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Payment Gateways – Which is the best payment gateway for high-risk businesses?

High-risk businesses include those that sell high-priced goods or services, as well as those that must adhere to federal and state laws and regulations. These are some of the industries that acquiring banks or processors perceive to be high-risk businesses.

The majority of processors avoid high-risk enterprises in general. Reputational risk, large chargebacks, and a big monthly sales volume are the reasons. As a result, obtaining merchant services for businesses in high-risk industries might be difficult. However, obtaining a high-risk payment gateway in the United States is not much difficult.

Everything is smooth and straightforward as long as eMerchantPro is there to assist firms in obtaining high-risk merchant services. We are working with processors from the United States, the European Union, and other nations to assist merchants from all over the world.

eMerchantPro is your one-stop-shop for all of your Merchant Services requirements. We can assist merchants with Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Processing , High-Risk Merchant Accounts , International Payment gateway and Offshore Payment gateway in complete United States. Our services are not limited; we can assist you with a wide range of issues.

How does a High-Risk payment gateway work?

High-Risk payment gateway’s principal function is to provide a safe, integral link between a website and a bank. When a consumer inputs payment information on a website, the high-risk payment gateway accepts it and sends it to the bank for approval.

The bank accepts this and responds with a decision – usually accepted or refused. The high-risk payment gateway then sends this information to the web server. Following the completion of this process, the customer will get the opportunity to examine the relevant message, whether it is a success or a failure.

Top 5 Payment Gateways for High-Risk Business in the US


The eMerchantPro is one of the fastest-growing names in the US market which offers superlative payment services especially e-commerce payment gatewayeMerchantPro specializes in placing high-risk businesses. It also works with a network of third-party processors and acquiring banks to get you accepted. To find out what the organization can provide you, you’ll need to get a pricing quote from them, although merchant feedback shows that their fees and rates are pretty affordable.

With cutting-edge technology and an extensive bank network, eMerchantPro features a wide range of services. They provide services such as real-time payment processing. In addition, they facilitate PCI compliance, 3D secure, recurring billing, enhanced fraud protection, and seamless integration.

Ideal for

  • Both small as well as large service-based industries.
  • Award-winning chargeback & fraud control.
  • PCI compliance
  • Seamless integration
  • Multi-currency checkout with e-commerce payment gateway
  • Approval rating 99%
  • Automated recurring invoicing
  • Responsive customer support


Authorize.net is a prominent payment gateway in the United States. It is suitable for small enterprises. Their payment gateway only solution is one of the cheapest payment gateways in the United States if you already have a merchant bank account. Authorize.net, which was founded in 1996, boasts a top-notch infrastructure and strong fraud protection features.

Authorize.net accepts all major credit cards from around the world, making it one of the finest payment gateways in the United States. It includes an account updater and an electronic check processor, making payment processing more convenient and adaptable. It is also widely used in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Ideal for

  • Accept all major cards
  • Advanced Fraud Protection System
  • Account Updater & e-check processing
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Recurring Billing


2Checkout, or 2CO, is another major payment gateway in the United States that was recently bought by VeriFone. VeriFone is a leader in commerce and payment solutions around the world. Both 2CO and VeriFone have the same goal in mind: to deliver simple and modern commerce solutions as well as to make payments as simple as possible. Both companies will benefit from the acquisition in terms of financial strength, scalability, relationships, resources, and market potential.

2CO’s payment gateway accepts payments from more than 200 countries and territories. It offers 45+ online and offline payment methods, depending on the plan you choose. 2checkOut can process payments in 100 currencies, in addition to supporting 29 languages.

Ideal for

  • Accepts Payments from 200 Countries/Territories
  • 30+ multi-language support
  • Support 100+ currencies for payment processing
  • Offers 45+ online/offline payment alternatives
  • Advanced Fraud protection and Management


PayKings specializes in providing payment services to high-risk merchants as a PSP registered in St. Petersburg. PayKings provides superior high-risk merchant services, allowing users with accounts to conveniently track single transactions or batch totals. Adult, vape & e-cigarettes, dating, guns, nutraceuticals, debt collection, and other businesses are all supported by PayKings.

Ideal for

  • Fraud protection
  • Flexible payment terminals
  • Manage business spend
  • Guarantee to top compliance standards
  • Support subscription businesses and
  • Approval rating up to 95%


PaySimple is a SaaS-based platform that specializes in payment solutions for Omni-channel enterprises. It’s ideal for businesses that wish to collect payments both online and in-store. They also accept all major credit cards and e-checks.

It can also maintain client profiles and automate invoicing with recurring billing.

Ideal for

  • Perfect for small service-based Enterprises
  • Simple to set up and activate
  • Good Customer Service
  • E-check processing & payment
  • No termination fees

How to apply for a High-Risk Payment Gateway?

An application for a High-Risk Payment Gateway is applied for in the same way as a basic processing account. A completed application, including supporting documentation, is sent.

The underwriter will examine all of the information provided in the application file to determine:

  1. Volumes of processing
  2. Management experience
  3. Average and high ticket volumes
  4. The fulfillment information includes shipping and returns policies.
  5. Bank statements to make sure you have adequate capital to handle any potential liabilities, such as fraud or chargebacks.
  6. The personal credit of Signer is excellent. Consider adding a co-signer with excellent credit to your application if your personal credit is poor.

Depending on your industry and target markets, international high-risk payment gateways may be a good option for you. In comparison to US bank acquirers, many international acquiring banks have more lenient underwriting criteria and greater tolerance for particular businesses.

However, with eMerchantPro you can instantly get High-Risk Payment Gateways for your High-Risk businesses. We have long-standing, trusted partnerships with acquiring banks in the United States and abroad. Your account advisor is knowledgeable in acquiring banks. He will also point you on the proper path if you need it.


For high-risk merchants, credit card processing can be difficult. The list of five reputable payment service providers, on the other hand, makes their lives easy.

To begin, choose a provider who meets your demands and has experience in your sector. Make certain that the pricing is reasonable (for example, eMerchantPro offers a transparent fee structure).

Second, keep in mind that preventing fraud and chargebacks is your main concern. As a result, the PSP will need to come up with a remedy. eMerchantPro, for example, has its own reliable fraud and chargeback protection software. As a result, all questionable activity has been brought under control. Most significantly, the third party will not be held liable.

Third, the PSP must have an international presence in order to assist you to reach a larger audience. It should also provide as many payment options as feasible. eMerchantPro distinguishes itself from other PSPs by offering a diverse range of traditional and alternative payment options, as well as global coverage.

It’s finally time to hear from you! For further information, please contact us.

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