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The Definitive Guide to Outsource Medical Billing

Your internal staff members are essential to your overall performance, whether you run a health facility, hospital, or private practice. However, there may be moments when it’s challenging for time-pressed workers to handle hefty workloads and steer clear of the healthcare sector’s constantly shifting currents. Furthermore, the challenge of maintaining a full and skill staff is made more difficult by a persistent labour shortage with no end in sight. As a result, many organizations are contracting with outside businesses to handle all or a portion of their medical bills. These highly specialized businesses employ professionals with the knowledge and resources necessary to boost your practice’s financial stability while also immediately improving revenue cycles.

It might be challenging to decide whether outsourcing is the best course of action given the difficulties involve with medical billing. To help decision makers understand if outsourced medical billing is the correct choice for them, what benefits to anticipate, how to choose the best partner, and much more, we have created this thorough guide.

What Is Medical Billing That Is Outsource?

When a health facility, hospital, private practice, clinic, etc. permits a commit third-party partner to manage all or part of the back-end billing, this is known as outsourcing medical billing. This includes charge/coding review, claim submission, payment posting, fix and reprocess claim rejections, process appeals, accounts receivable management, and patient payments and statement call center. This is all that is required to process a claim after the provider closes the encounter and adds their visit notes to the electronic medical record. A dedicated outsourced revenue cycle team’s primary goal is to maximize revenue while streamlining your workflows and operations and securing payment for medical services as promptly and effectively as feasible.

Since their employees deal with extremely sensitive personal health information, outsource medical billing services must adhere to HIPAA regulations. The ideal partner will be able to adapt their experience and knowledge to the particular needs of your practice’s software systems and area(s) of specialization.

Outsourced medical billing trends

In-house management of medical billing duties may be incredibly time-consuming and expensive, which is why many firms outsource this task to a third-party business. Furthermore, COVID-19’s persistent staffing difficulties and cost-cutting initiatives have made outsourcing your medical billing a very appealing choice.

The most recent data and statistics further show the sector for outsourced medical billing is on a rising trend.

The ICD-10 coding system’s mandated implementation, rising healthcare expenditures, and a federal requirement to implement electronic medical record (EMR) management systems in order to maintain payment levels are all contributing factors to the surge.

Are You a Good Fit for Outsource Medical Billing?

It makes perfect sense for certain hospitals, clinics, and medical offices to outsource their medical billing. They don’t have the internal resources or experience to manage the entire revenue cycle burden because they are understaffed, strapped for cash, or all of the above. Others, however, are apprehensive to entrust their financial operations to a third party.

If you’re still unsure, have a look at these questions to help you and your team decide if this is the best course of action:

Is the billing workload putting a strain on my team?

You’re not the only one, if the response is “YES.” Staff members are frequently overburden with additional administrative duties and, most importantly, patient care, whether they work for a large health facility or a small medical office. Any in-office staff finds it challenging to stay up to date with the best practices for medical billing and providing top-notch patient care and service due to the healthcare industry’s dynamic environment.

On the other hand, medical billing company are wholly committed to this field. This choice clearly distinguishes itself from the routine internal activities of a medical practice. Third-party medical billers are force to focus exclusively on medical billing.

Is the dependable medical biller quitting?

Consider outsourcing all or a portion of your medical billing if a dedicated medical biller or manager is leaving your company at this time. Hiring a medical biller who is unskill or ineffective runs the danger of costing your practice a tonne of money in the form of write-offs and delay payments. You must find a skilled biller who is knowledgeable about revenue cycle management, particularly as it relates to your area of expertise, as well as how to operate your software system(s). However, finding, interviewing, and training top candidates takes a lot of time and resources, which you might not have, and an ongoing labour shortage has significantly decreased the pool of qualified applicants.

The stress associate with the departure of your previous biller is immediately alleviate by outsourcing medical billing. In addition to taking over the workload, the outsourced provider can increase revenue by enhancing current policies and practices.

Are we meeting our sales objectives?

Considering the size, location, and specialty of your facility, are you meeting your expected income goals? How profitable are you overall compare to other medical offices in your area? Do you have any revenue performance gaps? Hiring a medical billing company frequently speeds up the process of collecting money while also increasing net proceeds.

Should we hire generic billers or experts in medical billing?

A medical billing specialist and a regular biller differ significantly in several important ways. A devoted specialist performs much better in terms of workload capacity and output, as shown by the graph below. If you use general billers, you might want to reconsider your strategy in favor of utilizing specialists, who consistently produce superior outcomes.

One day a week, for instance, a general biller might work on A/R while juggling other chores on the other days. Dedicated A/R labour takes up about 400 hours a year, or one day. An A/R medical billing specialist works on accounts receivable all day, every day, in a specialized setting. This adds up to 2,000 hours in a year, which is equivalent to 5 times more experience than a typical biller would have in a year.

General billers frequently do just enough to get money through the door but fall well short of delivering the best financial outcomes. Commonly, general billers do not manage essential best practices, which causes lengthy A/R delays, poor coding, lesser reimbursements, and decreased cash flow.

Do you intend to change software platforms?

An ideal moment to partner your medical practice with a medical billing business that is knowledgeable about the software systems you’re converting to is when you’re switching systems. By doing this, you can guarantee a seamless deployment and avoid the revenue cycle delays that come with using an internal staff that could struggle to master a new software programme.

Are tasks outside of medical billing being carry out by your medical billing team?

A billing staff must be wholly commit to handling medical billing alone in order to produce the best results. This is a warning sign to seriously consider outsourcing medical billing if your institution is pulling the medical billing staff to handle other important tasks like staffing the front desk, providing medical help, answering phones, etc.

Do we require a long-term or a short-term solution for medical billing?

Your particular position and objectives will determine this. The majority of organizations that manage outsourced billing can handle month-to-month contracts for short periods of time while you try to cover a staffing shortage or concentrate on a specific project or scope of work that needs extra staffing to finish.

On the other hand, many medical practices and health facilities enter into contracts with medical billing businesses for a set length of time that outsource the entire revenue cycle, making the business solely responsible for all medical billing outcomes. Increased productivity, accurate invoicing, and revenue optimization come with significant expense savings (administration wages and benefits, management, training, equipment, IT/software, office space, etc.).

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