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2022 Guide for Smoke Shop Owners: Top 10 products they need in their smoke shops

2022 Guide for Smoke Shop Owners: Top 10 products they need in their smoke shops:

If this is your first time doing smoke shop business. Or,  You are buying cannabis or tobacco products for the first time, you should be well aware of products that your buyers will love to have in your shop.

Let’s jump into your buyer’s shoes and try to think if he is new to buying smoke shop supplies for what’s he might be thinking. He knows nothing about the products available in your smoke shop. So you need to explain to him about the products you have purchased for your shop from the smoke shop wholesale supplier.

Top Ten Products to buy from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor in the USA:

There are many options for you to buy from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor in the United States. These are the same products you need to understand for your smoke shop business and explain to your buyer who is new to smoking. Remember you can always seek guidance and advice from someone who works at a smoke shop wholesale supplier.

Since this is the first time for your buyer, He should not need to buy too powerful accessories or devices. In this case, keep him away from certain items such as Bongs and Dab rigs, which are more intense and complex to use.

For beginners, suggest simple and easy-to-use options like the vape pens are perfect for first-time use. If your customers are accustomed to the smoke shop, then you need to advise them to consider purchasing more complex parts such as dab rigs, bongs, bowls, and items that can give them a stronger height.

Take a look at some of the most popular smoke shop products you can find at The smoke shop wholesale Store Rhyno Supply for your next purchase online.

CBD e-Juice:

This is an accessory that isn’t as well known as the other items, but the CBD e-juice is essential for use with the Vapes Pen! Because this is one of the healthiest options for smoking and getting high, many people choose it to rest their lungs from constantly inhaling large amounts of smoke and harsh chemicals.

CBD juice can be used with cannabis like THC, or with CBD and other herbs to make it more versatile. In addition, you can use this CBD e-juice in public because there is no strong odor to warn others that you are smoking weeds or smoking dry herbs.

CBD juice can be used with a portable vaporizer. This is great when traveling, on the go, or visiting friends at home. It’s convenient to carry, so it’s perfect for people who enjoy smoking outdoors or smoking with friends.


Another popular option to buy at a local smoker’s store is Bongs, a great, fun, and intense way to get high at parties and friends’ homes. Bong is a staple of house parties and perfect for the living room, as it’s fun to share with friends, customize it to your liking, and offer it in funky shapes and colors. With different sizes and shapes, you can choose exactly the type of bongs that suits your needs from the smoke shop wholesale supplier.

Roll papers:

The third item you usually see in smokehouses is cigarette paper, which is the piece of the puzzle you need to use dried herbs and cannabis flowers. If you enjoy rolling your joints to smoke cannabis, rolling paper is the way to go. Some are made from hemp, others are made from wood pulp or rice straw, and you can choose the type of paper you want.


The fourth item to buy for your smoke shop is a pipe. This is a great alternative to using bongs or hand pipes. The whistle does not contain water, which makes it difficult to inhale, but it does give the user a clean and intense blow.


The next item you can buy at the Smoke Shop is the Bubbler. The bubbler is a portable version of the bong, so if you like pipes, bowls, or bongs, you’ll love the bubbler. This type of smoking process with a small water chamber provides a cleaner hit than a water-free smoking device.


For those who want to quit smoking or want to use a vape pen, e-cigarettes are the perfect solution t help slowly reduce your smoking habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of inhaling the harmful chemicals, toxins, and smoke that you get from cigarettes, inhale only the smoke that is good for your lungs and long-term health. Just like using a vape pen, you can use an e-cigarette with the push of a button.

Water pipes:

Although this is less common in the United States than in parts of Europe, shisha products are still popular smoke shops items to buy from wholesale smoke shop suppliers. Long devices have long handles that hold multiple hoses, mouthpieces, and shishas. Great for parties and socializing at shisha bars, shisha is a common social activity that involves smoking cigarettes and cannabis.

Dab rigs:

The Dab rigs contain several accessories that can be more complicated for beginners. Using a light dab rig, heat your nails with a flashlight to generate vapor and then inhale. Similar to the height obtained from advanced equipment such as Bongs, this height is intense and long-lasting.


Grinders are necessary for grinding the cannabis flower that you purchase into finer material to put into a bowl or a joint. These are also essential for breaking down the bigger chunks of cannabis flower into smaller parts that can be inhaled.

Vapes pen:

The last item you can buy from a smoking store is the vapes pen. Vape pens are easy to use, portable, stylish, and unobtrusive for use in public places. With controllable pit length, tasty high vapor pens, and a variety of flavors, it’s the perfect option for beginners.


If you are a new smoke shop owner or you are going to suggest any product to your first-time buyer, this guide will help you.

It is also very important that you understand the importance of buying wholesale smoke shop supplies from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor. This helps you to keep informed about the latest products available and obtain them at wholesale prices with a huge margin. Above all, it provides you with the opportunity to seek business advice from the wholesale smoke shop supplier.

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