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How to overcome Pregnancy at Home?

Plans for body, soul and life – women who want a baby often direct their whole life to their new citizen even before the onset of pregnancy. “You’re pregnant!” comes the announcement and the long-await new life begins. However, the joy does not last long and it is estimate that 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Most women do not experience complications in their next pregnancy.

Most miscarriages occur early in pregnancy. The most common cause is a malformation of the embryo, which means that the baby will not be able to survive. In later pregnancies, infections and other pregnancy complications can cause stillbirth or miscarriage.

Many women want to fulfill their wish to have their next baby as soon as possible. In most people, the next pregnancy can be expected to proceed normally. Most importantly, losing a child can be a traumatic istanbul escort experience.


How long should I wait to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, many people want to get pregnant again as soon as possible. Physiologically, pregnancy is possible within a few weeks. The first ovulation occurs two to six weeks after the miscarriage, which means that there is a possibility to get pregnant again.

Medically, there are different opinions about when it is desirable to get pregnant but the best one is Abortion pills in Dubai. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends waiting at least six months after miscarriage to allow the body to recover and normalize its hormonal status. Many gynecologists recommend waiting three months.

During this period, women are often stress because they want a baby but need to use contraceptives. In principle, there is often nothing wrong with getting pregnant early. A study by the University of Zurich shows that the timing of an abortion has no effect on the rate of subsequent abortions. A study by the University that the complication rate was lower if the next pregnancy occur within 6 months of the miscarriage.

If the cause of the miscarriage is known (e.g. infection ), it should definitely be rule out before another pregnancy. Even after stillbirth, and especially after caesarean section, the body needs time to recover. In these cases, your doctor or midwife will recommend that you wait at least a year before having another baby.


What about a new pregnancy after miscarriage?

Medically, pregnancy after miscarriage is always considered a high-risk pregnancy, and the pregnant woman and child will be monitored especially closely. Statistically, the risk of a second miscarriage is 24%. However, most women can expect that their next pregnancy will proceed uneventfully.

After a stillbirth or miscarriage, however, many women find it difficult to trust their body again. This pregnancy is characterize not by the joy of having a baby, but by the fear of losing it. Hopefully, she will be able to recover when the most sensitive period of early events is over.

But every pregnancy is a unique process and there is no need to repeat previous complications. Pregnant women find it helpful to seek emotional and practical support from the outset. Support from the midwife in the early stages is often particularly important now. Midwives can be very effective in relieving pregnant women after stillbirth or miscarriage due to their experience, people skills and knowledge of natural healing and relaxant techniques

For further more information about pregnancy issue click here.

What happens if the miscarriage recurs?

However, the possibility of a second miscarriage cannot be completely rule out. From a purely statistical point of view, miscarriage occurs in 24% of all women who go through this period. If at least three pregnancies end in miscarriage, doctors call it “habitual miscarriage”. In these cases, a more detail explanation of the cause and appropriate treatment is need.

A habitual miscarriage can be cause by a hormonal imbalance, a genetic abnormality in one or both parents, an increase immune reaction or a potential infection, for example. The chances of identifying and treating the cause are very high (50-60%) and some university hospitals offer special consultations for this .

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