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10 Easy Part-Time Jobs International Students Can Opt For In the UK

Students in the UK usually prefer to do part-time jobs with their studies to manage their expenses. It helps them fund their studies, plus they gain work experience. It teaches them about the workplace culture in the UK. Moreover, it allows them to engage with different people and learn new skills.

But the question is what sort of part-time jobs students can do and how much income they can earn from different jobs. For instance, some join law essay writing services or marketing agencies to work part-time, while others may choose simpler options.

Now, you may have questions, so keep reading this blog, and we will guide you about everything related to part-time jobs in the UK.

How Many Hours Can I Work As A Student In The UK?

Students can legally work 20 hours a week. However, they can work full-time during the semester breaks and holidays. You can find all information regarding part-time job policies here.

While international students cannot work as freelancers, traders, or entrepreneurs, there are other options they can choose from. Let’s discuss them below.

Where Should I Look For Work?

Students can find a job on the internet. Usually, companies post job ads on different online platforms, provide you with interview tips and arrange mockup interview sessions. You can also connect with the job placement department of your university—they may have great beylikdüzü escort options for you.

Visit online websites like Indeed, StudentJob, and Save the Student, and you can find hundreds of jobs. These platforms upload opportunities daily for graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.

1.      Server

What you can earn from this part-time job: £9.85/hour on average.

If you love interacting with people, this job is ideal. Join any restaurant or club and offer your services as a server if they have a vacancy. You can easily get a part-time job in the UK.

Furthermore, if you are in the country as an international student, this will be one of the best jobs to help you improve your English speaking skills. When you work as a server, you interact and converse with hundreds of people every day. This will give you more exposure to the language, and you will learn how to speak like a native.

A bonus of this job is that some satisfied customers might give you tips. However, keep in mind this will be a small amount because it is not a tradition in the UK. Still, it’s great to make some extra cash!

2.      Teaching Assistant

What you can earn from this part-time job: £9.85/hour on average.

Another great option for students is to become a teaching assistant as a part-time employee. For this job, you can help students with lectures and give them feedback on their tasks. Usually, only graduate or postgraduate students are eligible for these jobs. This will help you improve your concepts and become well-versed in your field of study. However, don’t worry if you’re an undergraduate. You can find vacancies in schools for lower-level classes. Here are some of the responsibilities:

  • Coordinate specific areas of teaching support
  • Deliver tailored teaching activities
  • Help with lesson planning
  • Lead certain class activities under the teacher’s/professor’s directions
  • Supervise other support staff
  • Take classes on your own to give teachers time for other tasks

Here is a curated list of current part-time teaching assistant jobs available.

3.      Administrator

What you can earn from this part-time job: £9.97/hour on average.

If you want a job where you’re more involved in logistics and management, then you would love to work as a part-time administrator. In this role, your responsibilities would be:

  • Collaborating with different teams and people
  • Receiving phone calls
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Writing and sending emails
  • Managing documents and diaries

Some of the skills you will develop at this job are verbal communication, writing, organization, and time management. These will help you later in your career, as these are transferrable skills and are in high demand.

4.      Call Centre Agent

What you can earn from this part-time job: £11.13/hour on average.

Are you a social person with persuasion skills? Do you like spending your time with friends on the phone? Then, the call center agent job is an excellent choice because you can easily manage customers and handle inbound and outbound calls confidently. Usually, call center agents receive calls about queries, complaints, bill payments, order placement, etc.

As a call center representative, you will manage these responsibilities:

  • Offering custom solutions to customers
  • Processing orders, client requests, and filling forms
  • Escalating priority issues to the relevant departments
  • Maintaining details of queries, complaints, and their status
  • Managing call reports and call notes

Moreover, most call centers allow employees to work flexible hours, which is one reason students prefer to work here. This way, they can manage their studies and work easily.

5.      Private Tutor

What you can earn from this part-time job:  £21.28/hour on average.

Working as a private tutor is one of the best-paid jobs in the UK. Private tutoring would be an excellent choice if you are proficient in any subject and can explain complicated concepts in an easy-to-digest method.

A private tutor’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Identifying students’ weaknesses and assisting in overcoming them
  • Focus on students’ learning to improve their grades
  • Prepare and deliver lessons and assign homework assignments
  • Assess students’ progress
  • Discussing students’ progress with them
  • Checking and grading papers first

If you want to be a teacher and love to share your knowledge with others, start providing tutoring services.

6.      Retail Worker

What you can earn from this part-time job: £9.34/hour on average.

In the UK, there are thousands of retail stores. So, you can easily find a part-time job. These stores have a lot of vacancies, especially during the holiday season, because this is the time when a lot of customers rush to the stores for event supplies.

You have a lot of options for retail jobs. You can join an apparel brand, pet store, book store, mobile phone store, grocery store, technology store, or even a supermarket. Some retail stores provide commission and employee discounts to their workers on every item they sell, so this would be additional cash for you!

7.      Research Assistant

What you can earn from this part-time job: £14.49/hour on average.

Another option for graduate and post-graduate students is to work as research assistants at the university. Usually, for these jobs, institutes pay a monthly salary instead of hourly.

As a research assistant, you will be responsible for many duties. Some include the following:

  • Conducting literature reviews
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Preparing materials for submission
  • Preparing interview questions
  • Recruit and/or interview subjects
  • Maintaining accurate records of information
  • Monitoring the project budget

This job gives you the opportunity to conduct experiments and research alongside intellectual leaders in your industry. Moreover, if you have contributed significantly to the research, it will publish with your name as the co-author.

8.      Warehouse Operative

What you can earn from this part-time job: £10.08/hour on average.

If you are interested in some manual work, you might prefer this role.

At this job, you will manage the following responsibilities:

  • Organizing, picking and packing stock, and managing deliveries
  • Keeping audit of stock levels
  • Loading products onto vehicles

As a warehouse operative, you can choose your desired working hours at your convenience.

9.      Hospitality Team Member

What you can earn from this part-time job: £11/hour on average.

If you prefer customer-servicing roles, you can work in the hospitality and service industry.

Following are some of the many roles in this huge category:

  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Housekeeper
  • Catering and Hospitality Assistant
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Receptionist

10. Pet Care

What you can earn from this part-time job: £11/hour on average.

If you love and are great with animals, this is the perfect job for you. Companies like Tailster and The Four Paws Agency hire pet sitters and dog walkers, so you can apply here.

This opportunity allows a lot of flexibility as you can choose times as per your schedule. Moreover, if you can walk multiple dogs at a time, you can earn more!

Here are some of the responsibilities of a pet carer:

  • Dispose of pet waste
  • Observe pets’ behavior
  • Plan walking routes
  • Play with pets
  • Report any concerning issues to clients
  • Take pets to the vet in case of emergencies
  • Walk dogs as scheduled

In a Nutshell

Studying in the UK is a dream of many international students, but not every student gets the opportunity to pursue their studies in the UK. The ones who do need to work a part-time job with their studies to manage their living costs.

We hope this blog by our experts helps you choose the right job that pays well. And if you ever need academic assistance, you can purchase our affordable law Viva Voce Examination. So, reach out to our professional writers and let them handle your tasks.

Author Bio

Louie Lowe is a senior content writer at Law Essay Writers. He loves to write blogs and assist international students in their studies by providing useful information and study tips.

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