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Why Do You Need To Redesign Your Brand Logo

The most important element, a logo is the identity of any brand. Apart from its name, a logo is the one that sets a brand apart and helps people to recognize it. Not only that, if designed in the right way, a professional logo design company in USA helps to visualize a brand’s morals, values and visions. 

For a client it is important to refine their logo design to spark freshness to their most important asset. If you too are thinking about updating your logo, you are at the right place to gather all the important information you will be delighted to know about.


Why should you update your logo?

It is a challenging task to create the perfect logo that speaks the right words for a brand if you are getting it developed for the first time. If you think your logo does not align to the vision of your brand, you should consider it getting redesigned. Professional Logo Design Company in USA gives the opportunity to brands to make their logo more powerful especially if their current one is not doing a great job. 


There are many reason why redesigning a logo is an optimal solution, some of them are:

  • Your logo is too old:

    you might have fallen in love with your current logo when you started your business. But now you find it dull or irrelevant. If you are thinking your logo looks old, then your customers might be thinking the same. Some design elements such as gradients,  italicized fonts, and bubble letters which are not being used in the modern logos and the logos consisting them are considered outdated. If your logo has them too, it is clear that you really need to redesign your logo and also obvious that you need to have a good creative logo design which helps you boost your market space.

  • Your logo is very complex:

    logos with a complex design, too much  detail or gradient often miss their mark in being memorable. Not only that, they look horrendous when used on digitals networks in place of profile pictures and ads. Modern designs are all about simplicity. If you have noticed, most renowned companies have redesigned their logos and made them simpler. This is because simpler logos retain longer in the memory. While complex logos just create confusion and if there is a lot of detailing involved, they are more likely to give out a wrong message to your customers. Hence, it is best to make your logo design as simple as possible because most experts claim that simpler logos are the most memorable. 

  • Change in brand’s vision:

    There are huge chances of having big changes in the vision of your brand as well. This is something very normal. All brands grow and evolve drastically over time. As new products, services are launched and company missions are introduced. In addition, mergers also take place. And your old logo may not be a great help to reflect the best of the new changes that your company celebrates the most.Your customers are the new generation with a more contemporary way of thinking and you surely do not want to lose the opportunity to target them. Hence, redesign your logo in a way that it becomes appealing to people of all ages, especially the ones you want to target.

  • To show that you are actively working on your brand:

    consumers want to feel like the company they are choosing is up to date. Working on the image (logo) of your company reflects that you are equipped with all the contemporary equipment and intelligence and are able to provide better quality products or services. This draws consumers more towards you because they believe a betterment in the logo indicates a betterment in the products.

  • To give an edge to your competitors:

    just like how you have thought you need to redesign your logo, there are high chances that your competitors have already done it or are about to do it too. If most of your competitors have upgraded their logos and you haven’t done it yet, then you are giving them an easy lead.This would impact you when your customers will compare your brand with your competitors and choose them over your for them being more modern and updated and associating this quality in their products or services as well. 

  • To take leverage of online platforms:

    in this digital era, if you truly want to levitate your marketing to the next level, online digital platforms are the best help. But online usage across many social media outlets changes overtime, which requires flexibility in a logo design. Hence, for that you need some variations in your logo design that enables it to fit into all the online platforms effectively.


When should you update your logo?

If you are considering redesigning your logo, it is best to first carefully plan your requirements so that you don’t have to update it again and again.  As that would give people a hard time to recognize your logo. In addition to that, it will also make your brand look inconsistent which is highly unprofessional and impacts a brand negatively. 


The key points to remember while redesigning your logo


  • Go timeless:

    your brand and your customers will keep on evolving. It is best to not limit your designs to a certain era or time and make it workable forever. As said before, frequently updating a logo makes it harder for the people to recognize the brand by looking at the logo. Also, it makes a brand look inconsistent. Thus effectively plan and then redesign your logo so that it stays strong for the next 10-15 years.

  • Keep it simple:

    as stated above, complexity kills the worth of your logo. It makes it confusing and conveys the wrong message. So, make sure to keep your logo design a simpler one as the simpler your logo will be the longer it will reside in the memory of your customers.

  • Do not infuse any trends:

    infusing trends into a logo limits it to a certain period. But how long do trends last? A couple of weeks or maybe a month but not more than that. Trends fade away sooner or later, but this should not happen to your logo design as your brand is here to stay for long.

  • Make it easily scalable:

    today, logos are being used on various online platforms. For that they should be able to fit perfectly on all types of digital platforms without losing the important details. Hence, while designing your logo make sure that it is easy to be scaled up or down depending upon the requirements.

Now that you know why you need to update your logo design and how you can do it. What are you waiting for? Start working on it today and introduce the world to the better version of your brand with the professional logo design company in USA.


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