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Scent that will make her swoon

So, let me put it this way. I had a major crush on a girl who was also my classmate. Somehow, as fate would have it, I scored a date with her. We were going out to a party. Although I have always been confident, first dates can make even the most optimistic of them all nervous. One of my friends then suggested that a good body perfume is a key to cracking the date and making her swoon over you.

Guess what? It worked! After the first date, we met on another and countless more. Today, that girl is my girlfriend!

Want to know the scents that work like magic for your dates? Read on…

From the house of Mcnroe, a recognized expert in fragrances and perfumes, Wild stone CODE is a premium male grooming brand that makes top-notch grooming products for men in India. These perfumes are one of the best long-lasting body sprays for men in the country.

CODE body perfumes have an exclusive range of seven unique long-lasting, refreshing fragrances. These are created by some of the best perfumers. I was amazed that each iconic fragrance is inspired by life’s sensuality, luxury and beauty. The scents bring a unique, memorable, elegant, yet intense sensual scent.

The CODE body perfume range is best suited for the innately magnetic, effortlessly authentic man who loves to indulge his senses in the pleasures of a great perfume.

Wild Stone CODE presents the best body perfumes for men in India that capture elegance, style and irresistible aura in a perfect combination. The fragrances are more robust, last longer and chisel out your persona wherever you go. CODE body perfumes will indulge you with refreshing and energetic vibes and keep you confident all day long.

The Wild Stone CODE range includes –

Wild Stone CODE Steel

This CODE body perfume builds a serene, fragrant aura around you with its breezy marine notes and a boost of mandarin zest. Delicate notes of Bergamot with the freshness of lemon to keep you cool and balanced all day. The fragrance makes for a stunning office wear addition to your wardrobe.

Wild Stone CODE Iridium

Iridium exudes power and elegance with its aromatic notes of Bergamot, patchouli and vetiver, making it a favourite office wear perfume for me!

While you might be wondering if CODE only has fragrances suited for office wear, worry not, as it has got you on various occasions too!

Wild Stone CODE Copper Body Perfume

The CODE Copper dives you into sensual masculinity with an invigorating freshness, blended in warm balsam and amber notes. The citrus notes of lemon and pineapple with woody hints of armoise make Copper a force to reckon with.

Wild Stone CODE Chrome Body Perfume

Chrome unfolds charismatic escapades with the freshness of lavender, Bergamot, musk and vetiver. The aqueous notes of chrome, infused with zesty citrus and greens, inspire you to always go with the flow. These aromatic and fougere notes make it distinctly masculine and irresistibly romantic.

Wild Stone CODE Gold Body Perfume

Let the rich gold fragrance exude an aristocratic aroma that is stitched together with fresh spicy notes of moss and musk. This uncommon blend of lavender, apple and geranium with a woody base leaves a signature on you and makes you different from the crowd.

Wild Stone CODE Platinum Body Perfume

Platinum is a robust fragrance that truly separates men from boys with its eclectic blend of apple notes, muguet and cedar wood. Perfect for wintertime.

Wild Stone CODE Titanium

Titanium is a playfully fresh fragrance with masculine notes of citrus, dry amber and musk that invokes codes of dynamism and energy. This young perfume with fruity top notes blended with marine notes makes you the winner in every aspect.

What more? Other grooming products for men in India are also available on the official website. These can be the perfect addition to your grooming kit.

Until next time…

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