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Tigren’s PWA Theme For Magento 2: Fast & Feature-rich

Amid the rise of Progressive Web App on the technological marketplace, Magento business owners find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the right PWA templates that are suitable for their own websites. There are a great deal of PWA themes for Magento 2 with diverse prices. But if you are just getting off the ground, the TigrenPWA theme is going to be the best premium option at an affordable price.

It stands out by the fastest performance and diverse built-in functions, which as the result will help Magento stores to build their PWAs with less time yet more effectiveness.

Overview Of TigrenPWA Theme

Tigren is a leading Magento PWA provider that offers a wide range of exclusive PWA themes. Custom PWA development services for modern businesses. 

Originally, it started out by providing a Progressive Web App extension for Magento e-commerce websites. That extension enjoyed thousands of downloads per month. But the firm stopped providing it in 2019 in order to offer a much better solution – PWA theme for Magento 2.

TigrenPWA theme is ready-to-use with an attractive storefront design and various distinctive features.

What Does TigrenPWA Theme Bring To The Table?

1. Accelerated Page Load Speed

As you may already know, speed is one of the most crucial factors to help your website increase its user experience, attract more users and leverage SEO ranking.

Have you ever asked how much time your site loads for visitors? If it takes more than 5 seconds, you should consider switching it to a Progressive Web App by applying the TigrenPWA theme.

With PWA technology, Tigren’s PWA theme for Magento 2 will help websites perform incredibly fast with a page load time of below 3 seconds.

After the initial page load, the page load speed is in the blink of an eye.

When the site loads in significantly less time, users have a tendency to stay longer. Linger on your website, thus boosting conversion rate and user engagement.

Then, in the long run, your Magento PWA store will definitely gain more popularity and rank high in Google search.

2. Well-designed PWA Storefront

When using Tigren’s Magento PWA theme, business owners will have many choices before making the final decision.

They can use Tigren’s default PWA theme with zero or minor customization. For instance, merchants can change simple parts such as the colours, fonts, banners, logo, favicon, etc. while retaining other key parts.

Otherwise, Tigren can customize the entire template for merchants if they have special demands. This means that the new PWA storefront can look similar to the original website or even completely brand-new based on the merchant’s preference. 

Moreover, TigrenPWA templates are made to be suitable for viewing on all types of devices, whether it is a computer or a smartphone.

However, unlike other themes, TigrenPWA offers a distinct design for mobile users instead of providing a regular responsive version.

3. Powerful PWA Functions

In addition to flexible and good-looking design, Tigren’s Magento PWA theme also offers multiple functional features of Progressive Web App.

Add To Home Screen

As aforementioned, the PWA theme for Magento 2 of Tigren is able to perform app-like features. It allows users to add the web app to the home screen and have the icon added without any download. Then, when the PWA is opened, it shows a splash page with a full-screen display just like when using a native app.

Effortless Update

When the PWA site is updated. The TigrenPWA theme will show a popup asking users to refresh the page to get the latest version.

Offline Mode

It is an annoyance for many users if they suddenly lose access to the website due to a weak Internet connection. It will not happen when business owners choose the Tigren theme to integrate PWA into their websites. By caching data, the template will help users continue to surf the previously loaded content even in a weak or non-existent network.

Push Notifications

The Tigren’s Magento PWA templates allow sending handy push notifications for users anytime to encourage them to visit the store more frequently.

Cross-platform Ability

By applying Tigren’s theme. Your new Magento PWA website will be able to work on both iOS and Android operating systems using a single codebase. 

4. Unique PWA Features Only At TigrenPWA

Tigren distinguishes Magento PWA themes from others by delivering an array of e-commerce features such as banner manager, improved layered navigation, live chat, product labels, shop by brand, Google Manager & Analytics, etc. 

Tigren’s PWA Theme For Magento 2 vs Responsive Website Templates

Both TigrenPWA and Responsive website templates are aiming at delivering better UX and UI. However, there are some differences in their approaches and delivered results. So, which one of them would be better and more suitable for Magento businesses? 

Storefront Design

Responsive website design is widely known for its high consistency on different screen sizes.  It allows your website to adjust its content. Image size to look suitable on both the smartphone and desktop screen.

Meanwhile, Tigran developed a separate interface for mobile devices, which is obviously more mobile-friendly than responsive ones.

Functional Benefits

In most Magento responsive themes, there are no special features that come along with the responsive design. On the contrary, Tigren’s PWA theme makes a slow website become lightning-fast and powerful with app-like features, and better UX/UI.

Therefore, it is undeniable that the TigrenPWA template far exceeds the responsive ones in terms of design and function.

Final Words

Tigren’s PWA theme for Magento 2 is gaining more and more attention from businesses in the Magento community.

By opting for the TigrenPWA solution. Magento websites can be transformed into a powerful Progressive Web App in a short span of time.

More importantly, that investment will soon turn out to be a great profit and the firms will see their revenue upscale by manifold.

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