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Heat Exhaustion: Tips To Protect Yourself From Heat-Related Problems

Heat exhaustion is one of the common problems faced by people during the summer season. High temperature and extreme levels of humidity can lead to heat exhaustion. If left untreated, then heat exhaustion can immediately transform into heatstroke.

When the core body temperature reaches 104F, then this situation is life-threatening. Heatstroke needs immediate medical attention. Otherwise, it can lead to severe damage to your brain and other important organs of your body. Some of the top tips to prevent yourself from heat exhaustion are described below:

Stay At Cool Zone

You should take it easy during the hot summer days, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Also, you should avoid doing strenuous activities during the hot summer season. If it is not necessary, then avoid going outside and relaxing inside the cool home.

Keep the indoor temperature cool and comfortable by turning on air conditioners. Regular maintenance of AC is important to avoid the breakdown of AC on a hot sunny day. Thus, you should call a professional such as ducted air conditioning Sydney before starting the summer season.

Protect From Harmful Sun Rays

Sunburn can severely affect your body and skin. Also, it can affect your body to cool itself. Therefore, it is necessary to apply sunscreen lotion before going outside. Also, wear wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and fully cover your body with clothes.  If possible, then stay inside the home and avoid going outside when the sun is high.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You should drink a huge volume of water and keep your body hydrated. During the hot summer season, our body produces too much sweat which leads to a loss of water from our body. To replenish the loss, you should drink plenty of water. By keeping your body hydrated, you can maintain the body’s cooling mechanism.

Precaution with Medication

You should be aware of various heat-related problems. You should take extra precautions and protect your body from adverse conditions.  Also, you should avoid taking those medicines that affect the hydration ability of your body and dissipate heat.

Do Not Leave Anyone In Parked Car

The temperature inside the parked car can rise quickly. Thus, you should not leave your baby in the parked car during the summer season. The parked car temperature can quickly rise 20 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few minutes. Thus, you should not leave inside the parked car, even just for a few minutes.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

You should choose loose-fitting, and perfect clothes for you. You should not wear too many clothes or ill-fitting clothes that make it difficult for your body to cool properly. Also, you should choose clothes made up of breathable fabric such as cotton. It will help in the evaporation of sweat which will leave a cooling effect on your body.

Do Exercise During Cooler Part Of Day

You should do exercise during the coolest part of the day like early morning or evening time. If it is difficult for you to join the gym, then you can start doing a workout at home. You need a few workout tools along with the air conditioning unit.

Make sure that your air conditioning system is working properly. Call the professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors for the maintenance of your AC unit.

Get Acclimated

You should not do strenuous workouts during the summer. Also, limit the time you have spent working in the heated ambiance. People who are not habitual of living in hot weather are susceptible to heat-related problems. It takes too much time for your body to adjust to the hot weather. The highly susceptible people should stay inside in the hot weather.

Be Cautious

You should be very cautious if you are living in an area where the atmospheric temperature reaches a very high level. If you take medicines, then you must stay away from high temperatures and stay inside the cool home. Moreover, people who have already suffered heat-related problems should always stay cautious.

If you observe the symptoms of overheating, then you should act quickly. You should also be aware of the medical services available in your area during a heat emergency so that you can easily approach these. 

Final Words

Heat-related problems should not be taken lightly. Sometimes, even a small problem can lead to a fatal condition. Thus, you should be aware of these kinds of problems and know the right ways to protect yourself. The above-mentioned tips and tricks are very helpful for protecting you from heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke.

Along with keeping your body hydrated, you should also start eating seasonal fruits and vegetables that provide energy to your body to fight against the heat.

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