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What Is a Modem? A Guide for Beginners

If you are using the internet for work or study, or to keep contact with your family members A modem is the most essential device within your network. Without the modem, you will not be capable of connecting to the internet. What exactly is a modem and iball 4G dongle? What exactly does it do? Here’s everything you should be aware of what a modem is, in the event that you require a modem and router, and whether you should purchase an individual modem.

What Is a Modem?

The term “modem” refers to a device which connects your local networks (LAN) with the wider areas network (WAN) commonly referred to as the Internet. Most modems connect via the phone line coaxial cable, a phone line, as well as optical fiber.

What Does a Modem Do?

The modem “modulates and demodulates” (or transforms) an analog signal coming from the internet provider (ISP) as well as the digital signal coming from the router or computer as well as other devices on the network so that you are able to access the web.

iball 4G modem can also correct data mistakes and regulate the flow and volume of data being transmitted to and out of your network.


There are many types of modems available, including traditional, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable as well as fiber optic. Although analog, ISDN, and DSL models utilize phones, cables utilize coaxial cables while fiber optic modes utilize plastic or glass strands that are the same thickness as human hair.

Analog and ISDN

Additionally, analog modems are extremely slow and can only handle speeds as high as 56 Kbps (kilobits per second). To speed up this process, ISDN was developed to allow up to three streams of data simultaneously. With ISDN you can achieve speeds of up to 128 Kbps. Two of these “dial-up” connections are rarely employed today.


DSL modems make use of phone lines to transfer data, but they operate at a different frequency, therefore, you can still make calls while you’re using the internet. With DSL you can enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps (megabits every second). However they are generally impossible, and your connection will be affected by the distance you’re physically from the ISP’s closest station. In general, DSL connections only reach speeds of 5-50 Mbps.


Cable modems are quicker and more robust than DSL. Cables can handle speeds of as high as one Gbps (gigabits every second) However, the majority of users will get between 25 and 200 Mbps.

 Although cable is more efficient than DSL, it’s more expensive and is not widely accessible in rural areas.

Fiber Optic

Although DSL and cable use electrical signals to transmit data, fiber optic works with light pulses. Although most ISPs offer only fiber optic plans that offer speeds that go up to 1 Gbps however. Companies can also get plans that offer speeds that go up to 10 Gbps. But, most customers can only enjoy speeds of 50 and 1,000 Mbps.

Do You Need a Modem and a Router?

You’ll need the router and a modem in order to utilize WiFi or connect more than one device. Because most modems have only one LAN Ethernet port and you are able to connect only one computer at a given time however, a modem will not offer the same security routers provide.

It is a device which allows multiple devices to connect to each other via networks. Many routers support multiple wired connections using Ethernet cables as well as wireless connections using WiFi. If you plug a router with your computer. It broadcasts information via radio signals to allow WiFi connectivity to a multitude of devices simultaneously.

A lot of ISPs currently offer their customers routers and modems or a combination device of a router and modem. While certain ISPs require that you make use of the equipment they offer. Most allow you to make use of your personal devices. If you are able to utilize your own devices. Using separate devices will give you more features and control than a device that is a combination.

Should You Buy Your Own Modem?

A modem that you own can increase the speed of your internet and help you save dollars in the end.

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