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Biometric Residence Permit(BRP)-UK Visa

What are Biometric Residence Permits?

It is a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a type of identification that you get if you apply for a visa that will be longer than six months or if you extend an existing visa for more than six months.

There is no have to apply to get BRP. BRP and you will be granted one in the event that your immigration or visa application has been approved.

What do I Need to Know About the UK Biometric Residence Permits?

The UK Biometric Residence Permit is a method of identification that contains important information about the applicant.

The BRP comprises:

  • Name, birth date, and birthplace
  • Fingerprints, a picture of the individual
  • The status of the person’s immigration and any other conditions that affect the stay of the individual
  • The person has access to public funds, which includes health care services

It is the BRP that could be utilized to prove your identity, rights to work or study in the UK, and to access all benefits or public services you are entitled to.

If you’re seeking a visa within the UK the fee is PS19.20. If you’re applying outside of the UK The fee is included in the total application fee.

Who Will Get a Biometric Residence Card UK?

There is no need to be able to request a biometric residency permit on your own. In the event that your application for a visa requires biometric residence permits, you will be issued one by default (after you’ve provided your biometric details).

You will receive BRP BRP under the following conditions:

  • You are able to apply to be in the UK for a period longer than six months.
  • The visa is extended for more than six months
  • Visas can be transferred to an entirely new passport
  • You are a candidate to settle in the UK
  • You may also be eligible for a BRP in the event that you submit an application to specific Home Office travel documents.

If your BRP doesn’t include a National Insurance number printed on it. You’ll need to apply for a National Insurance Number if you do not have one. If you’re planning to start work or claim benefits, apply for a student loan, or pay voluntary class 3 National Insurance contributions.

How do I Provide Fingerprints and a Photograph?

In an application for a visa, it is likely that you will be asked to submit fingerprints and a photo which is your biometrics. It is necessary to:

  • Take a digital picture of your face
  • Place your fingers onto a glass screen to take your fingerprints
  • Please sign your name (or give a reason as to why you can’t)


The visit is a short one that lasts no more than five minutes. It is not necessary to remove your head covering in the event that you wear one for medical or religious reasons.

What information you give will depend on the specifics of the visa application. If you’re applying from outside of the UK the applicant are required to visit an official visa application center.

If you’re applying within the UK typically, you’ll be required to give your information on one of the following:

  • A UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) service point
  • The Service and Support Center (SSC)
  • The branch of the Post Office. Post Office branch

Be aware that if you’re seeking in order to prolong your stay or change to a different visa you must be within the UK to submit your biometric details. For more detail Visit.

Getting your Residence Permit With UK Application.

If the application was submitted in the UK the biometric permit to reside in the UK will be delivered to you by an express courier. Most likely you’ll receive it within 7-10 days after receiving the confirmation letter sent by the Home Office (as long as you’ve been granted permission to stay within your home country of the UK).

Biometric Residence Permits will be delivered to the address you specified when you submitted your form. If you wish to have your BRP to be delivered to a different address, you are able to request this on your application.

If your BRP doesn’t arrive within 10 days after receiving the decision letter, you must report it online.

You’ll have to supply the following details:

  • Name, your date of birth, and your nationality
  • A postal address or email address
  • Your decision letter

Once you’ve reported this information, the Home Office will email you within 5 days giving you advice on what you must do.

You can also designate someone else to notify that your biometric residence permit hasn’t arrived for example, an attorney or volunteer for a charity.

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