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Why Should You Use Display Packages for Your Oil Cartridges?

The cannabis oil cartridge industry is still in its infancy, but it is already growing rapidly. Many people are curious about these Display Cartridges and what you can do with them. One of the most common questions is if you need to use a display package for your cartridges before giving them out to customers. This article will explain why you should consider using one for your business to be successful in this new industry!

Cannabis oil cartridges do not have expiration dates because they are made with high-quality ingredients, making them safer than medicine and other drugs like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. But there have been cases where cartridges become stale and lose their flavor. There’s nothing worse than taking a puff on a cartridge that tastes like plastic!

Don’t let this be your experience. Here are some reasons why you should use display packages as custom vape cartridge boxes for your cartridges:

It Makes the Product Feel More Professional:

It makes the product feel more professional and high-end. This will make it seem like you’re dealing with mainstream products rather than cheap disposable ones. In addition, by using display packages, your customers know they are buying an authentic cannabis oil cartridge filled with premium ingredients. They’ll appreciate this care for detail and not only return to purchase another, but also tell their friends about you, leading to more business!

The design on a display pack looks better than an opaque cartridge or jar, and it’s more effective at communicating what your product is to consumers who might not know otherwise.

The Packaging Protects the Product from Damage:

The packaging protects the product from damage caused by sun exposure or overheating during delivery. You can just imagine how hot it is in California right now where I am writing this. So your cartridge package needs to be thick and sturdy so it can handle the heat!

A display package protects your cartridge from damage and keeps the glass from breaking if it falls on a hard surface. It can also protect against heat, light, and moisture, which is important for preserving the integrity of the oil inside.

The Packaging Is Reusable:

The packaging is reusable. Your customers will take their cartridge home, pop it in their pen, and when they’re done using it, they can save the jar for storing other things like makeup, jewelry, or even cannabis flowers.

It just makes sense from an economic perspective to use display packages when they’re reusable and provide such great branding opportunities at the same time!

These display packages are that they’re reusable! You can get creative and use them again and again. Even if you’re not interested in investing in a stand or holder, you could keep your pack of cartridges on the table next to the cash register.

It’s also common to find customers bringing their own boxes and bags to purchase their cartridge because it looks nice, clean, and has a branded label. So if you invested in good quality custom box printing, it would pay off! This way, your brand will be recognized by anyone who comes across it, even outside of the store.

Child-Resistant Packaging Solution:

A display package with a child-resistant cap protects children from accidentally ingesting your product. This may not seem all that important but remember you’ll probably be selling these products in recreational dispensaries where anyone of legal age can purchase them (though I’m sure most medicinal dispensaries will also pick up on this idea). You definitely don’t want your cartridges in the hands of little kids; they look like candy to them!

Puts Good Impression on Customers:

Consumers often associate glass cartridges with high-quality products, especially in places where they’re rare, like Arizona, where I’m from. Customers actually appreciate being able to see that you care enough about their experience with your cartridge to include a display package! You’ll remember it as one of those “stand-out” brands.

Best for Storage:

Display packs and packets also serve as great packaging for your empty cartridge collection containers. You can turn them into a one-use display once you’ve emptied the product if you’re creative enough!

Also, oftentimes these packs are thicker than the average pen to store more oil or dried flower. They come with different spouts, sometimes droppers, and you can put larger cartridges in them once you’ve emptied the product!

Ease of Use: 

You just simply fill it up and screw off the top. Plus, display packs are typically child-proof to prevent accidental ingestion, which is always a nice feature. People know that this packaging belongs specifically to cannabis products, so there’s no mistaking what they’re about to do!

Display packages can also work as hemp wick carriers if you remove the label first. These packages will help to store and deliver your oil cartridges safely and securely to your customers while enhancing their visual appeal for customer attraction.

Budget-Friendly & Environmental Packaging Solution:

The most affordable option for packaging is display packs. And they actually do serve a purpose beyond just your packaging price point. Using these packages, you can easily make your goods a tough price competitor in the market.

There are so many uses out there that have found ways to reuse display packages to help the environment! One great idea is using them as “cups” without any labels on them- perfect for serving food at outdoor venues. Once you have used them, just throw them in the recycling bin or compost pile!

If you are trying to get into the CBD business but don’t necessarily want all of your branding to revolve around cannabis, these packages can work perfectly for you! It’s an incredibly easy way to make your packaging stand out, even if you are just using them to hold the same ol’ ingredients. Plus, they are reusable- so your customers will be sure to come back!


That’s it for our list of ten reasons why you should use display boxes for your oil cartridges. Leave us a comment with the addition we may have missed or any other thoughts on this topic; we’d love to hear them. If you enjoyed this article, don’t hesitate to share and subscribe too. Thanks for reading!


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