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Tips to Boost Digital Marketing Strategy through Color Theory

Perhaps you were unaware, but your favorite brands use specific color combinations in their marketing and branding. May your favorite brand use colors in their digital marketing services to increase the value of their company.

They don’t deviate much from a few basic colors that they use. Consider how green and white are used in Starbucks’ marketing, branding, and logo, or how yellow and red are used in Macca’s. For internet marketing or social media marketing, these brands use the same colors across all digital channels.

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How Do Colors Affect Customers?

Customers’ emotions are influenced by various colors in different ways. Some can appear energetic and brave, while others appear healthy and serene, and some appear optimistic while others appear pessimistic.

Color According to extensive color research, color has the greatest impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions if they believe the color is appropriate for the brand. 90 percent of buyers make impulsive brand selections based on color, which is true.

Role And Tips Of Color Theory In Digital Marketing Strategy

Colors can be utilized in digital marketing to create emotions and levels of quality with your brand, in addition to aiding with conversions.

1.      Red:

The reason for this is the color’s vibrant, dynamic, and striking nature. It affects nerve impulses, heart rate, and blood pressure, inducing a sense of urgency, which is great for clearance sales.

2.      Yellow:

Yellow, like red, is a symbol of strength, but it also connotes danger. Use it to draw attention to your business and convey confidence: yellow is reserved for brands that are certain of themselves.

3.      Orange:

An energizing color! It’s adventurous and entertaining, and it’s a terrific way to get people’s attention. Use it in your digital marketing to see if your target audience is forward-thinking.

4.      Green:

Green is a secure pick for your digital marketing if your organization has any link to ecology or the environment. But green is linked with more than just that the color of money, making it a good choice for implying riches.

5.      Blue:

A pleasant and calming color that instills trust in your audience. Combine it with tones of tranquil, secondary hues for the finest results.

For Marketing, The Best Color Options

There is no such thing as the best marketing color. It all depends on the products and services offered by your brand. Colors can be used to sell your brand in such a way that it becomes ingrained in the thoughts of buyers.

The Google search engine, for example, uses four to five colors in its logo. Without the customer reading what’s written on it, colors should represent your brand image and items.

Use contrast to relieve eye strain and allow buyers to focus on the goods.

Color Digital Marketing Services Are Effective

The use of several contrasting hues assists the viewer in focusing on a specific page element. Bright colors can help your user feel more lively and efficient while promoting your goods, according to the following facts:

  • Customers buy things based on their aesthetic appearances 93% of the time.
  • Brand awareness rises by 80% when colors are used.
  • Blue is the color of choice for 35 percent of women and 57 percent of men when it comes to digital purchases.
  • Customers are more likely to read your advertisement if the color is appealing to them.
  • 52% of customers will not return to a store if the aesthetics are unappealing.


Brand awareness and retaining clients’ attention for as long as possible are important aspects of marketing. It does not necessitate the involvement of numerous designers. Understanding color psychology and putting it into practice will have a hugely beneficial impact on your company.


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