the information of your website for many more customers. Making a website clear, simple, and yet splendid at the same time is the duty. A transparent website gains more customer loyalty than a website that does not showcase its features properly.


The website shows quick responses and makes the mobile traffic much more interactive for the users. The more the website is actively responsive the more your website is immersive and makes sure that our website is easy to handle.

Mobile internet traffic takes up more than half of the global online traffic. The usage of mobile phones is very common nowadays which is why it is important to keep the size of the website small. A website that runs smoothly on mobile phones, as well as on the desktop, is the ideal website for any company.

You can get an app for your company but having a website from the best custom website development company with a theme for mobile is more effective for many companies. Make sure that all your services stay in play while opening your website on a mobile.

Compatibility with various browsers:

Many people use different types of browsers and each browser has its specificities and restrictions. Make your website usable fast and responsible for all types of browsers. Doing justice to all types of customers is one way to become the number one choice of your customers. A good website shows its feature through its off-page coding which makes it more efficient to use.

Many different types of users will visit your website. You have to keep in mind their comfort and provide them with the best usage of your website.

Optimized Content on the website:

Content not only includes the written form but all types of graphics, videos, images, blogs, and articles. The uniqueness of all your content will make your website stand out from your competitors.

The content is written in simple and easy words so a normal person can understand your thoughts just by skim reading. The content which conveys complex information in simple and easy words to make it easy for the customers to understand is the best.

Content should also be optimized with the required SEO keywords. The optimized content will help in digital marketing along with healthy content. It is also very important to keep your content updated. This approach builds the friendliness and reliability of that website that states its business in clear and transparent words.

Good content is very necessary for the success and victory of any website. Therefore a great deal of attention should be given to it.

Good Call-to-action CTA:

The call to action is basically what you want the customers to do. It is very important and you want to deliver your message clearly to your audience and tell them what your audience needs to do to attain your services.

You must add the proper instruction on your website and give the best usability through your efficiency. Through clear instructions, you will be able to explain your website and give a clear guide to your customers on how to approach you and your services.

Optimized for Search Engines

If your website is not seen by anyone then it becomes tough to call it successful. A successful website is highly optimized and gives good visibility by being at the top of search engines then it has become successful in providing a good approach. If your website does not have any visibility on Google, it may be useless for you.

The SEO specialist searches for the most searched words and helps in the content to make it fully optimized with this approach. The quality of words also matters along with the quantity of the website.

You can attract your customer by using healthy and trending keywords. This way when someone searches your keyboard your website will pop up in front of them and they become your potential customer gradually.


Any website developer should keep the above points in mind during website development otherwise all their efforts might go to waste if there is no one that will use their website. Try to make it more visible in the google trends by applying the above-mentioned expertise. Take a good start on your website by making it more usable in the online world rather than just by developing and leaving it there.

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