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Best Part-Time Job Opportunities for UK-Based Students

You should be aware that freelancing is not allowed while an international student studying in the UK. You can only work in the nation in positions that are both stated in your immigration paperwork and approved by the state. Additionally, you are not allowed to operate your own private entertainment business or play professional sports (such as a coach or professional athlete).

There are many students who find it difficult to manage their studies with a part-time job. Even when they have a holiday, they have to complete loads of assignment tasks. To make this hectic trip less stressful for them, My Assignment Expert has made it quite easy for them. Now students can order their management assignment help the UK with just a click of a button.

Speak with an immigration specialist if you’re unsure of what Part-Time Jobs in the UK you can take on. Consult your university’s guidance counsellors as well. Knowing your rights and obligations while you’re on a student visa can seriously affect your future.

Here are four well-paying part-time jobs that overseas students can do in the UK in addition to earning an hourly wage.

The UK offers part-time employment to international students.

Part-Time Employment in the UK

Are social interactions something you relish? If you fit this description, working as a server can be an excellent choice for you. There are many serving positions available in the UK, whether they be at a student-run restaurant or a classic British pub. This is a fantastic chance to put your new English language learning skills into practise.

In addition to your income, you might earn tips. Expect little because tipping is less common in the UK than it is in North America.

Student Ambassador

Would you be willing to talk to potential students about your experience to help them decide whether or not to attend the school? If so, you might want to think about avcılar escort serving as a university ambassador.

Depending on the university, this position’s pay may vary. In order to reflect their brand and campus diversity, universities usually look for international students to take part in social media live chats with other international students.

Over the summer or after graduation, you might be able to find work that pays you to promote the university.


Tutoring might be a fantastic choice if you want to change the world. You might tutor children, teenagers, college students, or those with special education needs, depending on where you work (SEN). It’s important for undergraduates to be aware that certain employers demand that tutors hold a bachelor’s degree in the subject they are teaching.

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Last but not least, and perhaps most significantly, finding a part-time teaching job that pays well is a terrific method to augment your income while working a part-time job.

Assistant Professor

In the UK, postgraduate students can work either full- or part-time as graduate research assistants. Helping academics and/or senior researchers is a key duty of this post.

You will be expected to conduct research and experiments that will enhance your field of study as a graduate research assistant.

Hotel Receptionist

Do you wish to interact with people from different countries? Why not work in the hotel industry if such is the case? As a hotel receptionist, you may improve your communication and customer service abilities. Large hotel chains also commonly offer top-notch employee benefits, such reduced hotel rates in many different places. For college students who like to travel on a budget, it’s the perfect employment.


If you appreciate rising early and giving service to others, becoming a barista may be the perfect job for you. Additionally, you’ll get to create a selection of delicious cocktails. You’ll also pick up a lot of knowledge about coffee.

Dog Walker

Somebody who walks dogs (dog walker)

A wonderful choice if you’re seeking for more leisurely Part-Time Jobs in the UK is to start walking dogs.

Dog walking can help with loneliness reduction and daily exercise. Cortisol levels are said to drop when people are around dogs, according to study.

Assisting the librarian

Become a library assistant at your local institution or a nearby library if you’re an international student in the UK searching for part-time employment.

You will be in charge of answering any queries that clients may have. This involves applying for library cards, browsing the library’s online catalogue, and locating specific sections. You can be asked to fix malfunctioning computers and printers in the library while you’re at work.

The majority of your time will be spent working with other librarians and the circulation supervisor at the library’s circulation desk.


When seeking for job in the UK, having a second language on your resume can make you stand out from the competition. In the UK, there are many fantastic part-time jobs accessible, such as interpreting. Your language abilities will stay current by working as a translator for any kind of content, including articles, research, marketing materials, and company websites.

Although it may not be your primary profession, translation can be a successful side business.

Employee of Customer Service

Pay scale: £9.76 to £10.03 per hour

Oh my, the customer service. the typical place where students live when they want to complement their maintenance loans. It’s understandable why it’s so well-liked given the hourly rate of roughly £10.

Depending on the capacity you wind up in, your hours will change. You may offer support over the phone, by email, or in person. Having solid people skills will be helpful because, regardless of the media, you’ll probably be helping consumers with refunds or other concerns.

Picker Packer

Pay scale: £9.98 to £10.45 per hour

Picker-packer jobs entail choosing products from shelves and packing them for shipping. Other duties include labelling boxes and stocking shelves, and it is often done in retail or wholesale warehouses.

It’s possible that you’ll need to lift weighty items and pay strict attention to detail. A key talent to have on your CV is the ability to operate in a fast-paced workplace, which you will learn how to do.

How should I go about looking for a job?

Although it takes persistence and diligence to get work in the UK, there are many resources that can be used to your advantage. Visit the career centre at your university for help with crafting your résumé and getting ready for interviews. A job board should also be accessible for searching. There are thousands of entry-level job advertisements on websites like StudentJob.com, Indeed.com, and SavetheStudent.com, in addition to graduate and PhD employment.

More jobs in your sector will be available in the UK once you graduate from college. International students can begin applying this summer for the Graduate route, which enables them to work in the UK for two to three years following graduation (or look for work).

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