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Guide to Using Vape to Help You Give Up Nicotine

You know very well that vaping has one major advantage over smoking, whether you are already a vape or are still a smoker who is debating whether to make the transition. You may get your nicotine fix without having to inhale smoke. Tens of millions of individuals throughout the world have given up smoking by switching to vaping. Switching to vaping can help you save a lot of money each year in comparison to continuing to smoke.

However, there’s an additional perk of vaping that most people don’t think about: One of the main advantages of vaping over other nicotine delivery methods is the ability to precisely regulate nicotine intake. There is currently no simple way to gradually reduce your intake of nicotine using other products. Traditional nicotine replacement solutions typically come in only two strengths, making it difficult to find one that works for you if you smoke less than a pack a day. Once you’ve switched to the weaker version, cutting back further isn’t as simple.

You can easily reduce your nicotine consumption when vaping by either decreasing the frequency with which you vape or the concentration of nicotine in your e-liquid. Many former smokers who switch to vaping report that they were able to quit nicotine altogether by gradually reducing their usage. Do you want to stop using nicotine and join the growing number of people who have either stopped using e-cigarettes altogether or converted to nicotine-free alternatives? In this post, we’ll explain how you can use vaping to cut down on your nicotine intake.

Smokers, feel free to indulge in heavy vaping until you’ve completely kicked the habit.

Due to the negative effects of smoking on one’s efforts to quit nicotine, one must first give up cigarettes entirely before considering reducing one’s nicotine intake. You should only use e-liquid as a source of nicotine because you can regulate the amount of nicotine you inhale. However, the amount of nicotine in cigarettes is completely out of your hands.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, switching to vaping will be much simpler if you use a device that delivers nicotine quickly and effectively. Switching from cigarettes to vaping should be simple if you use a device that delivers nicotine as effectively as a cigarette. There’s no need to be hard on yourself if you have to ease into vaping from smoking; nobody’s vaping experience is identical to anyone else’s. Don’t bother about switching to a lower nicotine strength until you’ve quit fully.

At Innokin, we’ve put in more time and effort than anybody else in the business to produce a wide variety of vape kits tailored toward newcomers, making the switch from smoking to vaping as painless as possible. If you’re looking for a starter kit for vaping, we recommend the Innokin Klypse.

To further customise your vaping experience, the Klypse pod system allows you to use bottled e-liquid in place of pre-filled pods. You can use practically any bottled e-liquid on the market when you load your own pods, but the process is slightly less convenient.

When you feel ready, you can lower the nicotine concentration in your system.

Reducing your nicotine intensity is the first step toward quitting nicotine once you’ve become totally adapted to vaping and no longer use or think about using tobacco at all. It’s safe to assume that you’re currently vaping the strongest nicotine salt e-liquid available where you live, which is normally 20 mg/ml in the UK and Europe and 50 mg/ml elsewhere.


You can typically choose between two nicotine concentration levels when purchasing nicotine salt items like disposable vapes, pre-filled vape pods, and bottled nicotine salt e-liquids. You can also get products like this in lower strengths of around 10 mg/ml in the UK and Europe and 25 mg/ml in other locations. In most circumstances, decreasing the nicotine concentration in your e-liquid will not require you to swap out your hardware or alter the flavour of your e-liquid. Make the change to the weaker dose and give yourself some time to adjust before moving on to the next phase.

If you’re making the transition to low-nicotine e-liquid, you’ll need a more robust device.

You may discover that switching from nicotine salt e-liquid to vape juice with freebase nicotine is necessary once you’ve adjusted to the 25 mg/ml or 10 mg/ml nicotine intensity and are ready to further lower your nicotine intake. It’s because most e-liquid manufacturers don’t produce nicotine salt e-liquid in concentrations lower than 10 or 25 mg/ml. In contrast, freebase nicotine e-liquid is widely distributed everywhere in two different concentrations: 6 mg/ml and 3 mg/ml. You should consider purchasing a more potent vaping device than the one you’re presently using, as switching from a nicotine concentration of 10 or 25 mg/ml to 3 or 6 mg/ml is a significant reduction in nicotine delivery. Since your new mod produces more vapour, you won’t miss the nicotine as much while using a weaker e-liquid.

If you’re trying to cut back on nicotine but want a more potent vape kit, we recommend one of these models from Innokin.

A Sensis EZ Pod Mod by Innokin We’ve developed certain unique innovations for the Innokin Sensis EZ that you won’t find in any other pod vaping system on the market. In order to give accurate frequency-based power delivery and unlock purer, more vibrant tastes, our new F vaping mode utilises Alternating Current. By automatically renewing your coil between puffs, the Sensis EZ enhances flavour quality and prolongs coil life.

The Innokin Kroma Z Pod Mod is an excellent option if you’re looking for a gadget that provides a little more power without adding a lot of extra complexity to your vaping routine. The magnetic pod may be filled and used with no effort. With the easy push-pull coil changing method, you may experiment with different vapour production and flavor profiles.

One of our best-selling products is the Innokin Kroma 217 Vape Mod. The Kroma 217, with its maximum power of 217 watts, can fully unleash the potential of a low-nicotine e-liquid and produce clouds of vapour that cover an entire room.

When cutting back on nicotine isn’t an option, make your own e-liquid. Further

The lowest nicotine concentration available in commercially available e-liquids is 3 mg/ml. When you’re ready, try the nicotine-free level below that. However, you should know that going from 3 mg/ml to zero nicotine is a significant change. Reducing your nicotine intake and creating your own low-nicotine e-liquids can help you stop nicotine gradually and with less discomfort.

Using a vaping device with a puff counter makes cutting back on your vaping frequency easy. Puff counters are a standard feature on vape mods and on the three devices mentioned earlier in this article. You should start keeping track of your daily puff count when you’re ready to stop nicotine, with the goal of reducing your puff count by at least one per day. If, for instance, you take 150 puffs per day from your e-cigarette, you should aim to reduce that number as much as possible within the next 150 days, perhaps to 10 puffs per day or fewer. That doesn’t seem that challenging, does it?

In the meanwhile, you should start cutting back on how much nicotine you’re taking in. The easiest way to achieve this is to get your preferred e-liquid in both 3 mg/ml and nicotine-free levels, and then combine them in one huge bottle. To create an e-liquid with a strength of 1.5 mg/ml, simply combine equal parts of the two strengths. To gradually increase the nicotine concentration to 1 mg/ml, mix together 2 parts nicotine-free e-liquid with 1 part 3 mg/ml e-liquid.

A person can gradually wean themselves off nicotine by using vape juice with progressively less nicotine and taking fewer puffs per day. At that point, you’ll be ready to give up nicotine forever. It’s up to you if you want to continue vaping with nicotine-free e-liquid solely for the experience or if you want to give up vaping altogether. If you’ve made it this far without relapsing into nicotine use, we applaud your efforts.

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