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6 Best Cities In Europe

Looking for the best cities to travel to in Europe? Or for the top list of series to travel in Europe? Find them with our list on the top 6 best cities in Europe to travel to this year. Are you looking for the list of the best cities in Europe to travel to this year? Or searching for the top European cities for traveling? Check our list of the top 6 best cities in Europe to get the needed answers.

Let’s know the top 6 best cities in Europe


Easily the most popular European city, Paris comes first in our list of the 6 best cities in Europe. And there a million reasons for putting Paris is in the very first spot on the list. You can see the city’s name as a common in every list that belongs to the top destinations in Europe. Whether it is the most beautiful destinations in Europe or the must-visit ones, Paris always makes it to the top.

Moreover, Paris is easily the European destination that is on the bucket list of almost every travel bug. However, every one of them has a different reason to put Paris on their bucket lists. While some want to visit Paris with the love of their life, some want to work here. And like this, there are a thousand reasons among one you must be also having one to visit Paris. And this is what, we call Paris’s charm that the city is simply irresistible to travel bugs.


The Italian capital is not left behind Paris in any aspect and is a popular city in Europe. Thus, every year tens of thousands of people take direct flights to Italy from US to visit Rome. Moreover, like Paris, Rome is also famous for multiple reasons including its deep-rooted history. Further, this city also has the mystical beginnings that none another city on this list enjoys.

Rome is the home of everything you can expect from Italy along with the famous Italian dishes. This city is the best space to try authentic Italian cooking and dishes including the world-famous pizza. Moreover, Rome is also perfect to see the historical ruins and skyscraper buildings all in one place. Thus, no matter where your interest lies a trip to Rome will be an absolute treat for you.


London is a common name among the top cities list of Europe. Moreover, this British capital never fails to leave its mark on travelers. No matter if you are in love with palaces, museums, parks, or art galleries this city has it all. Moreover, it is the home to one of the most famous museums in the world, Madame Tussauds Museum. Further, it is famous for one of the most popular giant Ferris Wheel, the London’s Eye.

So, just name a thing a London will represent one of the most famous things in the world for it. The Buckingham Palace in London is also one of the most known palaces in the world. And also it is the home of the British Royalty while Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous churches.

Other than this, London is also a great attraction for Harry Potter movie series and Sherlock Holmes web series lovers. As the city is the base where most of the adventures in these movies are based upon. And still, there are many places in the city where travelers can visit who love to see the parts mentioned in the movie. And the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 22 B Baker Street is a great place for Sherlock Holmes fans. and 9 4/5 platform at King’s Cross railway station plays a big part in it.


A city popular throughout the year, Prague is beautiful both in summers as well as in winters. And thus, Prague attracts tens of thousands of tourists all over the year. However, the number of travelers visiting the city in summers is more than that of winters as people adore summers. But this doesn’t mean that the city’s charm fades away in any way during winters. And according to us, it only increases more in winters.

And yes, we are confident that we love Prague winters more than its summers. Nd the reason behind this is the festive spirit of the city during winters. Also, this city hosts the oldest Christma market in Europe that adds up to its charm.


The capital city of Germany is also a part of the best cities in Europe. Aside from being the Spain capital, Barcelona is also the largest city in Spain and is a popular travel attraction. And thus, every year tens of thousands of people book Direct flights to Barcelona from US to see Berlin. Moreover, the city comes with a lot of German and Spain history including its separation into two parts. Later, the city was connected as a whole again in the year 1990.

This city is the home of many iconic structures and things to do. Further, the most popular things to do include having a full course meal of the Spanish cuisine. Also, the other thing to try is the authentic Spain street food sold by street vendors in the city. Moreover, this city is one of the coolest places to travel in Europe and the world. And all you need to do is keep a cool mind and try to do limited things on a single trip to Spain.


Easily the most romantic city in Europe besides Paris, Venice has a unique charm to it. There are many reasons for what Venice is popular for but its water taxi rides are always top the list. And thus, it is a bucket list experience for many couples throughout the world. Also, if you are looking for a romantic city in Europe for a romantic getaway choose Venice.

Moreover, along with the popular gondola rides, there is so much to see and do in this popular European city. And the list includes many adventures including taking a cruise and admiring this beautiful city from outside. If you are not a fan of cruises, then you must make an ist and visit the popular attractions of the city. Also, if you are into arts then a trip to the Accademia Gallery will surely win your heart away.

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