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The main reasons for the need for garage door repair

Often after a few years, the garage door needs to be repaired. All kinds of breakdowns occur due to various reasons. Starting to eliminate them, you need to immediately figure out what provoked the malfunction. 

Already at the stage of installation of the product, it is necessary to carefully observe the technology of each stage of installation. Maintenance of gates of any kind (lifting, pivoting, or sliding) is carried out by experts free of charge when the building is acquired, it was repaired by craftsmen, and the guarantee period has not yet elapsed. Garage door repairs, whether automatic or manually operated, can be either scheduled or urgent. In the first situation, the motorist performs the following design changes:

  • Strengthens the sash;
  • Changes the size of the garage opening;
  • Carries out insertion of doors into the canvas.

The need to perform emergency repairs usually becomes force majeure:

  • Poor quality welding;
  • Garage break-in attempt;
  • Ground subsidence;
  • Corrosion of metal structural elements.

It is quite possible to carry out any actions to repair the structure on your own, when the motorist has experience in plumbing work and certain knowledge of performing such activities. Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems and their solutions.

Breakage or displacement of loops

After improper installation of the loops, over time, the parts gradually begin to shift, and then completely break off. A very important moment of fastening is the placement of elements on the same axis. Otherwise, the gate will begin to open with a creak, jerks, which will further increase the load on the hinges.

Similar hinges should be attached to the metal sheet, and mounting plates should be added underneath them from below. With this installation, welding tasks are considerably simpler to do because the load on the swivel joints will be distributed uniformly.

Gate sagging

If the sashes are difficult to open, the reason is the subsidence of the structure. This sometimes happens due to the detachment of the loops. If these hinged components are digested, it will be able to repair the gate in this circumstance. When the sagging is insignificant, it is possible to correct the problem by removing the sashes and then putting washers on the pins of the rotary mechanism. In such a situation, it is possible to raise the structure to a height of up to 1.5 cm.

When a garage door sags due to a lowering of the lower bar of the structure due to washing out of the soil, it is impossible to do without trimming the lower part of the doors at the wings. If the canvas’ edges have a margin, a strip should be removed at the end using a grinder. However, when there is a chance that the frame will be damaged, the entire sash must be removed and cut down to size on the spot. The structural components will then need to be put in their final location after being re-welded together.

Skew support legs

When the racks are crooked, the gates stop shutting, and they cling to one another. The problem arises after poor-quality welding, soil subsidence. Sometimes the cause is corrosion of the metal. To fix the problem, you need to fix additional stiffeners around the perimeter of the frame:

  • In the beginning, blanks are cut using a profile pipe. In length, they must correspond to the distance that is present between the opposite parts of the frame. Simultaneously prepare horizontal as well as vertical elements.
  • The assembled components are meticulously aligned using a corner and a building level after being placed out on the canvas that had been removed. The components are then welded to the frame.
  • The final stage is the fastening of the sheets over the welded stiffeners. This action increases the strength of the valves.


  • Unexpected jamming of the valves occurs for several reasons:
  • sagging canvas;
  • pouring an uneven foundation.

When sagging, it is necessary to act as described earlier. It is required to level the surface if the issue was brought on by a mistake made during pouring the foundation. Cleaning the bumps first allows the valves to slide freely once again. It is advised to utilize a material with a comparable structure to level the foundation.

Failure of the locking mechanism and fittings

The main function of any locking roller mechanism is to prevent the sash from opening under any heavy load. To unlock the installed stoppers, it is necessary to act on them from the inside of the room, so they mount the structure in garages that have an additional exit.

Any design of the locking mechanism is capable of breaking. If the springs fail, they need to be replaced. To ensure long-term operation of bolts, they should be lubricated regularly. Periodic inspection of the gate structure, elimination of any minor breakdowns allows you to exclude the likelihood of emergency repairs. It is necessary to carry out repairs only in such situations:

  • web jamming
  • noise when opening the sash
  • failure of springs or cable
  • malfunction of the drive mechanism
  • the appearance of deformation of the racks
  • failure of moving parts

When performing repairs, it is necessary to carefully mount each part. Wrong actions will cause serious damage.

Types of garage doors and the causes of their failure, repair rules and tools

Owning a garage is equated with special amenities that are not available to every car owner. But few people know how much trouble the maintenance of such a garage box brings. Repairing old or damaged garage doors alone can take a lot of time from the car owner. Due to improper installation and errors during welding, structures often need to be straightened and components replaced.

Features and types of garage doors

The convenience of using garage doors depends on their model. The simpler the design, the less problems it will have during operation. Today you can buy garage doors of swing, lifting, sectional, roller shutter types: different in cost and configuration.

For more information about the design of garage doors of all types, see below:

  • Swing: Cheap double-leaf model, found in practically all vintage garages. Design that is practical and straightforward and that is simple to assemble by hand.
  • Lifting: They are one single piece. When opened, it rises vertically to the ceiling with a lever mechanism, which saves space.
  • Sectional: The canvas consists of sections of the same size. During lifting, it gathers like an accordion and rises to the ceiling with a spring mechanism and a special system of profile.
  • Roller Shutters: They have the same design as roller shutters. The model consists of metal plates that rise to the ceiling and fold into a box.

Repair of garage doors can be planned or spontaneous. In the first case, we are talking about changes in the design of the canvas at the initiative of the car owner: strengthening the doors, changing the size of the garage opening, inserting doors.

The reason for troubleshooting garage doors in other cases is force majeure: poor-quality welding, soil subsidence, hacking attempts, metal corrosion. You can deal with the consequences of these and other factors on your own, if knowledge allows.

The main causes of malfunctions

Trouble can hit anyone. And often the owners of garages can not even do anything to remedy the situation. Burglary attempt, soil subsidence, corrosion – all this happens through no fault of the owner. All he has to do is fix it. The main reasons for repairing garage doors are:

  • welding errors
  • soil subsidence
  • corrosion
  • the need to change the dimensions of the opening
  • the desire to strengthen the sashes

But the services of a master may be needed even if everything is fine with your garage. For example, you decide that you now want to have a gate that did not exist before. In this situation, only specialists will be able to cut an opening of the required size, install a gate and install safe locks. Since an inexperienced approach to fixing garage doors will only result in a loss of money and time, this work should either be left to specialists or done by the homeowner. They must guarantee unimpeded entry and departure, dependability, and property protection.

DIY garage door repair

Of course, you can do everything yourself. You will only need tools, materials and some knowledge. For certain types of work, you will need another assistant who will hold the canvas during welding so that it does not squint. To strengthen the sashes, you need the right material. Usually choose a profile pipe and a corner of the right size. But even with all the necessary materials and helpers, the job cannot be done if you do not have the right tool. And the biggest difficulties arise with the electric welding machine. Not every owner has a similar unit. Its purchase can be very expensive, so for convenience, you can rent it.

Carrying out self-repair of garage doors is a rather painstaking task that not everyone agrees to perform. We welcome your comments on how you did or plan to do it.

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