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5 Top-Notch Branding & Design Blogs

Consider Apple’s logo design from 1990 for a moment. It was a vibrantly colored piece of fruit. Consider this: it’s still a piece of fruit, but it’s grown into a clean, sleek apple that, in some ways, epitomizes today’s design mentality. What is Designviva’s point? The world of design is continually evolving in subtle but significant ways. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite blogs for design inspiration and enlightenment to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest trends. 

Designviva has enlisted 5 Top-Notch Branding & Design Blogs.

Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting was founded in 2003 and has since become a go-to resource for all designers. The site remains operational, thanks to a highly engaged worldwide audience and contributor base. With such a large geographic scope, they have the authority to disseminate fascinating and unusual information such as this in-growler beer carbonation system and this Japanese wetsuit made of limestone.

Identity Designed

Identity Designed provides consumers fascinating insights about some of the world’s top brand identity initiatives, ranging from Bubble Tea to The Children’s Society. David Airey, the blog’s developer, distinguishes ID from other design blogs by focusing solely on brand identification.

The Dieline 

According to Designviva, The Dieline is perhaps most recognized for The Dieline Awards 2014. While looking for ideas, package production artist Andrew Gibbs began being booted out of stores for photographing things. He founded The Dieline so that other designers looking for inspiration may stay motivated, educated, and out of danger.

Brand new

Designviva thinks that Brand New provides in-depth evaluations of the most recent logo designs and identities, such as the rebranding of Porto, Portugal, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup logo design. The site also sponsors the annual Brand New Conference, which brings together designers from all around the world to share ideas.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love demonstrates that having an obvious name isn’t always a bad thing. The site just published Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, its second crash course in brand identity design. Designviva suggests you go through that! Their hand-picked designs include these classic Oregon Scout Badges and Made in Britain logo designs, which we like.

Here, Designviva has provided 7 tips to maintain top-notch brand consistency-

Determine who your target audience is. There are several resources available to help you determine who you’re truly targeting. Here are a few examples:

Google Analytics – If this isn’t already set up, talk to your site developer. This is useful for learning more about your website visitors. You may look up visitor demographics, geography, and a lot more.

Keyword search-Excellent for determining which keywords are utilized to describe your unique business.

Facebook insights-Use the insights tab on your company profile to learn more about your fans’ gender and age.

Examine your current branding materials.

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves, gather your team, and go through the resources you already have. Put them in folders so you can quickly find them as you go. You’ll need to have a look at everything:

Instruments for internal communication

Tools for external marketing

Tools for the sales cycle

Any tools for support or retention

Examine your brand’s messaging and visual language.

In the following ways, reviewing your brand messaging and visual language will help you maintain your brand consistent:

Ascertain that you have the appropriate brand assets for your target demographic.

Create a framework for all future brand materials.

Be drawn into a set of simple brand standards.

Remove any discrepancies.

Is there any message or visual identity inconsistency? If this is the case, don’t be hesitant to throw items out, just like you would in a normal garage clean-up.

Make a note of any discrepancies so that you can amend these items shortly. Be courageous. You must be ruthless. Keep the larger picture in mind.

Create powerful and easily shared brand design guidelines.

This is the point at which you may make your guidelines a bit more interactive. Designviva suggests to consider building a website with easily accessible information, descriptions, do’s, and don’ts. We’ve found that they are far more shareable, easier to discover, and engaging than a pdf.

Create an approvals design procedure.

Yes! Why shouldn’t you be pleased with your new brand guidelines? They are visually appealing and convey all of the necessary messages. But how can you know whether they’re being used? Setting up an approvals procedure for all-new designs like logo design and communication materials is one option. Here are some tools you might utilize and please keep in mind that we have our approvals mechanism and have not used any of these.

Make use of a brand management system.

This is a great one. And, to be quite honest, this is the entire basis for our company’s existence. Without this, there is no meaningful method (in our opinion) to maintain and maintain brand consistency. A brand management system allows you to centralize all of your brand assets, such as photos, content, logo designs, guidelines, processes, and approvals. Of course, we would always recommend Meadow, our flagship Brand Meadow product that enables your team to effortlessly develop, modify, and approve on-brand marketing materials without the need for a designer, no matter where they are. Designviva says that you may also save photographs, send social media postings, and track the progress of your creations. However, depending on what you’re looking for, there are others on the market.

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