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Why Do Most People Choose Buying Market-Baked Products Over Baking at Home?

Baking is one of the most educational and rewarding activities you can ever do at home. It’s educational because you can learn countless things, skills and attitudes in baking. It’s rewarding because seeing and tasting the products of your efforts just feels amazing! For sure, baking is enjoyable and productive anytime of the day and any day of the week.

But have you ever thought of baking on your own? Like, have you ever thought of taking baking as your personal hobby at home? No? Why? 

And have you ever wondered why a lot of people, although they can bake or can learn how to, still buy from bakeries and grocery stores to get their baked goodies?

Whether you admit it or not, people order and purchase bread from bakeries, cakes from cake shops, and pizzas from pizza parlours, even when they can actually cook these chows themselves. You are included in these ‘people’, and it’s normal and fine! But we’re just curious! Why buy it when you can do it yourself?

Why do most people choose buying market-baked products over baking at home? Keep reading, and let’s unfold this case together!     

1 – Tantalizing Food Visuals

baking - cake

People’s attraction to anything always begins with the outside appearance, and market-baked products mostly target customers using their looks. No doubt, food sold in patisseries have tantalizing visuals that really invite people who see them to buy them! Though you don’t know the taste of a certain pastry yet, you assume that it will taste delicious because of the impression that its drool-worthy physical characteristics give.

Commercial bakers have studied, learned and mastered the art of food presentation, and they see to it that their baked creations really catch people’s eyes and pockets eventually! Besides the fact that they should make food presentable and pretty, they need to sell them, so the enticing food visuals are crafted. And without question, people love them, so they keep buying market-baked noshes!

2 – Inviting Aroma


Working side by side with visuals, aroma is another powerful weapon of food from bakehouses. They are so inviting and so persuasive! Imagine passing by a small bakery inside a mall or along the street, and the fragrance of freshly spun bagels and cinnamon buns catch your senses! Oh, wow! You’ll be walking into the store like you’ve been hypnotized by the irresistible scent of the kitchen! This is surely another huge reason why baking at home is set aside for market-sold chows!

3 – Elegant Packaging


Certainly, most confectionery shops are gorgeous and Instagram-worthy, especially those that follow the modern trends in interior design. Yet another impressive thing is that their stylishness doesn’t end in their physical store’s makeup. It reaches to their product packaging too! If the pastries’ visuals and aroma are partners, then their elegant packaging is the cherry on top! 

Market-baked edibles are packed and sealed nicely for customer convenience, so they can easily be carried when taken out. Furthermore, it’s for the bliss of everybody who receives them. They can be very good and easy-to-acquire gift ideas as well!

4 – Popular Pastry Brands

baking - sandwich

Most of the time, people choose market-made baked goodies because they know of popular pastry brands that cook the best breads, cakes and pizzas in town and even in the world! These brands have already made a shiny name in the food industry, so they have become people’s go-to pastry brands. They have become credible, reliable, tried and true for people, so they don’t need to further prove their quality! 

5 – TV Commercials and Social Media Advertisements

baking - donuts

Nobody cannot forget about how TV commercials and social media advertisements influence people’s buying decisions, including food choices. These media tools aim to promote products for people to try, enjoy and eat not only once or twice but over and over again. 

These ads are made to showcase market-baked products’ detailed and close-up physical features, like their fluffiness, juiciness and freshness. Of course, they also say that these are very healthy for all ages. In the digital era, these commercials easily reach people because everybody uses cell phones and the Internet today, where these ads are presented day by day.  

6 – Celebrity Brand Endorsers

baking - aesthetics

As part of those TV and social media advertisements, popular media personalities play a huge role in persuading people to buy baked food sold in the market too. Celebrity brand endorsers are paid and are given free food to be models of those bakeries or baked noshes. Some have actual TV commercials, while some promote through their social media posts, like in Instagram or Facebook.

7 – Baking’s Difficulty

baking - rolling pin

Last but the most inevitable of all, the thought of baking’s difficulty makes people choose market-baked products over creating their own. Of course, it’s more convenient and comfortable because you won’t need to buy boxes and bags of cake flour, bread flour, pizza flour, dough, yeast, food flavorings, sugars and spices and many more! You just have to choose, bring out your wallet and buy! 

Moreover, baking itself is not a piece of cake! It requires a lot of learning, practice and patience on top of all the skills you need in it. Although it’s a very nice hobby and a profitable personal business, still, most people often choose to purchase their baked food from the market.



Alright, so that’s it! The looks are tempting. The fragrance is magnetizing! The presentation and packaging are both alluring! Well, I guess they are simply irresistible, and it seems like they are calling you in to take a bite into their baked goodness! 

Furthermore, the media has tremendous effects on people’s food selections, right? From social media reaching out to people the information about these market-baked chows to much-loved public personalities inviting us to eat what they endorse, media is obviously influential in making the unknown brands popular and the well-known brands even more popular! 

Last but definitely not the least, of course, people often want and need convenience, which baking at home doesn’t fully provide since it takes tons of time and effort. While it’s very comfortable to be inside your house and to be sure that you eat your own creation, it’s not so easy to make time for it and most especially, to learn the whole baking thing! That’s one of the biggest reasons for the market-baked being much more selected in most cases! 

Your curiosities have been helped, right? Right! Baking at home is so ideal for you to gain skills about the craft, but it’s not ideal at all times, most especially if you’re busy, working or parenting! 

There you have them, the reasons why people often choose market-baked over baking at home! You’ve learned something cool? Don’t forget to share and spread the news!  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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