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Designing A T-shirt From Scratch

T-shirt is very basic clothing. People of all age groups use t-shirts in their daily routine. It is nearly impossible to find someone who has never used t-shirts. T-shirts are very convenient and comfortable clothing items. So, if you are in the business of designing the most important clothing item, innovation and creativity are a must, because of the competitive market. It is a great idea to start with a custom t-shirt if you have ever considered creating your clothing or branding merchandise!

In a print-on-demand business, making a unique t-shirt design bundle is vital for the business. It is critically important to create t-shirt designs that are high in quality. We have to optimize the process of production to ensure you can have maximum profit from the production by making sure they consume less time in production. This might feel like it will be expensive, but believe me, it is not. All you need is good graphics designing skills.

1. Define the purpose of your T-shirt Print-On-Demand Business.

Defining the purpose of your T-shirt printing business is an essential step for your business. It will have a positive impact on your profitability. To increase the impact of your brand on users, it is important to think about the reason you are starting this business.

You can sell your t-shirt design bundles on websites, e-commerce platforms, or to local and international vendors. It is completely up to you to decide where your ideal market is going to be. When you define the purpose of your business, it will have an indirect relation with the type of users you will receive.

Custom t-shirts can not only be used for personal touch but also to raise awareness of a certain cause, event, or brand. These days, people show support to certain causes through non-verbal ways such as wearing a t-shirt with slogans supporting the cause, or using accessories that support a certain cause.

If you, the team, or your brand ambassadors are wearing them, you can expect to see them on the street. This way you can indirectly promote your brand and/or the cause you are supporting. Therefore, you’ll want eye-catching t-shirt designs to provoke curiosity and encourage people to ask you about your products.

A t-shirt doesn’t need to be bold and bright to grab attention. With the help of a few simple elements such as a clean and minimalist design, a catchy slogan, well-chosen iconography, and a memorable hashtag, you can start a conversation.

2. Decide Themes for Your T-Shirt Printing Business

When you are in the print-on-demand business, the way you design your themes affects your profits. Pixibes is a print-on-demand business with hundreds of prints available for different occasions. We have designs of the pandemic, Halloween, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s day, prints for your hobbies, and more than hundreds of designs you can get printed.

You can design themes for your business in three ways:

1. Research the most-selling T-shirt Designs.

In this way, you focus on the most-selling t-shirt designs only. You go with the trend and provide prints and graphics that are currently most popular in the market. According to market analysts, in order to gain a competitive edge, you need to sell the most-selling t-shirts at a reasonable price.

2. Opportunist approach.

The opportunist approach can be defined as the approach all the business generally use. You do not stick to one design all year, instead, you go with the flow and offer designs that are currently suitable. For example, you promote patriotic designs before Independence day, festive designs before Christmas or Halloween. You can target major occasions and promote designs at that time. Users, wearing t-shirts of coming events feel enthusiastic.

3. Design bundles according to the niche you are targeting.

Many print-on-demand business owners believing in offering premium services to a targeted audience. This way they stay loyal to a selected group of users. They might sell prints supporting a cause, or the brand they are representing.
For example, some business owners offer prints that support the LGBTQ community. So, the members of the LGBTQ community, are likely to approach this particular business for their purchase. People prefer to buy from known and familiar brands.

Secondly, some print-on-demand businesses provide designs for gym wear. Gym enthusiasts generally prefer simple yet meaningful prints on their t-shirts. For this particular niche, they provide minimalistic prints for the workout sessions.

3. Choose appropriate colors and fonts according to the themes you have decided.

When you creating t-shirts prints, you need to keep in mind that you have to use two sets of colors. The first color is the fabric of your t-shirt and the second color is of your graphics or logo that will be printed on the t-shirt. It’s important to ensure that these two aspects are complementary in order to make your t-shirt look aesthetically pleasing.

For example, when you are designing prints for the holidays, prefer having bright and warming colors for the prints. No one likes to be sulking with sad colors in the holidays. So, when you have Christmas prints, display them in bold colors preferably red.
Some users like bright-colored t-shirts while some prefer simple t-shirts. So the goal of your business should be to make the t-shirts as wearable as possible.

Use the color of your fabric as your starting point when creating your shirts to ensure that the fabrics and the designs are complementary. When you are designing, keep the fact at the front of your mind that the ink looks different on the plain color and different on colored canvas. So, to ensure there are no printing mishaps, ask for samples from your printing vendor if you are planning to purchase any color other than white.

In all designs, the most essential aspect is the typography of your designs. Your top priority should be readability. The content should be easily readable. No one likes to decipher messages staring at some other people. And it is natural, when we read something, we want to know its meaning. So, the content should be convenient to read. The typography will define the wearability ratio of your garments.

4. Upload Your Designs to a Print-On-Demand Website.

Shopping has drastically changed since COVID-19. The online shopping market has seen a drastic rise in the last few years. So having a digital presence is as vital as having attractive designs.

Once you have finished designing all the prints you are going to offer, the next step should be uploading them on your website or store. The only way the users are going to access your prints and designs is when you display them. When you are showcasing your designs on your website, it is pretty simple to upload.

Secondly, when you do not own a website but still want to showcase your prints, there are so many options available these days. You can choose any platform that is the most convenient option for your business.

5. Marketing Your T-Shirt Design.

Marketing your products and designs in this digital time is equally important for your business. It is important because without marketing, how is your audience going to know about the existence of your designs and your brand.

Marketing promotes product awareness and establishes credibility for brands. Building trust with your target buyers is both engaging and beneficial for your business. It allows you to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your users. Marketing is a persistent strategy that is going to flourish your business.

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