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Which Color of Braces Matches Your Personality?

Braces color can really make or break how your braces look, so it’s important to choose wisely before getting them installed by your orthodontist. Let’s start with the most basic question… Which color of braces should you get? The answer depends on your personality and the size of your budget! Here are some different options for what type of braces color will match your personality best! Keep in mind that you can also have different colored brackets in addition to the wire and band of the braces themselves. This could be a great opportunity to be creative and add some flair to your smile!

Blue, because you are calm and in control

Studies show that people with blue braces are generally more in control of their emotions. They’re very calm and collected in high-pressure situations. If you have blue braces, it’s safe to say that your personality is probably one-of-kind. The downside: There’s no getting around it — with blue braces you’ll look a little out there. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of beholder. That said, if you keep up a good sense of style and color coordination, most people will think twice before calling you weird — at least to your face!

Orange, because you like quirky things

Orange is an exciting color, which means people with orange braces are fun and lively. If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to gain weight, then perhaps your doctor can prescribe some orange braces for you! Or maybe you just like being different from everyone else! Whatever your reason for choosing them, orange braces show that you’re a bit eccentric, but in a good way. People who wear them are often loved by their friends and families because they’re always willing to have fun. Wearing these colors isn’t recommended for those who like to keep everything about themselves on-the-down-low or for those who aren’t confident in their own identities—but if neither applies to you, then go ahead and rock those bright colors.

Red, because you know how to party

If you’re going to invest in braces, it might as well be red. You’re not just looking to cover unsightly teeth here. The primary reason you got braces was to party harder and make new friends while doing so. A lifestyle that gets more social attention definitely needs a fun color like red. These brace colors will make you stand out at parties and other events! Not only are they bold, but they’ll also keep your mouth safe from bacteria buildup since red is known for its antimicrobial properties. So go ahead and party hard; after all, we’re all kids once. And if your dentist sees these pictures or posts on Facebook or Instagram, don’t blame us: Blame the weather. You can choose someone else to wear them instead… I mean… We don’t blame you for showing off some pearly whites! Yay braces!!!1 !
Aside from their cosmetic purpose, braces serve an important health purpose by cleaning out food particles trapped between teeth with rubber-lined bands called floss picks. While removal of plaque isn’t necessarily noticeable when food sticks between molars or bicuspids (the same type used in bridgework), it can accumulate rapidly near brackets located along areas such as edges of front teeth.

Black, because you want to dominate the room

Yellow is a happy color, so it’s no surprise that people who prefer yellow as their brace color tend to be cheerful. Yellow also denotes creativity, so it makes sense that these individuals are probably always coming up with new ideas. This can make them great conversation partners, because their creativity will never dull over time. Having a yellow-brace friend around may also encourage you to think outside of your comfort zone and push yourself into exciting opportunities. While you may not have all those confidence-boosting traits about yourself just yet, yellow braces can help you boost your confidence and feel good about yourself in a way that’s both subtle and powerful at once.

Yellow, because you want people to notice you

Yellow stands out and can be hard to miss—which is why people with yellow braces are so happy to have them. If you want people to look at you, but not necessarily stare at you, opt for yellow. It’s a fun color that will bring an element of joy into your life. If you’re someone who wants attention in class or at work, it may be time to buy some yellow braces. Not only will your peers know about them, but they might even begin talking about them when you’re not around! Just remember that too much attention can take away from what you’re trying to accomplish; if your goal is personal success and satisfaction, go for a lighter color instead.

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