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Everything to Know About AZ 900

An IT professional always has to keep up with the latest developments in their field of work. It usually entails undertaking various certification courses to help them advance their career. 

Azure AZ-900 is one such certification conducted by Microsoft Azure. This Microsoft certification is ideal for individuals starting to work with cloud-based technologies or starting with Azure and professionals. 

Why is Cloud Computing Important?

You use cloud technology several times a day in your daily life. Be it accessing your personal or work email, taking backup of data, making a call through a Zoom call, and all these involve using cloud computing. 

It also plays a vital role in Big Data Analysis. In addition, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technologies also use this essential concept. You can access a company’s database and analyze patterns, including studying trends. 

Advantages of Cloud Computing: 

  • Cloud computing is a cost-effective alternative to otherwise buying and maintaining hardware and software. It thus drastically reduces the establishment costs.
  • Cloud computing is highly efficient. Since it runs on a vast network of highly secure data centers, it is more dependable than a single data center.
  • It provides a high level of security as compared to on-site data centers.
  • Cloud technologies always take backup of data and processes, thus making data recovery following a disaster swift, easy, and cost-effective. These systems employ cloud security protocols, thus reducing the risk of data loss.

Why Should you Undertake This Certification?

Azure is a cloud platform owned by Microsoft. It provides multiple services like computing, networking, Data Analytics, Storage and Databases, etc. A certification in AZ 900 is ideal for beginners or professionals who wish to prove their grasp of the concepts of Azure and thus earn a good salary package in their workplace. This examination is ideal for candidates seeking recognition in the professional field by demonstrating basic knowledge of cloud computing technologies.

What is the cost of this certification?

This certification is pretty cost-effective. However, it varies upon the country from which you are taking the exam, including the type of Microsoft certification training you want to pursue.  

What is the duration of the exam?

The exam is of 90 minutes and has 40 to 60 questions. With proper training, you can clear the exam. 

In which languages can the exam be taken?

Most of the Microsoft certifications are available in multiple languages. One can take the exam in various languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and basic Chinese.

How long is the certification valid?

The validity of this certification is for a lifetime. Hence, once you have earned this certification, you do not need to worry about retaking this exam. You shall then become a Microsoft certified professional for life.

What is the pattern of the exam?

This exam has only Multiple-Choice Questions.

What are the eligibility criteria for the exam?

Microsoft has set no basic eligibility parameters for this certification. Both beginners, as well as trained professionals, can go for this exam.

What is the syllabus for this certification?

The AZ 900 certification is broadly divided into four major parts:

  • Describe cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Describe core Azure services (30-35%)
  • Security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25-30%)
  • Azure pricing Service Level Agreements, and Lifecycles (20-25%)

The above percentages indicate the percentage of questions you may expect from each section. So, for example, you shall expect 15-20% of questions to come from the first section, that is, “Describe cloud concepts.”

What is the pass mark?

The total marks are 1000 for this exam. Out of this, you can pass the exam if you score 700 or more.

How to take the test?

Once you have completed the Microsoft certification training and are confident about your preparation, you must schedule the test online. In pre-COVID times one had to take the exam by visiting the test center. But now, you can easily take the exam online. 

On successful completion and passing the said exam, the following message shall appear on your screen:

“Congratulations on passing Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.”

How to prepare for this exam?

Many Microsoft Online courses are available to help you prepare for this exam. Multiple institutions provide structured training programs that shall help you in your quest.

Azure AZ 900 has gained widespread popularity among the many Microsoft Certification courses since it is an introductory course and usually forms the base for further certifications. So, whether you are looking at your future career path as a security engineer, software architect, or administrator, this certification shall go a long way in boosting your career.

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