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How to get more likes on YouTube videos in India? 

YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular online video-sharing platform, and there are more than 2 billion monthly active users of YouTube in the world. People are taking education from YouTube, entertaining themselves, telling people about their businesses, and growing them. But for all these things, it is necessary to get more likes on your YouTube videos so that it can be known how many people are liking the content of your videos. YouTube likes views, shares, and comments directly impact your channel.

In this article, we will learn how to increase YouTube likes, but before that, it is also essential to know why YouTube likes are needed. When the preferences on your YouTube videos grow, then how can they be beneficial for you? Let’s know : 

Boost your authority:

When you get more likes on YouTube, it increases your authority. After increasing the number of likes on your channel, you may see your content as official, and it will be easier for you to rise like a strong competitor.

Improve search engine ranking: 

Quality content quickly ranks on search engines, and when your video gets more YouTube likes, more people want to see it so that it gets searched in search engines and ranks on search engines.

Increase your YouTube subscriber:

When there are more likes on your YouTube video and more people like to watch it, what is it about the content that people like so much, and some of them visit your YouTube channel here and there? Subscribe to your channel to see more videos. 

More website traffic: 

When YouTube likes increase, people subscribe to your channel, and people come to know about your business and business-related website, which increases traffic to your business website. 

Ways to increase YouTube likes: 

If you want to increase likes on YouTube videos, then you can adopt some methods to increase likes given below, which are described as follows:

Run a viral YouTube contest: 

An easy way to increase likes on Instagram is to create an online contest on your YouTube channel because people like to get free things, so people engage with your videos even more, which is likely to get more likes on YouTube. 

You can get likes through online contests, get more subscribers and website traffic, increase authority, and promote your other social media profiles.

Embed YouTube videos on Your website: 

Suppose your brand has a website that gets a lot of monthly traffic. In that case, people who visit your website and are familiar with the content of your website will also check your YouTube channel and videos. If they like your video, they will appreciate it, so your YouTube likes will increase.

Visitors can view and like your YouTube videos and subscribe to the channel on your website, so if a YouTube user has a business website, he should embed his YouTube videos on the website.

Create a YouTube popup: 

Apart from associating your YouTube videos with the website, you can add popups of YouTube videos to your website. This is another excellent way to get YouTube likes.

With the help of video popups, website visitors can watch and write your YouTube videos on your website and subscribe to your channel.

Promote your YouTube videos: 

Whenever you post a new video on your YouTube channel, you should promote it as much as possible. So that more people know about your video and see your video so that you increase YouTube likes.

YouTube’s algorithm shows new and popular videos, so promote your videos as much as possible within 48 hours after your video goes live. Promoting your video is vital to the success of your YouTube channel. You can promote your YouTube videos on your other social media profiles.

Boost YouTube likes with your video content:

Content affects the user a lot because the user stops to watch a video only when the user likes the content of your video. Therefore, organically, YouTube plays an essential role in increasing YouTube likes, so the content of your video should be excellent and attractive to the audience so that the user likes to watch your video.

In YouTube video content creation, you can observe your audience’s suggestions and competitors’ videos to get more likes on YouTube by creating even better content.

Take inspiration from new trends:

Another easy way to get YouTube likes videos is to create videos on content that is already trending around you. So that when a video goes viral, and people want to know about it, they will also see your video in relevant content.

There are many examples in which people make videos on trending things, like some trending sounds and different challenges trending on Instagram. By accepting it, you can show your reaction to that trend.

Collaborate with other YouTubers: 

Collaborating with other Youtubers can be of great benefit to you. Because when you make a collaboration video with a YouTuber, it lets the subscribers of that YouTuber know about you so that they see and like your video and the subscribers that YouTuber, which increases YouTube views as well. Along with this, there is a possibility of getting likes on other videos on your channel.

Create education and entertaining content: 

The content of a video is an important weapon to impress the audience because the audience watches a video till the end only when the content of a video is exciting and the audience is entertained by watching it.

The content created by you can help to get more likes on Instagram, so you should make the content of your post educational and entertaining because people like to watch the video only when they find the content of your video educational and fun. Therefore, content should always be created keeping these two objectives in mind.

Create keyword-rich video title:

You must be aware of keyword searches and stuffing if you have a business website. Otherwise, keywords are words through which people search your content.

Using keywords in your YouTube video’s title makes it easier for users to search and see your content. So that they can easily search for your video and watch it, and if you like it, then you can like your YouTube video. It is one of the best ways to get YouTube likes through a business website. 

Tag your YouTube videos: 

Using tags with the content of your YouTube videos helps the search algorithm understand what your video is about. It would be best if you used tags with your YouTube videos to describe your content accurately. It’s a great way to get more likes on YouTube videos.


The name YouTube comes after Facebook as the best social media platform because its users are more than 2.2 billion. Seeing such a massive number of users on YouTube, it is easy to think that out of so many users, some users will like your post, but it is not as easy as thinking because no user likes your video until it Doesn’t like the content of that video. If you want, you can buy YouTube Likes India. Apart from content, whatever methods can help you increase the number of YouTube likes have been described above. And you can increase your YouTube likes on your videos by adopting those methods.

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