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Importance of Using Copper Utensils

The aesthetics of pure copper utensils can hardly be overestimated. The noble matte shade of metal, the unusual play of light on the surface attracts people who appreciate truly beautiful, exclusive kitchen utensils. This kitchenware fits almost perfectly into the interior of any style, and therefore enjoys well-deserved popularity among owners of good taste. In addition to that, it has properties that let the human body remain healthy. Counting the advantages, it becomes prevalent to include copper utensils in the kitchenware.  Keep reading this article to find out how this metal is beneficial for wellness. 

Pros of Pure Copper Utensils

  • Copper has unique thermal conductivity properties. It heats up quickly and evenly, and the heat distributes not only along the bottom but also rises up the walls. 
  • At the same time, the high heat capacity of copper allows the product heated inside the pan to maintain its temperature longer. In practice, this means that you can cook in a copper dish even over low heat. The dishes that require slow cooking, boiling, and stewing will be especially successful in it. Delicious, juicy, retaining useful substances: cooking such dishes is a definite plus of copper dishes. 
  • But preserves, jams, and confiture in copper dishes are just perfect. It has already been said above about the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of this metal. It is they who provide such conditions under which the jam syrup takes on an ideal consistency, and the fruit does not boil over, retaining its color and aroma.
  • These are truly ageless dishes! If you handle it with reasonable care, that is, do not allow deformation, polish and polish in a timely manner, then copper utensils can serve for an infinitely long time – literally centuries.
  • Drinking water from Copper Straight Bottle is truly beneficial for stomach health. It makes the gut strong and prevents the body from getting infected by viruses or diseases. 
  • The copper metal is also termed an anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant agent. It reduces the aging process by controlling cell damage. However, it eliminates the chances of heart failure and reduces the chance of malignant growth. 
  • Known as an anti-inflammation mineral, copper alloy fights arthritis inside and outside the human body. Also, it assures the best functioning of the thyroid gland.

Points to consider while cleaning the copper utensils

In order for the use of copper utensils to be truly functional and safe, you must comply with the basic requirements for working with them.

  • We do not recommend washing these dishes in a dishwasher. This limitation associates with a too-long washing cycle, excessive humidity causes oxidation of copper and the formation of a patina. In addition, the detergents used in washing machines are very active and may contain components that hurt the shine and beauty of the copper color.
  • Wipe off copper utensils immediately after washing. If you keep it wet, the surface of the metal will oxidize and a greenish patina will form on it. On the one hand, it is an interlayer between the metal and the environment (in this case, products), that is, it protects the metal from adverse effects. 
  • On the other hand, when the utensil heats, the patina destroys, actively interacts with the content, and can give it an unpleasant taste and shade. Copper cookware in combination with other materials, for example with stainless steel, does not have this disadvantage. But it is better to avoid moisture when using this model combination.
  • Do not place empty copper cookware on a hot hob. From this, it quickly oxidizes, and the places of bends and joints (with handles, side) can deform. These deformations are not always noticeable to the eye, and only over time, it will become visible that the surface of the dishes is uneven, and has lost its shine and beauty. The oxidation of Copper cookware by high temperatures can give an unpredictable reaction to some foods and, at least, change their color and taste.
  • Copper is a relatively soft metal, so it is important to handle it carefully. We do not advise using metal spatulas and slotted spoons, place them with force on a metal or marble support; during storage, it is necessary to avoid hitting copper utensils with other kitchen utensils.
  • Do not use non-aggressive detergents that have no effect on the color, do not oxidize them. High-quality detergent compositions without the addition of acids and alkalis are quite suitable for this. You can purchase these special products for polishing.
  • You can cook any dish in copper dishes. However, as practice shows, it is better not to use it for preparing dairy dishes: milk or porridge can take on a grayish tint, especially if the dishes have been in use for a long time.

Concluding Remarks

Health is important so do the dishes we are cooking or eating food in. Keeping ourselves attached to old ways of cooking is truly beneficial.  The benefits of using Copper kitchenware are known to you. We recommend you to use them in your daily cooking to gain health benefits!


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