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How To Use Instagram Hashtags In India ?

Hashtags used on Instagram have more importance in Instagram. It would be best if you also used hashtags while posting on your Instagram account. You can use the best hashtags for Instagram for your posts as well as your Instagram stories. But if you use the wrong hashtags, then you can be penalized by the algorithm of Instagram. You should use at least one Hashtag in your Instagram posts and stories because it is beneficial for us to use hashtags.

If you want to know when and how to use hashtags on Instagram, then you are at the right place because we will tell you about the use of Instagram hashtags in this article.

What are Hashtags:

Hashtags are made up of words, hash and tags in which the tag’s meaning is to add someone so that the engagement of our post can increase. Although hashtags are a combination of numbers, letters and emojis, use hashtags in your posts to categorize your content and make it more searchable.

Example: #Love, #Instagood, #fashion, #happy 

These are the most used hashtags on Instagram and The Instagram hashtags are all clickable. The user clicks on that Hashtag. They are taken to a page with all posts tagged with that Hashtag.

Why should we use Instagram Instagram:

You should use at least one of the best Instagram hashtags in your posts and Instagram stories because using hashtags in your Instagram posts means increasing the reach of your post to your audience. When you use Instagram hashtags, your Posts are shown on the posting page tagged with that Hashtag, and when you use the Hashtag in your story, your story also shows on the page of the post tagged with that Hashtag.

You can also use hashtags other than the famous and most used hashtags in your post because the most used hashtags do not mean that they will be more effective for your post. Because when you use the most used Hashtag, the chances are significantly less than your post will appear on the page with that tag hashtag.

How to use the best Instagram hashtags: 

If you want to use the best Instagram hashtags in your post or the caption of the post, then for that, you have to keep some things in mind. Whose description is as follows: 

See social media Influencers and your competitor: 

Best hashtags and the best way to use hashtags. The best way is to visit the accounts of your competitors and influencers and see how many other hashtags they have used in the caption of their posts. And it would be best if you used the same hashtags.

Use trending hashtags:

If you want to use trending hashtags, you must first identify those trending and, based on that. You can use trending hashtags in the caption of your post. These are the best ways to use the best hashtags for Instagram posts. 

Find related hashtags:

It would be best if you used hashtags related to the post’s content. So that when that Hashtag is searched, your post is also shown on its related search page. It would be best if you always used hashtags on Instagram related to your content.

Analyze which hashtags were victorious in a past post: 

You can also analyze what you posted in the past, and while analyzing, you see which Instagram hashtags you used to make your post popular. Then you can use those hashtags in your future post.

Types of hashtags:

There are Eights types of hashtags. These describe the following:

Industrial hashtags: 

Industrial hashtags fall into the highly competitive category because many people use these hashtags, and many posts are tagged with these hashtags. As we know, Instagram hashtags increase our posts’ visibility, and industrial hashtags also increase the visibility of our posts and promote high competition.

Example: #Photographer, #Blogger

Niche hashtags:

Although people often use niche hashtags in their Instagram posts, these hashtags are less popular than industrial hashtags. Still, you can use specific hashtags for the specific niche of your content. These hashtags depend entirely on your selected niche and are used as hashtags related to the content. Niche hashtags are also used to increase the reach of Instagram posts.

Example: #WeddingPhotoGrapher, #FoodBlogger

Brand hashtags:

Brand hashtags are those Instagram hashtags that are used by any brand to tell its new followers about that product and to create awareness of that product and brand in the people. In simple words, brand hashtags are those used by a brand.

Example: #Adidas , #Zara 

Community hashtags:

As we can recognize from the name of community hashtags, such hashtags used for a supporter of that community or by the community are called community hashtags. Although community hashtags are more specific than other hashtags, they are less popular because they are used only by a community supporter. But for community hashtags, we need to use the best hashtags on Instagram.

Example: #Streetetiquette 

Location hashtags:

You can use location hashtags if you want your post to be quickly searched according to your location. After using the location hashtag, your posts are visible to the users of that location. We can say that location hashtags are the best hashtags for Instagram. That’s why most users use location hashtags from the category of hashtags. 

Example: #LocationShooting 

Event hashtags:

Event hashtags are related to the event if you are doing an event and want to tell people about it and spread awareness about the topic. So it is an excellent way to tell about it so more people can join that event. And event hashtags are beneficial in online events, as we know that Instagram hashtags increase the reach of our posts, and if we use event hashtags in our posts, then the reach of our posts will increase, and our event will increase. More people will know about it.

Example: #LiveStreem, #Meetingprofs 

Celebration hashtags:

As the name of the celebration hashtags suggests, such hashtags tell about the celebration. Users use Celebration hashtags to express some celebration in their posts.

Example: #WorldHealthDay, #FriendshipDay 

Daily hashtags:

Daily hashtags are the Instagram hashtags we use in our posts to describe the day.

Example: #SundayFunday

Some basic rules of hashtags:

When you use hashtags in your post, then at that time you can keep some things in mind that your hashtags can be used as the best Hashtag for Instagram properly:

  • A hashtag sign is used at the beginning of a word or keyword. Like #FoodBlooger, #PhotoShoot
  • Do not use space between hashtags, signs, words and keywords. Like # Sunday Funday ( #SundayFunday)
  • When you use an Instagram hashtag, you want to increase the post’s reach, so while posting the post using the Hashtag, keep in mind that your account should be public and not private.
  • While creating the best Hashtag for Instagram, use only two or team words, and do not create a complete sentence
  • Try to use popular hashtags.
  • You should use only numbers, letters, emojis and Hashtag signs in hashtags. Avoid the use of other signs.

Based on the above analysis, it concluded that hashtags are essential for Instagram stories and post captions because when you use hashtags in your story and post, it increases the reach of your post. To increase followers, you can buy Instagram followers in India. You can use 30 hashtags in your regular post and 10 in your story, but while using hashtags, remember that you should always use related hashtags.

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