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How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in Competitive Exams?

Do you want to score high marks in the competitive exams? Then you might be burning midnight oil in the haste to perform excellently in the exam. Note that exams are merciless and you should eschew making foolish mistakes that can cost you your success. Well, the most annoying fact about exams is that you may have in-depth knowledge of the exam but you still make mistakes. So, make sure when the exams approach, you need to tap into your best self. The version that knows how to use time optimally and follows a fruitful study strategy. Make sure you prepare yourself well to sail through the toughest phases of the competitive exam. You can choose to follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article to avoid silly mistakes in competitive exams. 

Nowadays, it’s a trend to join a coaching institute for exam preparation. Do you know why? Because an ideal coaching institute can help you prepare for the exam in the best possible way. Are you planning to appear for the SSC exam? If yes, then choose to join a remarkable institute that can provide SSC coaching in Delhi. Well, joining a coaching institute will be worth it only when you will not make silly mistakes. We have written this article especially for candidates who are breaking their back to crack the competitive exams. 

Here are some helpful tips you can follow to avoid mistakes in the upcoming competitive exams:

Are you up to face the challenging competitive exams? We have jotted some guidelines to avoid sloppy mistakes candidates often make under stressful situations. You can go through the following points to know some useful tips to avoid silly mistakes in competitive exams. 

  • Read the questions gingerly 

It is advisable to read the questions very carefully. Choose to mark answers only after reading the questions very carefully. However, you won’t have enough time to read the questions twice or thrice while attempting the question. So, read the question once but with 100% attention. After reading the question carefully, you can easily analyze what is asked. For sure, you can answer accurately. Also, before marking the answer, go through the options carefully. Make sure you are not marking the wrong answer in the exam. Note that the exam has negative marking and you can’t afford to mark a wrong answer.

  • Never have preconceived beliefs 

When you’re asked a question, don’t go into it with the preconceived idea that you’ve dealt with this type of problem before and know the answer. Instead, read the question and the options thoughtfully before answering. The question may have been changed by the examiners, which you will miss if you do not read carefully. Many candidates mark the wrong answer assuming that they have answered the question before as well. As a result, they lose their marks in the exam. So, read the question with a fresh mind and solve accordingly. This is how you can avoid making some stupid mistakes in the competitive exam.

  • Avoid making silly calculation mistakes 

When attempting to answer the question, avoid making silly calculation errors. It not only gives you the wrong answer, but it also wastes your time trying to find it down. Instead, check your calculations at all times. It is advisable to use short tricks while attempting the exam. Short tricks can help you solve questions quickly in the exam. However, not every time short tricks can give you an accurate answer in the exam. It is advisable to solve enough questions. This is how you can analyze where to apply short tricks and where not.

  • Attempt enough mock tests 

Mock tests are sample papers made by experts in accordance with the actual exam syllabus and pattern. It is advisable to solve maximum mock tests while preparing for the exam. By solving enough mock tests, you can easily increase your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Practicing enough mock tests can actually reduce the risk of negative marking in exams. So, start exam preparation as early as possible and complete the exam syllabus on time. This way you will have enough time at the end to practice mock tests. Make sure you solve at least 20 mock tests before appearing in the exam.

  • Go through some previous year question papers 

Previous year papers are the best source to predict the level of a competitive exam. It is advisable to analyze at least 10 previous year question papers. With the help of previous year question papers, you can easily know the frequently asked questions in the exam. We would advise you to solve some previous year question papers. You can easily get your hands on a variety of questions. Solving enough question papers can reduce the risk of silly mistakes in the exam.

  • Avoid guesswork 

Note that you can’t rely on your luck and mark answers blindly in the exam. If you’ll answer blindly in the exam, for sure you will lose marks due to negative marking. So, make sure you read the question very carefully before answering it. You should answer the question only if you are confident about it.

Many candidates aim to answer every question of the exam. In the haste to answer every question of the exam, they start marking answers blindly. Note that this is not the right way to answer the questions. Attempt fewer questions but make sure they are correct. 

  • Bear in mind the directions for attempting online exam 

It is imperative to be cognizant of directions to attempt an online exam. Go through the official website of exam conducting bodies to know the directions for solving online exams. After reading the directions, make suitable strategies to attempt the exam. It is highly important to use your time optimally while attempting the exam. You need to follow a strategy that can help you attempt maximum questions in the exam in a limited time. This is how you can save yourself from making mistakes.

For valuable guidance, you can join a reputable coaching institute. Do you want to crack the bank exam? If yes, then join the finest institute that can provide bank coaching in Delhi.


If you want to stay ahead in competition, make sure you are not making mistakes while attempting the question paper. Aforementioned are some rewarding tips and tricks that can help you make fewer mistakes in the exam. Well, it is advisable to make a proper timetable to prepare for the exam. Give yourself short breaks in between to study with full focus. Design your timetable in such a way that you’ll spare at least 7 hours for sleep as well. 

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