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Complete Guidelines | Karate Gi | Size Chart

We strive to guide you on how to measure Karate Uniform by providing you Size chart guide. Although after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the shopping is shifted online but buying clothes online can be tricky. While purchasing anything online, you cannot try anything and have no idea what will fit you. You cannot recognize the material even, whether the fabric is good quality and thick or thin. We have tried to provide you with enough details to help you select the correct uniform according to your choice—a handful of information for the beginners who are first-time purchasing, whether for kids or themselves. There are different terminologies regarding school and style of Karate Uniform, but typically they all are the same.

How to measure Karate Uniform

Karate Uniform is usually average height for weight proportions, so always choose the most extensive measurement to make a perfect fit. In other words, if you are thin, choose your uniform that fits your height rather than width. And you have a thick build, then choose a uniform that matches your width rather than your height. Then, to get the right fit, you can email your height and waist at StarPro Combat gear.

Here is a chart about standard lightweight Poly/Cotton uniforms, Recommended sizes for average age and height.

Size Height Age
0000 100 cm 3”5’ and under 3-4 years
000 110 cm 3”6’ to 3”7’ 4-5 years
00 120 cm 3”8’ to 4”0’ 5-6 years
0 130 cm 4”1’ to 4”4’ 6-7 years
1 140 cm 4”5’ to 4”8’ 7-8 years
2 150 cm 4”9’ to 5”0’ 9-10 years
3 160 cm 5”1’ to 5”4’ 11-12 years
4 170 cm 5”5’ to 5”9’ Teen/Adult
5 180 cm 5”10’ to 6”0’ Adult
6 190 cm 6”1’ to 6”3’ Adult
7 200 cm 6”4’ to 6”7’ Adult
8 210 cm 6”8’ and over Adult

If we talk about StarPro Combat, it comes with high-quality Martial Art gear, and one can wear art proudly. Check it out:

Karate Suit Uniform Kit

For ultimate fighters along with durable design and breathable material. A perfect fighting partner keeping your comfort a top priority and increased mobility.

Age Size
Kids 120cm
Kids 140cm
Kids 150cm
Adults 160cm
Adults 170cm
Adults 180cm
Adults 190cm

A general recommendation is to wash your uniform with cold water to reduce shrinking as we can shrink them in warm water, and they are made up of 100% cotton.

To know more about various Martial Arts gear by Starpro Combat, click here.

Karate Uniform

Components of Karate Uniform

Typically, Karate Gi consists of a jacket, pants, and belt, while the coat comes with an open wrap-around style. At the same time, the pants come with the strength of seam that will minimize the fear of tearing. Angles of pants are more significant as it is used in performing kicks, stances, stretching, and various training activities. The pants waist is secured with a traditional tie strap, while the most contemporary style is the elastic waist, which you can check even in Starpro Karate Gi

Right Fabric Type and Weight

Generally, karate Gi comes in two types of fabric, 100% Cotton or cotton/polyester, usually a blend of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. 100% Cotton comes with high-quality medium and heavyweight uniforms. But as we have mentioned earlier, these will shrink if not appropriately handled. Therefore, we do not recommend this training uniform, but just occasionally as for competitions.

Cotton/Polyester Blend usually make light and medium weight uniforms, which are less expensive. Moreover, these uniforms are great for everyday training and relatively better for kids.

Fabric Weight

Karate Uniforms are classified as given below:

  • Lightweight: 5oz to 6oz
  • Medium-weight: 7oz to 8.5oz
  • Heavyweight: 10oz to 14oz

Or some manufacturers have

  • Super Heavyweight: 14oz or more.

Lightweight: Generally, training uniforms are for beginners when anyone signs up for classes. They recommend this as they are more relaxed and do not weigh you down; they are the least expensive.

Medium-weight: An everyday training uniform and a balance between strength, weight, coolness with high quality. With a wide variety of sizes and colors, they last longer and are available in fabric materials.

Heavyweight: Typically, these uniforms come in 100% cotton and cover a vast range of competition, demonstration, or instruction—an adorable canvas material for performing techniques.

Karate Uniform Colors: Generally, for lower rank students, white uniforms are there, while for higher ranks and black belts, there are colored uniforms. Sometimes for new students, some schools choose Black, but it varies from school to school.

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