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Home Improvement

Home Improvement with Feature Stones

Stone has long been a sought-after building material for centuries due because of its beautiful, strength and long-lasting. It is in every place, from the ancient garden walls in the English countryside to modern kitchens in Austin, Texas. Since stone is an adaptable construction material, you can utilize it for both exterior and interior areas throughout your home. What is the most effective way to incorporate stone into your home’s design? Our Austin architects provide all you must know about various types of stone and the use in our guide to natural stones. Find the most appropriate stone options to suit your tastes and preferences and the best places to place stone in your home to make the most design impact. Get the Best Stone Feature Designs from Architects in Lahore

Types of Natural Stone to Consider in Your Design Plan


Limestone is a very popular stone choice in Texas due to the numerous quarries that are located within the region. It’s a porous sedimentary rock composed of layers that produce subtle shades of color. The limestone typically has rustic, natural finishes that showcase intriguing textures. It’s perfect for exterior use as well as fireplaces.


As the limestone that surrounds it, marble can be described as also a sedimentary stone. But pressure has pushed its layers, resulting in amazing veining. Marble is usually coated with a smooth, smooth polish and is a symbol of luxury style. It’s great for indoor uses for bathrooms, tiles and backsplashes. While marble can be used to make countertops in kitchens, it’s porous, and needs to be maintained regularly.


The metamorphic stone made up of clay, shale or volcanic Ash. As opposed to other stone, slate is easy to cut into sheets, which makes it a great alternative to use for pavers, flooring and even roofing tiles.


Travertine is one of the calcareous stones that form with holes that are small throughout this, which makes it less durable as compared to other stone. It’s usually employed in indoor settings such as tile. The hole is filled up with cement, resin or aggregate.


Granite can be described as a magmatic rock created by extreme heat and pressure and heat, resulting in a stone with distinct crystal patterns. It is resistant to spills and heat which makes it an excellent option for counters in kitchens. But it’s porous.


Quartzite is a metamorphic stone, not to be confused with quartz made by humans. It is similar in appearance as marble. But, it’s more resistant to heat and spills. Therefore, quartzite is a well-known countertop material.


Soapstone is a remarkably strong metamorphic stone. It is different from other natural stones the soapstone is nonporous which makes it a clean and low-maintenance option for kitchen countertops that don’t require sealing. It’s dark and moody style with stunning variation and avcılar escort bayan veining.


Stone is a natural material, whereas brick is manufactured You can mix both to bring visual interest and visual contrast. For instance, you could juxtapose the brick’s rigid structure with more natural flagstone patterns on your patio, or you can choose to use brick for the lower portion of your wall as well as stone on the top.

The Top Ways to Add Stone to Your Home Design Plan

Stone can be utilized in any home design style that ranges that ranges from Craft Revival to modern. Here are a few of the most effective ways to incorporate stone to your home’s design, from interior to exterior applications.

Exterior Stone Applications


Natural stone is among the most robust (and gorgeous) building materials, which makes it a great option for the exterior of your home. In Texas we employ limestone to achieve the iconic Hill Country style with all its rustic appeal.


Stone can create appealing and warm patios that are inviting and attractive. You can make an open-form design using flagstones or a uniform paver similar to brick. Natural stone is an excellent option to bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor spaces.


It is essential to design your pool that matches your home one of the main factors to take into consideration is your material for your deck. Natural stone can be linked to your house better than synthetic materials such as coated concrete. Stone is also an excellent option for decking your pool due to the rough honed surface that provides the ability to grip and the porous stones such as travertine soak up water, reducing the risk of slips and puddles.


The paths, whether it’s a way to the front door , or an avenue that runs through the garden, are essential transitions. Natural stone pavers are the perfect way to connect your outdoor and indoor spaces , and to create stunning paths that feel like a trip instead of a way towards an end.


Garden walls provide a classic European look that adds privacy and definition to your outdoor areas. These are gorgeous structures that combine stones and bricks to create an intimate feeling.


Fireplaces in outdoor areas are essential to comfortable outdoor living and making your fire pit or fireplace using natural stone is a great option! Stone is resistant to heat and therefore you can build an inviting and safe space for outdoor gatherings.


Outdoor seating ledges may be multi-purpose. For instance, these tiny stone walls can be used to house flower beds , or be used as retaining walls, while also providing an ideal spot to relax within the gardens.

Interior Stone Applications


Natural stone counters are very popular for many reasons: they are beautiful and durable. Our Austin architects are awed by the idea of incorporating quartzite and soapstone countertops into our designs because they are resistant to spills and heat which makes them less maintenance-intensive than other substances.


If you want to go with tiles for your backsplash natural stone slabs offer an elegant look and stunning possibility to bookend match veining. They are also easy to maintain!


The best flooring option for your home is dependent on your location, lifestyle and your personal preferences. Natural stone is a preferred choice because of its strength in areas of high traffic, elegance, and the many alternatives. Stone tiles that are popular include marble, travertine, as well as slate.

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