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Buy Titanium Earrings Handmade in the UK

Getting your ears pierced? Don’t feel like sticking to the same old gold and silver? If you haven’t moved over to titanium yet, then you’re missing out on something worthwhile! Customers all over the world have expressed their love for titanium earrings stating how ‘amazing’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘life-changing’ they are. When in the UK, the love for handmade titanium accessories is quite the norm. You can search for where to buy titanium earrings and see the number of options that come along. And if you wish to know more about why UK prefers titanium over other metals for their accessories, here is what you should keep reading.

How to determine that titanium is the best? 

Ideally, titanium is a strong, lightweight, and hypoallergenic metal. The moment you polish the metal, it oozes radiance and style like no other. For those with sensitive skin too, titanium is a favorite. Once you look at it, you would know how expensive it looks, much like platinum. For example, if you wish to slip into something fuss-free and  easy to wear daily, or you feel like wearing something comfortable while you sleep, opt for these. Sometimes, a cool mix of metals like gold titanium earrings works great as well. Sometimes, a cool mix of metals like gold titanium earrings works great as bakırköy escort well.

There are a few materials that have been approved by the ‘Association of Professional Piercers’. However, for initial piercings, try checking out the implant-grade titanium earrings.

What you must know before investing in such earrings?

  • If they are new piercings

Just like any other new piercing, the area around the skin will swell up and pain. Redness and discomfort usually disappear within the first week after the piercing. Gold titanium earrings resort to implant-grade category as they are biocompatible. Among the varieties, studs are less likely to snag on clothing, hence hoops and danglers are only given to those who can manage the same.

  • If someone has sensitive skin

Titanium is the perfect choice as a piece of hypoallergenic jewelry, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. For anyone having metal allergy, titanium will not result in rashes or similar symptoms. Some metals thankfully don’t react, so trying out titanium diamond earrings won’t be a hassle either. Besides, they are versatile in terms of style.

What must you look out for when purchasing titanium earrings?

You might be new to this domain, but there is an absolute reason why you should get your research done quickly before you invest. Here’s what you must look for.

  • Titanium Grade

You can easily distinguish good quality titanium earring studs in the UK from bad ones, via the grade. Most manufacturers follow ASTM or American Society for Testing Materials guide at the time of determining the titanium grade. Most manufacturers follow ASTM or American Society for Testing Materials guide at the time of determining the titanium grade. For the most part, grade 23 titanium comes without nickel or cobalt and they are far more hypoallergenic than their counterparts. It contains about 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Silver titanium earrings that contain or meet the ASTM F136 standards are expensive. Dental or orthopedic implants mostly choose this variety.

  • Gauge

For starters, the thickness of the barbell that enters through the piercing is the gauge. So the thinner it is, the higher the gauge number. Standard earlobe piercings for titanium earrings are done using 20-gauge needles. You can use the 16 or 18-gauge needle for other piercing areas, like the upper ear’s cartilage. Generally, the rule of thumb when finding a fitting gauge is that the post must fit snugly and shouldn’t move around in the piercing hole.

  • Anodized Titanium

The anodized variations of titanium diamond earrings can be availed in several colors. It is the electrolytic finishing process that results in several color variations in titanium steel. Anodized titanium is safe for sensitive skin, even when not produced with grade 23 titanium. The anodized varieties are constructed of grade 5 titanium, and contain absolutely no nickel.

How to buy the best? 

  • Hoop Sleeper Earrings

The grade 23 titanium gold hoops are designed in a way so that they fall back into place for consistent and comfortable daily wear. The earrings are perfect for multiple reasons- secure when sleeping, swimming and showering too. You can even sweat out at the gym wearing titanium gold earrings.

  • Ball or Stud Earrings

If you go for the medical-grade titanium stud earrings, they work perfectly for sensitive skin.  These ball post earrings are so designed that they can fasten firmly in the earlobes. Choose stores that give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee to return or exchange the titanium earrings studs in UK, if the sizing isn’t proper. Also, be aware of the ball measurements and see that both earrings have the same size.

  • Hinge Hoop Earrings

The lightweight titanium gold hoops are those that come with a straight hinge and clicks securely in the correct place. These hoops are cutesy and quite dainty in their designs, so you can wear them in multiple piercing locations. The closure however can be tricky for a few users, owing to the small size.

So what’s the best option? 

Ideally, there’s nothing like any one type of titanium accessory that is the best. Nowadays, the craze for handmade titanium hoops in UK has increased by leaps and bounds in the UK. And the trend clearly shows in the upcoming days, this hassle-free jewelry will rule the wardrobes for most fashionistas, regardless of gender.

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