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All about how to write a good offer

A commercial offer must be such that it sells the services of a particular company that creates it. This is a real art that will help the company increase its sales and acquire new customers. To learn how to create it, this article was created.

How to make a commercial offer?

There are no tips here to help you learn how to put together a sales pitch to sell a bunch of different services in a limited amount of time. There is only a structure and an understanding of what each item in it is responsible for.

The structure of the offer looks like this:

  • Headline -should attract and fascinate future buyers.
  • An offer is the main offer to the client, where you need to call to action to buy a service or product.
  • The main part – needs to talk about what benefits the client will receive, arguing this for 100%.
  • Price, its justification – a story about how much the cost of a service or product will be, as well as justify what it consists of.
  • Dealing with claims is a demonstration of the capabilities of your company with the help of reviews and real examples of work.
  • A call to action is a literal request to contact this company and not any other. Sometimes it’s worth mentioning a time limit when referring to a promotion or a short-term offer.
  • Contacts – the most simple item where you need to specify how to contact the company via email, phone number, or any other way.

Now it is worth analyzing each point to understand how to achieve greater efficiency and sales, respectively.


It should draw the reader in to read the text. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the purpose of the audience, helping to solve it. If we talk about how to write a commercial offer, then you should never start it with these words. This is the very first rule.

The title should be selling and concise, giving customers an understanding of what they can get.


The main part is where you need to offer the client the main offer. It needs to briefly talk about your company, and then quickly move on to the main offer, indicating a small benefit for the client. Don’t talk too much about your product and its benefits. The best sales pitches tend to be concise and don’t take too long to read. This is what you should focus on.

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main part

Already in this part, you will have to talk about the benefits of working with your company. It can reveal the benefits that the client will receive, a story about your product and service. It is recommended to correct every fact about your product with documents or numbers.

Price and its rationale

In this section of the offer, you need to tell about the cost of your services. The client must get what it consists of and why it is beneficial for him. Of course, you should not overly praise your team and talk about its infallibility in this case. It is recommended to keep a balance between praising your work and adequate pricing.

Work with claims

In this block, you need to deal with any doubts that a potential buyer may have. For these purposes, you should provide:

  • More information about the company. Various certificates, work experience, success.
  • Evidence of the highest quality of services. This may already include reviews from other clients, examples of work, and more.
  • Work/payment procedure. For example, the client will be able to pay for the work after the equipment is checked or the work is completed. It is necessary to provide the most transparent and favorable conditions to the client.
  • Guarantees. For example, a promise to return the money if the client is dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided.

All these parameters are recommended to be entered in the claims handling block if you want to know how to make a commercial offer correctly.

Call to action

It is recommended to summarize the entire commercial offer with a call to action. For example: “It is worth contacting us to obtain a supply contract. This offer will last until we run out of stock, which is severely limited.”

Conclusion on the preparation of a commercial offer

Now you have learned how to create a competent commercial offer that will promote goods and services on the Internet. The main thing: do not make it too complicated and incomprehensible for the client. Minimalism is the perfect solution in this case.

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