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5 Essential Commands

Are you seeking the most effective commands to train your dog? While having a dog that is trained isn’t necessarily the same as having a well-balanced dog, giving your dog the basics of commands is helpful when it comes to tackling issues with behavior, regardless of whether they’re current ones or ones that could be able to develop in the near future.

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Where do you begin to teach the dog how to behave?

While a class might prove beneficial for you and your pet There are a variety of commands that to teach your pet at your home.

Below, we’ve compiled the top dog-related commands that you and your dog are sure to love.


Training the dog how to sit among the most basic commands you can teach your dog which is why it’s an excellent one to begin with.

Dogs who know “Sit” and knows the “Sit” command will be calmer and more manageable than dogs that aren’t taught this basic command.

Furthermore “Sit,” or the “Sit” command helps prepare your dog for more difficult commands like “Stay” and “Come.”

Here’s how you can teach your dog to obey the “Sit” instruction:

  • Place the small treat  near the dog’s nose.
  • Lift your hand and let his head follow the candy and make his bottom slide drop.
  • When he’s sitting Once he’s settled, you can say “Sit,” give him the reward and show affection.

Repeat this process at least a couple of times per day until your dog is getting learned.

Ask your dog to sit prior to meals, before taking a walk and in other instances in which you want him to be at peace and sitting.


Another essential command you can teach your dog to master is “come.” It is a is a great command to use in the event that you lose grip on your leash or leave the door unlocked.

This command is simple to teach and can help keep you from trouble.

  • Use the dog leash  and the collar  to your pet.
  • Lower yourself to his level and shout, “Come,” while gently pulling the leash.
  • When he is able to reach you, show him love and treats.

Once he’s got it down with the leash, take it off and keep practicing the command in a secure and secure space.


The next command is among the most difficult commands for dog trainers to teach.

The reason why it could be difficult the dog you love to learn this command is because it demands him to maintain an obedient posture.

It is possible to help your dog by making sure that the training is positive and calm, particularly in the case of dogs who are fearful or nervous.

Remember to praise your dog after is successful in obeying the instruction.

  • Find a pleasant-smelling food , and place the item in your fist.
  • Keep your hand in front of the dog’s snout. If he is sniffing it, shift your hand towards the floor so that the dog is following.
  • Slide your hand across the ground before him to get his body to move along with his head.
  • When he’s in the down position Once he’s down, when he’s in the down position “Down,” give him the reward , and show affection.

Repetition this exercise each day. If your dog attempts to sit or lean toward you, say “No” and take your hand off.

Do not force him to a lower posture, and make sure to encourage each step that your pet makes towards the correct place. He’s trying to get it right!


Like that of “Sit” command The “Stay” command can aid in keeping you under manage. This command is useful in many situations for instance, when you’re looking to get your dog to stay out from the way while you tackle household chores or it is important to avoid having your dog overpowering guests.

Before you attempt to teach your dog to obey this command be sure that you is proficient in using the “Sit” signal.

If your dog isn’t completely proficient at how to master the “Sit” cue, make the time to practice it with him prior to transitioning onto “Stay” or the “Stay” command.

  • Begin by asking your pet to “Sit.”
  • Open the palm of your hands to the side, and you can say “Stay.”
  • Step back a bit. You can reward him with a reward and love if he sticks around.
  • Increase gradually the amount steps you’ll need to take prior to giving the reward .
  • Make sure you reward your pet for his or her persistence even if it’s only for a short time.

This is a test of self-control for your dog therefore don’t worry even if it takes time to master, especially for young dogs and energetic dogs. In the end, dogs like to be active instead of waiting and waiting.


Let it be!

This last rule will help protect you when curiosity gets the way of him, for example the times when he is smelling something interesting but may be risky upon the floor.

The aim is to show you that he will get something more valuable for leaving out the other object.

  • Put the dessert in each hand.
  • Make him look at a fist that has the candy inside and then say “Leave the treat.”
  • Do not pay attention to the behavior as the dog licks, sniffs mouths and the paws and barks to obtain the reward.
  • When he has stopped trying and stops trying, offer him the reward from another hand.
  • Repeat until the walks away from the first fist, when it is your turn to say “Leave this.”
  • After that, offer your pet the reward when he is looking at you as he turns away from the fist he first hit.

When your dog keeps moving away from the reward and makes eye contact with you when you announce the command. You’re now ready to step the level up.

To train your dog in this method make sure you use two different types of treats:

one that’s tasty but not overly appealing and one that’s especially pleasant-smelling and delicious for your dog.

  • Speak to them, say “Leave it,”” Place the unattractive snack onto the ground and protect it with your fingers.
  • Then wait until your dog does not want the treat and is looking at you. Then , take the sweet treat of the carpet, then give him the more wholesome treat and give him a hug immediately.
  • When he’s done put the less tasty dessert on the ground however, don’t cover it with your hands. Instead, keep your hands slightly above the sweet. In time, move your hand further and further away until you are approximately 6 inches above.
  • Now, he’s all set to play standing up! Do the same thing however, if he attempts to take the sweet treat then cover it with your feet.

Don’t be rushed in training your dog to master any one of these training techniques.

Keep in mind that you’re demanding a lot from your dog. If you go to the next level and you’re struggling with him return to the earlier stage.

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