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Which materials to choose a table for everyday living?

From the kitchen to the dining room, the table is a central piece of furniture in the house that is subject to stains, scratches and other incidents on a daily basis. To help you cope with this, you should choose the material of your table carefully. Through this article we offer you a short overview of the best materials to easily keep the shine of your table on a daily basis!


Dekton is an innovative material that is increasingly found in high-end kitchens and dining rooms. What is it exactly? This material is the result of a revolutionary manufacturing process. Created by the Spanish company Cosentino, it mixes different raw materials (glass, quartz, porcelain) using a sintering and ultra-compacting process that can only be found on Dekton. This manufacturing process offers zero porosity and avoids micro-defects responsible for tensions or weak points.

Dekton is undoubtedly the strongest and most resistant material to equip your kitchen table. It has many advantages. This material is not sensitive to UV rays in order to maintain its color over time. Its very low porosity and its unfailing resistance are guarantees of good resistance to scratches, stains and abrasion. However, be careful with ceramic knives which can damage your table. We therefore recommend using a board to avoid any risk. Another significant advantage of Dekton is that it is very resistant to thermal shocks from extreme cold to high temperatures. We also like its resistance to bacteria. On the aesthetic side, which would not fall for its pretty look which reminds you of ceramics.

To care for your Dekton table, just clean it regularly with warm soapy water and most stains won’t hold. Discover our dedicated article for even more advice on the maintenance of Dekton.


  • Easy to clean thanks to its good stain resistance
  • High resistance to hot and cold thermal shock
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • High UV resistance to maintain color vibrancy


  • Fairly high price


The Dekton table is a top-of-the-range piece of furniture that we appreciate having in the kitchen or dining room for easy maintenance and foolproof resistance. However, it requires a larger budget than the other materials that we are going to present to you.


Ceramic is an ideal material for an easy-to-maintain table. It has overall characteristics quite similar to the Dekton for a more affordable price. It is a natural material composed of different minerals (granite, quartz, feldspar, glass, silica and natural oxides) and is therefore 100% natural. It is the result of a sintering process that will imitate the natural process of making stones in just a few hours.

Ceramic is very close to Dekton in its resistance, even if the latter by its manufacturing process will offer better resistance to temperature variations and scratches. We therefore recommend that you use a cutting board and a trivet as soon as you have the opportunity to avoid any risk even if its natural resistance should be sufficient to preserve it. It is also not afraid of UV rays, like Dekton, you are not likely to see its color fade over time. Go for examples.

The maintenance of your ceramic table is very simple. It usually requires a soft cloth and warm soapy water. With these items, you’ll easily get rid of most stains.


  • Easy to clean thanks to its good stain resistance
  • Good resistance to hot and cold thermal shock
  • Good scratch resistance
  • High UV resistance (does not discolour)
  • More attractive price than Dekton


  • Good general resistance but less than Dekton


The ceramic table is an ideal alternative to the Dekton if you have a more moderate budget. It is intended to be resistant to everyday stains in addition to being pleasant to look at.


The quartz table is part of our selection of the easiest furniture to maintain. It is a synthetic material composed of 70 to 90% silica powder and 10 to 30% variable mixture of different resins and dyes. This material has a low porosity which gives it good resistance to stains and bacteria. It is nevertheless advisable to avoid contact with solvents and chemical products. This material also has the advantage of resisting scratches well, which makes it a first choice ally for the kitchen.

Like Dekton, quartz is also widely used in the design of worktops. Silestone, the best known brand of quartz can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees. A flat rest is however recommended to preserve it over time.

Cleaning a quartz table top is relatively easy. Hot soapy water, like Dekton and ceramic, will remove most stains.


  • Easy to clean thanks to its good stain resistance
  • Good resistance to hot and cold thermal shock
  • Good scratch resistance


  • Its composition is not natural


Quartz is a resistant material that has proven itself for many years. It can be a good alternative to ceramic and Dekton thanks to its attractive mineral aesthetics and its resistance to daily tests.


Glass offers excellent stain resistance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose a transparent or colored top, there is no doubt that this piece of furniture will make a difference in your interior by helping to make your room more spacious and airy.

The glass is nevertheless less resistant than the other materials presented so far. This one does not have the same robustness when confronted with scratches, shocks and thermal variations. Glass is a delicate material that needs to be handled with care. Different solutions are available to you to protect your glass table and keep all its shine. This consists, for example, of placing a plasticized film, a tablecloth or a transparent oilcloth on it. These will have a protective role against sharp utensils and heavy objects likely to damage the table.

What allows the glass table to be in our ranking of the easiest tables to live with on a daily basis is truly its excellent stain resistance. These will mostly be very easy to clean. A simple damp cloth with soapy water or dishwashing liquid is enough to remove most of them. Be careful, however, to choose your cloth carefully, prefer a piece of microfiber cloth and above all do not use sponges on the abrasive side or other cloths that can cause micro-scratches on your glass top.


  • Excellent stain resistance


  • More fragile to impacts
  • Watch out for scratches
  • Less resistance to thermal shock


The glass table unquestionably combines aesthetics and practicality. However, it should preserve its beauty by protecting it from external aggressions such as scratches and shocks. We therefore advise you to take care of it by protecting it in order to preserve all its splendour.


The metal table is increasingly present in our modern decorations. Perfectly embodying the industrial style, it adds a touch of authenticity to the rooms of the house.

Among the different metals, there is one that stands out in terms of maintenance… It is stainless steel! The stainless steel table is the essential of professional kitchens. This material offers good heat resistance unlike other metals. However, just like the others, it will struggle to resist scratches and shocks.

We cannot repeat it enough, the key to longevity is regular cleaning by dusting regularly with a soft, clean and dry cloth! Take warm soapy water or mild dishwashing liquid, dip your cloth in it and gently rub in a circular fashion on the stains to remove all the dirt. Then rinse with a little cold water and dry immediately with a soft, clean and dry cloth. With this method, there is no more room for stains.


  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Stainless steel has good heat resistance


  • Watch out for scratches
  • Beware of shocks


If you are keen on cooking, the stainless steel table generally reserved for professionals can be interesting. However, its particular style may displease some people. Its only asset compared to other metal tables: its resistance to heat. If you favor aesthetics, nothing prevents you from opting for an epoxy metal table which, like stainless steel, will have a very good resistance to stains while being easy to maintain. However, just like glass, you should take special care of it, avoiding scratches and knocks so that it retains its beautiful appearance over time.


Laminate is not the easiest material to maintain, but it has the advantage of offering good value for money.

From an aesthetic point of view, the laminate table offers you the choice between many variations of styles, colors and textures. In addition, it goes very well with various materials, which will make it easier to choose the model of chair you choose!

On the maintenance side, use a soft cloth and soapy water. Clean the stain in a circle and then dry your table immediately with a soft, clean and dry cloth. To prolong the durability of your table, it is advisable to always preserve it well from humidity, heat and liquids.


  • Good stain resistance
  • Attractive price


  • Watch out for scratches
  • Beware of shocks
  • Protect your table from humidity


The laminate table is generally simple to maintain. However, it will require much more attention than Dekton or ceramic, for example. Despite everything, its attractive price allows it to be a good compromise for those wishing to furnish themselves with a table that is easy to maintain and live with on a daily basis.

There are many easygoing materials for your dining table. From top of the range to more affordable models, the characteristics and resistance are not the same, nevertheless they have the merit of existing in order to allow everyone, with more or less precautions, to find a table adapted to their expectations. By choosing one of the materials from our classification for your dining table, there is no doubt that you will no longer spend hours preserving their shine! And you, do you have a preference among this selection?

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