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What is the process of live video streaming app development?

The global market for online video streaming is expected to reach $224 Billion by 2028. Brands are more interested in this industry. That is why live video streaming app development is gaining popularity.

Businesses are creating cut-throat competition to lead the market and gain a higher number of targeted audiences. That is why, if you also plan to get into this industry, first familiarise yourself with the basics.

In this article, a complete process of streaming app development is given. It will help you understand what factors must be taken care of.

First, let’s understand what live streaming apps are and how they benefit businesses.


Live video streaming apps provide services to watch video content in real time. For instance, when you watch India Vs Pak match on Disney+ Hotstar or a live premiere on YouTube.  A live video streaming app development is a challenging and time taking process.

Companies prefer this industry because it enhances the overall viewer experience and keeps them re-visiting the platform. That is why more companies are interested in developing video streaming applications. Let’s go through its potential benefits for companies.

Benefits of diving into the video streaming industry

Here are some examples of industry-specific advantages:

a) Retail Market:

In this market, first impressions matter the most. Therefore, if you manage to showcase your retail products via online streaming apps, you may get double customer footfalls.

Moreover, your customers would be entertained with your services, for example, making a purchase while watching the video content.

b) Live Sessions:

The major advantage of live video streaming app development is webinars and live sessions. Many MNCs and B2B brands need to convey sessions and consultations to their stakeholders. Such apps help them save time and cost.

c) Medica Industry:

A streaming app can help medical colleges and students to be more productive in training sessions. Also, it can help them with patient monitoring, presentations, & much more.

d) Retail Market:

Additionally, it can help customers with their property dealings. Sellers can showcase property details to customers more specifically; in real-time.

Apart from such benefits, strategic marketing of streaming app development could get you the below-mentioned benefits.

e) Global Audience Reach:

Undoubtedly, live video streaming app development gets you global audience reach. Therefore, your content would be accessible to a global audience.

Although, keep in mind to have the best content delivery network to distribute your video content.

f) Audience’s comfort & your improved retention rates:

Lastly, since your content would be easily accessible and in their comfort zone. You can target more of your content to them. If you work on quality content with a sound marketing strategy, you would have higher retention rates.

Development Process Of Video Streaming Application

Strategic flow makes you aware of the development process.

1) Market Research

There are multiple factors you must research before investing in live video streaming app development. Such as:

  1. Type of content
  2. Audience demographics
  3. How to entertain viewers & broadcasters
  4. Competitor research
  5. Trend analysis

Several factors are part of market research and require a proficient team to perform it. That is why, we recommend AppSquadz, a Noida-based video streaming app development company.

The company specializes in multiple services such as web app development, android mobile app development, and much more.

2) Analyze the Best CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a must for your video streaming app. However, it would require prior investment, but rest assured about the results.
It minimizes discontinuation of content and buffering time. Also, it helps in managing the origin server.

3) Reliable Hosting

For a smooth presentation of your content, you need reliable hosting. Hence your hired live video streaming app development team must choose a strong server infrastructure.

4) Work On Efficient UI/UX

Your competitors always try to grab your audience. Therefore, giving them a chance to do so would be your mistake. That is why you need to have the best UI/UX for your streaming app.  Hire professional & skilled designers or hire AppSquadz to get quality services now or Click here.

5) Add-on Basic/Advanced Features

The prior research your hire agency had done, would be beneficial at this point. The research done helps in analyzing the competitor gap and what your potential audience wants. Once you get their pain point, your live video streaming app development can do wonders in your niche.

6) Test & Monitor

This point helps you with the previous one. Research helps in execution and constructive feedback helps in error rectifications.

Therefore, when you launch your app, you would receive lots of feedback from the audience. Work on them and update features/services accordingly.

7) Monetize

After all, your major objective to be in this industry is brand building. And brand building works efficiently when you start receiving good returns. Therefore, work on monetizing the app. Or you can go for in-app purchases, advertisements, premium features, etc.

Moreover, you can consult your live video streaming app development company about ideas.

Wrap Up

Mentioned benefits and development process would help you understand the basics. In reality, you need time, funds, patience, a strategic mind, a team, hired agency, cooperation, risk-bearing capacity, etc.

It takes months to get the best outcome, therefore, first you need to limit your expectations. The more you rely on actual facts, the more it would help you market your app.

Therefore, before hiring any agency, first consult them on your requirements. Ask them about the cost involved, time is taken, circumstances where time & cost would exceed, etc. Thereafter, select the best live video streaming app development company.



I am currently associated with AppSquadz Software which is a well-acknowledged mobile app development company in UK. It's a reputed mobile application development company that offers best mobile app, iPhone App, Android App to clients at affordable rates. I am more internet savvy and always keep exploring new things in the emerging IT field.

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