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How Do I Fix a “Walking Washing Machine” and What Is It?

Are you dealing with a walking washing machine? Find out how to handle this typical appliance repair issue.

A “Walking” Washer is what?

A washing machine that starts to tremble during cycles is referred to as a “walking washer.”

The characteristic of the condition is a ferocious rattling that occurs during loads and is sometimes accompanied by loud “bangs” as wet garments hit the inside of the machine.

The following are the main problems with shaking machines:

  • Minor dangers to safety
  • Additional wash cycles
  • Increased use of energy
  • Accelerated machine wear

Reasons Why Washers Walk

Without the assistance of a washing machine repair service experts, it might be challenging to identify the reason for a noisy washing machine. Despite the seeming simplicity of washing machine repairs, attempting a DIY job could endanger your health by electrocuting you or severely damage your machine.

You might also be interested in these three do-it-yourself washer repairs before calling an appliance washing machine repair service in Pune.

If you decide to solve the issue on your own, start with the most typical causes:

Heavy, Unbalanced Loads

Unbalanced loads are the main reason why washers shake. When a washing machine is only partially loaded with laundry. The unbalanced weight distribution might cause the machine to shake erratically.

Unlevel Internal Settings

The wash drum may move during a move or a do-it-yourself repair. By mounting a simple level on top of the washer. You can check the settings inside. It is safe to presume that the internal drum has migrated from its original location. If the tool indicates that the top area of the machine is out of balance.

Uneven Ground or Feet

When a washing machine is set down on uneven ground, its “feet” move into odd places. Determine which side of the washer has moved higher or lower than the other using a level. To achieve this, reposition the machine such that the front “let” and locking nut are visible. Place the washer down, make a minor adjustment to the leg, then check the level again. This exam should not be attempted alone and requires the assistance of a second person.

A washing machine is a vital component of a household’s everyday life as one of the most often used equipment. Waiting for a walking washer to be fixed can lengthen washing times and increase water use. If the issue isn’t fixed, it can eventually cause more harm to your system.


Calling a reputable washing machine repair service is the recommended course of action, even though this problem can be fixed by a knowledgeable handyman. Contact the washing machine repairman to get your appliance serviced swiftly and safely.

When a washer shakes so ferociously that it frequently moves awkwardly back and forth, it is referred to as walking. Your washer employs high speed during the spin cycle to eliminate extra water from the clothes, and in the correct conditions, the clothing can strike the walls of the drum so forcefully that it produces this ferocious walking vibration. There are several reasons why this occurs, all of which are simple to fix.


The load being excessively heavy and/or unbalanced is the most frequent and benign cause of walking washers. When wet, washable objects don’t weigh the same. This means that if you are washing a few towels along with your clothing, which are heavier when wet, your washer may become unbalanced if they all migrate to one side. Often, stopping the cycle and redistributing those goods will solve this problem.


Your washer may wobble during the spin cycle if the floor underneath it or the feet on which the appliance is supported are uneven. Both problems, though, may be resolved in the same manner by adjusting the feet. The majority of washers include extendable or retractable feet that may be adjusted to produce a level workspace. While uneven flooring should eventually be rectified, you might be able to stop your washer from wandering by extending one foot.

Alternately, the feet occasionally get out of level after motion, so you must make sure they are in the proper position.


Your washer drum could have moved out of alignment after a particularly large load or if you overlooked the other causes of a wandering washer. If you level your washer after checking the legs and the floor and it is not level, the drum may have become out of alignment.

Contact the washing machine repair service in Pune to learn more about what appliances can do for you if you’re having trouble diagnosing your walking washer issue or if your appliances are exhibiting more significant issues.

Check the load in the washer

The load might easily become unbalanced if you load the washer with too many items. The washer may move about the room when the load is unbalanced because the tub doesn’t cycle in a perfect circle; instead, it cycles according to the load’s weight. To prevent the load from being unbalanced, avoid putting a big blanket in with other items. Balance the tub by redistributing the load.

Center the level on the top of the washer and move it from side to side

Make sure the bubble is between the two markings that signify level by checking the level and the bubble. The right side of the washer is too high if the bubble moves to the left. The left side is too high if the level moves to the right. Note the environment.

Take the level off and reposition it so that it goes from front to rear down the centre of the washer’s top. Verify the level of the bubble. If the level rushes to the front, the back is too high; if the bubble sits toward the back, the front is too high.

To adjust the back feet, pull the washer away from the wall

According to repair experts, you may remove the locking nut holding the foot in place by turning it counterclockwise with pliers. Place the pliers on the foot and crank them clockwise to elevate the washer and counterclockwise to lower it once they are free.

Repeat this motion with the washer’s two back feet. By putting the level side by side on the top of the washer closest to the rear feet, you can double-check the level of the back feet. If required, adjust the back feet. When the feet are level, tighten the locking nuts.

Make the front feet adjustments in the same way that you made the rear feet adjustments. After each adjustment, check the level again, and keep making changes until the washing machine is level.

After repositioning the washing machine, make sure it is level in all directions

Connect the device once again. Insert a fresh load and run it through a wash cycle once you are certain the machine is level at the front, rear, and sides to make sure the washer isn’t moving around the room any more.


According to Bharat Services, other issues can include a damaged suspension rod or worn-out shock absorbers. The shock absorbers of a washer are situated between the machine’s frame and the outer wash drum. They serve to dampen vibrations during a spin cycle, therefore replacement may be necessary if they stop working. For top-loading washing machines, the suspension rods serve the same purpose as shock absorbers. Over time, these rods may sag or fracture.

If you live in Pune, we advise consulting a seasoned washer repairman in Pune like Bharat Services to identify the problem.

Shivam Sunel

We frequently experience appliance failure in our daily lives. Although there are many service providers to pick from to deal with these issues, doing so could be difficult. Therefore, before you freak out, we advise you to look for the Best Fridge Repair Services. You don't need to go much further for the same. We're here to help you; we're Bharat Services.

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