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10 reasons to use a management tool for your social networks

Social media is now an integral part of the digital strategy of companies. However, it can be tedious to carry out your content strategy on several social media and animate all its communities. A social media management tool makes things easier for you and saves you time, but that’s not all! Let’s discover together the other reasons to use a management tool.

Reason #1: You save time

There is more and more information to filter every day, and it has become essential for most companies to be present on several social media at the same time. This translates into a huge workload, especially if you don’t have a management tool. You will save time by managing your social media from a social media management tool. With Hootsuite, for example, you can manage message feeds from multiple platforms through a single interface. You can also publish on several social media simultaneously, plan, respond to messages and mentions, analyze, and all this with just a few clicks on a single screen!


Reason #2: You can manage and schedule your content

Plan with the content calendar

A content calendar is a tool that allows you, over a given period, to organize your publications, define what content should be produced and published, and where and with whom it will be shared. For example, although social media generally involves having to surf the news in real-time, it is sometimes very useful to be able to plan certain publications, such as the highlights of your company (holidays, birthdays, the launch of a product, opening a store, etc.). On the other hand, a calendar allows multiple teams to align their content and collaborate to keep a guideline.

Manage your community content

With Hootsuite, you can easily manage your community content with a content library that allows you to store pre-designed messages and creative content, ready for your teams to publish. The content library is very useful for sharing content with certain teams, organizing it, and controlling what your teams share (official images or messages, local content, etc.)

Find content to share

Some management tools allow you to keep watch and find interesting content to share with your community. For example, Hootsuite has a content suggestion tool that suggests articles that may interest you based on keywords.

Communicate with the right people

Customize and share your posts based on your customers’ or prospects’ location, language, and demographics.

Reason #3: You stay tuned to your subscribers

Respond with one click

Regardless of region or division, everyone on your team can quickly respond to posts, mentions, and comments with a social media management tool.

Identify thought leaders and leads

Listen to the people important to your business. Create, import, and share lists of key opinion leaders and customers.

Save time with sample responses

Quickly answer the most frequently asked questions by setting up pre-approved answers – in line with your brand image – that you can reuse later. This is especially useful if you have customer service or if your content needs to be approved internally.

Reason #4: You keep watch

Some social media management tools allow you to perform strategic intelligence by following feeds by keywords or mentions. Brandwatch or UberVu is one of them and is excellent for tracking and identifying everything. That, you want to know about a specific keyword. For example, it is possible to create a feed with all the mentions of your brand to know. What the public is saying about you and respond to messages and requests (customer service). You can also listen to your competitors or your industry in general. Then, when you launch a campaign or promote an event. Using a dedicated hashtag, you can build a feed around that hashtag.

Reason #5: You can analyze fallout by creating reports

Once you have a social media marketing agency content strategy in place and have started posting and engaging with your community, you can analyze the impact by creating reports. The reporting data will depend on your goals: brand identity, traffic, and who you need to report to. It is possible to share and export these reports in different formats depending on the tool.

Reason #6: You hire your different teams

Integrate your teams into your social media management tool! The presence on social media is no longer only the fact of the marketing department: your customer service or human resources are departments that are also very engaged on social media. If the strategy of your international teams is not independent and depends on management and headquarters decisions, it is even essential to integrate these teams. They will publish local and global content that you can share directly with them.

Reason #8: More security on your social media

In terms of security, a social network management tool can be useful to help you manage certain crises or even prevent them. In addition, the more people authorized to access your various accounts, the greater the chances of missteps – which could have negative consequences for your brand image and lead to a crisis.

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Reason #9: You make your employees your brand ambassadors

Make your employees ambassadors for your company!

For example, with Healthcare Marketing Agency, it’s easy for your employees to securely share your content and expand your social reach. Engage your employees by keeping them connected and informed and reducing risk with pre-approved messages that can be shared directly to their various social networks.

Reason #10: You have dedicated and personalized support

Depending on the product you’re using and the social media management tool, you may have dedicated contact and training on the tool. Professionals will adapt the training and follow-up to your objectives and help you position yourself as a leader on social media. In addition, you will have an experienced person listening to guide you and give you advice based on your industry. This person will help you organize your teams and create your first research streams and reports if you are inexperienced. It will also encourage you to explore other areas of development. Finally, you will also be kept up to date with the latest advancements as they occur.

These numerous advantages should have convinced you to adopt a management tool. If not, I did my job badly! Do not hesitate to ask us questions or contact us if you want to know more.

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