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Major Challenges Faced By a Healthcare BPO Company in USA With Contact Tracing

Most adults in the United States acknowledge the importance of Contact Tracing services to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further. However, there continues to be a segment of people who aren’t willing to fully engage with public health departments. This has only made the job of Contact Tracing Services call center even more challenging. Despite the efforts of healthcare bpo providers to educate the people about the necessity of Contact Tracing services, there continue to be several challenges for these services.

The recent outbreak of the Omicron variant has only added to the already prevalent challenges. This is primarily because the new variant spreads quicker and much more easily while also displaying lesser identifiable symptoms. Complicating matters is the fact that previous vaccinations have not proven to be very effective for the Omicron variant in several cases. People who have taken the requisite two dosages of the vaccines have also reported fresh infections due to the new variant.

Some Common Issues A Healthcare BPO Company in USA Have To Overcome

While a lack of cooperation from some population segments may be hindering the Contact Tracing efforts of healthcare services providers, the reasons are quite varied. Some of these reasons include:

  • Unwillingness to divulge information to private Contact Tracing call centers

Most public health departments and healthcare providers do not have the necessary infrastructure in-house to conduct efficient and effective Contact Tracing services. Hence, it is obvious that they have turned to Healthcare Contact Center Outsourcing for this purpose. This has, however, led to mistrust in the common public as to the authenticity of these Contact Tracing services. Many people are unwilling to share private information with third-party contact centers despite having the necessary authentications for the job.

In addition, people also find it difficult to trust an unknown voice on the phone from unknown sources. Public health departments and healthcare providers have to do alot to promote specific numbers and email addresses using which these interactions are made. However, the common people continued to take time before being able to trust these sources.

  • New and upcoming scams

Fraudulent companies and mischievous parties have always targeted adversities as an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting people. Many such deceitful callers have mirrored the Contact Tracing services of a reputed Healthcare BPO Company in USA to scam people. They usually target unsuspecting people to steal their money and valuable personal information.

Public health departments and healthcare providers have been working hard to raise awareness about such fraudulent activities. However, this has also caused people to be wary of any calls or text messages they receive on the subject. This increasing mistrust has become a major stumbling block for authentic Contact Tracing call centers to carry out their functions. People are usually reluctant to cooperate with these BPO in fear that they too may be attempting to run a scam.

  • Unwillingness to share location updates

In order for Contact Tracing to be successful, the Contact Tracing Services call center needs to have access to current location updates. This allows the contact center to be aware of the whereabouts of the COVID-infected people. In addition, this also helps the contact center to determine all possible people who may have had physical contact with the infected person. This is determined by identifying the people present at the current location pinged by the infected person’s phone. The contact center would then acquire the contact information of those people to indulge in forward and backward contact tracing. The call center would also help them with isolation guidelines and quarantine support.

However, most people are not open to sharing their phone GPS locations with Contact Tracing call centers. This makes it more challenging for the call centers to determine the whereabouts of an infected person. In such cases, the contact centers have to rely solely on the word of the COVID-infected patient. This can often serve as a hindrance if the infected person is not openly honest about their whereabouts.

Unwillingness to fully comply with isolation guidelines

In most cases, people agree to comply with isolation guidelines and stay in the requisite quarantine. People are often willing to listen to the Contact Tracing agents from a Healthcare BPO Company in USA when they are informed that they may be COVID-positive.

However, the generic quarantine period in most places in the United States is 14 days. This duration has often proven to be too much for several people to stay locked indoors. It has often been seen that despite agreeing with health officials regarding the quarantine period, people have flaunted isolation guidelines and traveled outdoors. This has not only hampered Contact Tracing efforts of the public health departments and healthcare providers but also endangered others around these infected patients. Contact Tracing call centers, through their quarantine support, have tried to make things easier for the public. However, people have ignored the efforts of these Contact Tracing practices on several occasions.

How Can Contact Tracing Call Centers Overcome These Challenges?

Public health departments and healthcare providers need to understand the current predicament of Contact Tracing call centers before they engage in Healthcare Contact Center Outsourcing. It won’t be enough to hire a contact center and give them the public health data to contact COVID-positive patients. It also indulge in forwards and backward Contact Tracing practices. Healthcare providers must also engage in activities to promote the Contact Tracing call centers and raise awareness about the services.

At the same time, Healthcare BPO companies in the USA must also put safety measures to ensure patient data security. Simultaneously, they must also indulge in the appropriate verification processes to secure personal data. This will also indicate to the customers that the Contact Tracing calls and other interactions are being made from a genuine source. Customers will then trust these interactions from a Healthcare BPO Company in USA more easily, which will only ensure better cooperation.

Assurance From Healthcare BPO Services Provider

In addition, healthcare service providers must also provide proper assurances to the public regarding the safety of their records. They can do this by engaging Contact Tracing call centers that have proper certifications and industry accreditations. Healthcare providers must ensure that they only hire call centers that have HIPAA-compliant practices. It should also follow all local, national, and international healthcare regulations. This will assure the customers about the authenticity of the Contact Tracing call centers. At the same time, they will also help healthcare businesses protect their customers’ data from security leaks.

In the end, healthcare service providers have to ensure efficient and effective Contact Tracing for the public. This will help to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading and causing any more damage than it already has. However, through efficient cooperation with a top Healthcare BPO Company in the USA. These major challenges can be easily overcome. This will also ensure total success for the Contact Tracing efforts of healthcare businesses and public health department.

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