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How to Study English for Competitive Exams?

We all know a throng of candidates gathers in examination halls every year to attempt the competitive exams. Nevertheless, only a fistful of them are able to sail through exams and secure a lucrative government job. Well, do you know what’s the reason behind it? It is because a maximum of candidates break their back to study effectively for quants and reasoning ability. But, they hardly devote time to study for the English section. Believe it or not, English is the most scoring section of the exam. You just need to abide by smart tactics to study for the exam. If you are searching for excellent ways to study for the English section, then this article is for you. Read this article scrupulously to know some true and tried ways to study for the English section of the exam.

Do you have any idea how to prepare properly for the English section? Are you going to read the regular grammar books? Or are you planning to go through the 10th and 12th class English books? No doubt, you will find many relevant English books in the market to prepare for the exam. Well, you can study English under the guidance of a nonpareil source. So, are you studying vigorously for the bank exam? If yes, then enroll yourself in an institute that can provide perfect bank coaching in Jalandhar. Also, you can adhere to the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

To amp up your preparation for the English section, we are providing you with some easy tips and tricks:

We will provide you with a set of rules and guidelines to study English. So, make sure you follow the given tips wholeheartedly while preparing for the exams. 

  • Invest your time in reading 

Reading is a great way to prepare for competitive exams. It is advisable to read an inspirational book when you start exam preparation. When you start reading a book, keep a pen and notebook with you. Write all difficult words in the notebook along with its meaning. Also, write synonyms and antonyms of those words along with it. For sure you will learn many new words while reading the book. Additionally, you will learn many grammar rules while reading a book. Reading books also helps in enhancing your creativity and gives you a different perspective to see the world. 

  • Learn more words and their usage 

No doubt, learning new words is imperative if you want to improve your vocabulary. Well, learning new words in English is not enough. You need to learn its usage as well. So, make sure you write at least 5 sentences from each word. This is how you can have a clear understanding of new words you learn. Also, make sure you use new words in your communication. This is how you can retain new words in your mind for a long period of time. 

  • Write blogs regularly 

The best way to learn English grammar is by writing blogs regularly. New words you learn daily can be used while writing blogs for a website. When you start writing blogs, make sure you are creative. It is advisable to write at least one blog in a day. Let us tell you it will take only an hour. While writing a blog, make sure you are writing in an easy language. Also, your blog should be impressive enough to generate traffic for your website. Thus, while preparing for the English section, you can become a creative writer as well. 

  • Watch some english movies 

Watching english mvies is fun for sure. Well, you can turn this fun into learning english. It is not important to have spare time especially for watching english movies. Instead, you can choose to watch a movie during weekends. It can aid in rejuvenating your mind. Also, you will learn English in the most interesting way. There are chances that it can get extremely hard to understand English while watching a movie. Thus, you can turn on subtitles while watching a movie. It can help you understand the movie in a much better way. 

  • Download an app on your phone 

We all own a smartphone. So, why not use it in the best possible way? There are many relevant apps that can help you prepare for the English section. You can learn grammar rules in the easiest way possible. Also, these apps will provide you with daily quizzes that can help you brush up on your knowledge. Some of the apps you can download on your smartphone are:

  1. MakeMyExam.
  2. GradeUp.
  3. Testbook.
  4. Udemy

These apps can actually help you put your efforts in the right direction to study for the English section. However, make sure your phone is free from social media apps. These apps can falter your focus while studying with the help of your phone. 

  • Focus on clearing your basics 

Clearing your basics is actually important while preparing for competitive exams. Note that you can’t cram grammar rules. It is very important to have in-depth knowledge of grammar rules. This is how you can solve the tricky questions of the exam. Well, you can seek help from a reliable source to study properly for the English section. So, make sure you have your basics clear before attempting the exam. This is how you can ace competitive exam preparation. 

  • Read an english newspaper daily 

An English newspaper is a good source to learn vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, you will shoot two sparrows with a single stone by reading the newspaper daily. You will get updated with current affairs as well as improve your english. So, make sure you invest at least an hour reading a newspaper. For sure it can polish your English and keep you updated with current affairs. There are many reliable newspapers you can follow such as Tribune, Hindustan Times, The Economic times, etc. 

  • Start your day by listening to an inspirational podcast 

Listening to an English podcast is a great way to improve your english. Well, the best way is to start your day by listening to a motivational podcast in english. This way you can lift your mood and keep yourself positive for the whole day. It will take only 10 minutes at the beginning of your day. So, lend your ears to some motivational podcasts and see how your life changes magically.

Do you want to score good marks in the English section of the SSC CGL exams? If yes, then start studying for the exam with the help of an ideal source that can provide SSC coaching.


These are some of the brilliant tips you can follow to prepare for the English section of competitive exams. So, start studying for the exam by sticking to the above-said tips and tricks. Also, make sure you have a positive attitude when you start studying for the competitive exam. An optimistic mindset can aid in the best exam preparation. Also, you can perform excellently in the exam.

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