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App DevelopmentSoftware

Ten essential SaaS tools for On-demand Parcel Delivery businesses

Software-as-a-Service, SaaS refers to a service delivery paradigm that uses cloud technology and is centrally hosted. SaaS apps may be used by both new and established businesses through a subscription arrangement. The admin console and mobile applications provide visibility to the SaaS-based on-demand Parcel delivery paradigm.

As SaaS providers offer multiple subjects to a variety, start-up businesses benefit from not having to make a large investment in establishing on-demand delivery applications.

Businesses are increasing and diversifying their revenue streams by utilizing SaaS apps and SaaS business strategies. According to BMC statistics, the SaaS industry is growing at an 18% annual rate.

In the on-demand market, businesses are growing significantly. The on-demand economy is a type of economic activity impacted by digitalization in which enterprises provide on-demand delivery of items or services to consumers at their doorstep.

What exactly is a business model based on SaaS?

A SaaS-based application is a new business model for On-demand Parcel Delivery Businesses that relates to the SaaS revenue strategy and enables to earn company income via the use of cloud-based software.

The SaaS-based revenue model for On-Demand Courier and Parcel Delivery Solutions is a piece of software built and hosted on cloud infrastructure.

Moreover, businesses that provide on-demand delivery services must subscribe to this program and pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees to access the software.

The significance of a SaaS-based business strategy for start-ups

There are multiple causes why SaaS software business models are relevant in today’s industry. With SaaS, the method of picking and deploying business applications becomes more efficient and speedy.

The business requires on-demand delivery software since it is constantly updated, which enhances and boosts the efficiency of your employees. Using SaaS Pricing Models, you minimize your running expenditures while also assisting in developing less expensive commercial apps.

Reason to use SaaS tools

There are multiple causes why SaaS software business formats are relevant in today’s industry. With SaaS, the method of picking and deploying business applications becomes more efficient and speedy.

The business requires on-demand delivery software since it is constantly updated, which enhances and boosts the efficiency of your employees. Using SaaS Pricing Models, you minimize your running expenditures while also assisting in the development of less expensive commercial apps.

Various SaaS tools are:

ClickPost Courier Delivery and Service Software

With activities in over 220 countries, ClickPost is one of the speedy eCommerce courier dispatch and service software companies. Furthermore, it is well known for offering multi-carrier compatibility with over 150 carriers.

ClickPost’s major characteristics are as follows:

  • Ecommerce enterprises may simply attach ClickPost with virtual stores, marketplaces, ERPs, and eCommerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and others.
  • ClickPost’s parcel delivery algorithms select the best carriers for your shipments depending on the delivery address, order type, weight, and other factors.
  • Receive and track orders with ClickPost’s simple interface.
  • Manage delivery errors quickly with NDRs (Non-Delivery Reports) that allow organizations to act quickly.
  • Send automatic order progress information to consumers by WhatsApp, email, and SMS.
  • When requesting an order return, consumers can indicate the reason for it in this courier service program.
  • Get frequent analytics data on overall quality and optimize your customers’ post-purchase experience.

· AfterShip

Aftership is software for shipment and courier delivery services. It was founded in 2012 and is known for its shipping optimization and order tracking capabilities.

The major role of AfterShip:

Ecommerce shops may allow unique tracking for their consumers with AfterShip.
A branded monitoring page allows for brand visibility and cross-selling.
Customers should be kept up to date on the progress of their purchases in real-time.
Order handling and logistics management tools benefit eCommerce enterprises.

· Convey Courier Service

Convey is a parcel shipping company and consumer post-purchase software. It helps with order fulfillment and the efficient operation of the shipping procedure.

Major role:

Increase sales by providing your clients with an engaging brand experience with Convey’s personalized tracking page.
With convey’s AI-powered legitimate order status updates on client phones and email, you can keep orders visible at all times.
Use Convey’s shipment prediction tool to take preventive actions against order delays.

· Narvar Courier delivery & Service Software

Narvar is a software platform for post-purchase customer experience management and eCommerce parcel delivery. It connects over 300 carriers, allowing eCommerce firms to reach clients in every part of the globe.

Major Role:

Narvar is pre-integrated with 50+ eCommerce websites and APIs, allowing you to begin delivering right away.
The Narvar Concierge service connects online merchants with actual locations for pickups, deliveries, and even hyperlocal distribution.
Their unique program generates precise Estimated Delivery Dates, which are shown on the seller’s product page.

· WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is another post-purchase customer relationship management platform that offers eCommerce firms extensive courier delivery services.

Its purpose is to minimize customer complaints by establishing communication between customers and vendors.

Major Role:

With WeSupplyLabs, you can offer your customers a variety of shipping and delivery options, including doorstep pickups, in-store deliveries, and even more.
Move all of your orders from different selling channels and platforms to the WeSupplyLabs platform for simple order management.
With WeSupplyLabs’ returns management function, you can make returns a breeze.

· ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a sustainable infrastructure and courier shipping service software company. It’s a well-known courier delivery software start-up that just secured $20 million in investment.

Major Role:

Considering the many regions from which clients may originate, ParcelPerform has empowered its AI to deliver notifications and messages in over 30 languages!
ParcelPerform notifies sellers as quickly as it expects a delivery delay or a potential delivery exception so that they may take appropriate action.

· EasyShip

EasyShip is a full-service shipping and parcel delivery software solution. It is well-known for providing the most affordable rates with prominent carriers like DHL, UPS, and USPS.

Major Role:

By Starting A Parcel Delivery Business, employ EasyShip’s shipping APIs to generate and publish shipping labels, allowing you to get orders out the door faster.

Choose from over 250 carriers and take advantage of delivery discounts. At the time of checkout, all charges are computed.

Easyship’s Warehouse management solution can assist eCommerce organizations that are experiencing high order volumes.

· ShipStation

ShipStation offers complete logistics solutions to small, medium, and big online enterprises. This courier delivery and service platform is pre-integrated with 250+ carriers, assisting online retailers in reaching their target audiences and expanding their horizons.

Major Role:

You may consolidate, divide, merge, and remove orders from ShipStation’s unified dashboard. You may also use tags to identify orders that require special shipping instructions.
Evaluate shipping costs for the most recent savings, create mailing labels, and use the ShipStation program to scan and verify your order.

Customers may benefit from customized monitoring in the form of a personalized branded tracking page, branded emails, notifications, and far more.

· MetaPack

MetaPack is a shipment handling and parcel delivery service software that strives to give clients with improved shipping experiences. It provides over 4900 shipping services and is recognized by companies such as Adidas and Boohoo.

Major Role:

MetaPack can streamline a variety of shipping procedures such as carrier selection, pickup and drop off, packing, and so on.
MetaPack’s high-tech software solves last-mile delivery issues by properly identifying delivery locations, finding the quickest route for delivery, and assigning an excellent delivery fleet for the job.

· ParcelLab

ParcelLab is a courier dispatch and service platform that aims to personalized consumers’ shipping experiences. It presently serves over 500 companies and distributes 6 million packages every day.

Major Role:

Ecommerce organizations may continue to enhance their procedures by receiving regular analytics information on shipping processes.

ParcelLab has an excellent customer service team that is available 24/7 through chat or phone.

Ecommerce shops can also approach service to customers if they encounter a problem with the system.


Collaborating with a prominent SaaS provider that provides a wide range of on-demand delivery application services can provide several benefits to your organization.

It is tough for a start-up firm to make large investments, but with a SaaS-based on-demand delivery service, you may limit your expenditure.

You may receive personalized services and a faultless end-user experience in your on-demand delivery application.

In summary, employing a SaaS-based on-demand delivery application may change your on-demand delivery company and make it simple to give on-demand delivery statistics to your clients.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading grocery delivery app development. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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