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Some Ways To Get More Out Of Your Instagram Stories

Some Ways To Get More Out Of Your Instagram Stories


When Instagram Stories was first released, there was a consensus that it was not a good idea. Snapchat was a clear leader in the market for live video at the moment and was being followed by the majority of users.(You also buy facebook followers uk) In November of 2017, Instagram Stories had reached 300 million active users per day, and users who were younger than 25 spent more than 32 mins every day on the social network.



Brands were moving their operations to Instagram for various reasons, the majority of which was due to having already established a substantial following on the platform, rather than needing to establish a brand new audience on Snapchat. The new features came out every couple of months, with the features of particular interest for brands due to their advertising possibilities, CTA integration within stories, and the capability to include other users and brands right in the video. When the live video came onto the market, Instagram had truly set and executed its strategy tailored to companies that wanted to connect with their followers.



As a business, You may wonder what you can do to get the most from your Instagram Stories. They can help you create more awareness and a greater interest in your business on the internet.


  1. Create Instagram Story Highlights

Let’s say you’ve got a fantastic video series to share on your latest Instagram Story. Before Instagram Story Highlights came around, You might be able to save it and possibly use the content again later. If you did not save the content, it would vanish within 24 hours and never be seen again. Amazing videos went in the flash of an eye!



Instagram Stories Highlights were made available in December of last year, which is a collection of your favorite Instagram Stories. They appear as an icon to your profile under the “Highlights” tray, under the regular story tray, and Instagram bio.



To create a Stories Highlight, you can do the following:


Go to your Instagram profile, and you’ll find a “Highlights” section underneath your Instagram Bio.


The first column of Highlights should read “New.” Click here to open this.


You’ll be directed to your archives of stories, from which you will be able to select what stories you want to include in your initial Stories Highlight group.




A tip to follow when making Highlights is to ensure that the highlight has a simple and uncluttered thematic. From the user’s perspective, it’s not a good idea to browse through numerous highlights to locate one that is interesting.



Think about designing a “New merchandise!” Highlight. You might want to include a “Day In The Life Of Our Chef” Highlight for restaurants.




  1. Knowledge, education, and tutorials will draw your audience

Utilizing your social media accounts to inform your followers is helpful and fun and helps to increase the number of people who follow your accounts. Tips and tricks, tutorials, and other tips are excellent approaches to achieve this.


Click here


Think about how you decide to follow your preferred accounts. There is a good chance that you are a fan of the brands you follow or gain satisfaction from the content on their Instagram profiles. Making sure you include tutorials, education, and expertise will establish your brand as an authority in your industry and grow your followers.




  1. Connect to different accounts like influencers or partners



Mainly if you are working with brand ambassadors or influencers, Linking to other accounts could help boost your visibility on Instagram.



Users scrolling through Instagram Stories can often move into other stories on their accounts. Please take note of the statistics we shared with you when we began this blog: users less than 25 years old are spending more than 32 minutes per day daily on Instagram. Sharing other accounts in your Stories is not just an act of goodwill, but it could also bring you back when other accounts follow suit.




  1. Make the most of all features


Instagram Stories has so many features you can make use of, such as filters to text and the pen tool for places and polls in between.



Engage your followers by making use of the tools available to you. We particularly love the integration of polls into your Stories. It’s an excellent way to create interest. Make a poll, assess the response, and use the information to guide your marketing decisions.




  1. Stop with CTA CTA



If you’re investing your time into creating an Instagram account, that implies that you’re investing money, and the time you spend is money! In Instagram, as with any other social network, it’s crucial to earn a profit and generate a return by investing the investment of time (and cash!) investment.



CTAs are an excellent way to boost traffic and increase awareness of your products or services. For instance, you can boost website traffic by encouraging users to click (if there are 10,000 Instagram followers). If you don’t have 10,000 followers already, you could alter the link within the Instagram bio to function as a CTA while you wait. You might want to encourage the Instagram Story viewers to visit the link on your Instagram bio to find out more about your products or services.



CTAs provide a great chance to get customers to connect in a meaningful way with the brand. Make the most of this chance.


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Instagram Stories provides plenty of chances to update your followers with your daily actions that relate to the business you run. In addition, it can bring your followers greater meaning and help create more interest and a stronger connection to your audience. When you create the new Instagram Story, think about whether it will engage my followers while achieving my business goals?

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