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Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PST Files With or Without Outlook

Best Way to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST

Summary: If you want to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST, you must read this post. We’ve gone through both manual and automatic methods for exporting Microsoft Live Mail to PST files. Learn how to convert Windows Live Mail files to PST format by reading this page.

How to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PST? The Manual Approach

This preliminary approach may now be used to begin the transfer from Windows Live Mail to PST files. To use this method, a WLM account must be set up on the device. You must also have an Outlook account set up on your device. Follow the instructions below to learn what you need to do to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails and why you should.

  1. After logging in, you may access Windows Live Mail. You may istanbul escorts access the Mail menu by going to File > Options > Mail.
  2. Inside the Advanced menu, go to the Maintenance tab.
  3. Click the symbol for the folder where you want to save the objects.
  4. Everything that happened during the transmission of your message is displayed here, and you are free to create copies.
  5. Navigate to the folder containing EML files using the supplied path to access your messages in EML format.
  6. You can import each EML file into PST once you know where it is.

How to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST?

There are two methods available for converting Windows Live Mail to PST format:

Transfer Windows Live Mail Messages

Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail should both be used, with Outlook acting as your primary email client.

  • Select File from the drop-down list after running Windows Live Mail. Select the Email messages option after selecting the Export emails option.

Keep in mind that using the Alt key will bring up the File menu if you are using Windows Live Mail for Windows XP or an earlier version.

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange, then move forward.
  2. Once emails are transferred from Windows Live Mail to Outlook or Exchange, the user receives a notification. Just click OK.
  3. Whichever mail folders are exported is up to you. You are free to choose any folder. Select the option, and then hit OK.
  4. Click the OK button after choosing the desired Outlook profile. beginning of the export process.
  5. Click Finish when the Export Confirmation Wizard displays.

Examine the exported emails in Microsoft Outlook. Such emails may be saved as a PST file with Outlook’s import/export features.

Move Windows Live Mail Messages With a Single Drag

  1. You can drag and drop the messages from the primary email program into the desired email client after collecting all the emails and confirming the location of the EML file.
  2. After choosing the emails, go to the area where Windows Live Mail keeps its EML files.

Warning: By moving Windows Live Mail EML files to a portable storage device like a hard drive or flash drive, they can be copied to a computer running Outlook. Only if Windows Live Mail is set up on both PCs is this feasible.

Browse to the folder in which the emails will be kept in Outlook.

  1. Using the drag-and-drop method, move the EML files into the PST folder.
  2. Check to see whether there are any pending emails in the PST folder.

Because messages might be lost while exporting or dragging and dropping files, you should make a backup copy of your EML files.

Convert Windows Live Mail to PST in One Go

The quickest and simplest way to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST is by using the Windows Live Mail converter tool. The manual method cannot be used with any version of Outlook PST, but this one can. The stored folders from Windows Live Mail may be mass imported into the PST format. It also provides a list of the tasks you must do in order to complete the work. You can get a better idea of the device’s performance from these.

Steps to Automatically Convert WLM Emails to Outlook PST Files

  1. Download the software on your WLM-capable device to convert emails from Windows Live Mail as PST. Follow the recommended instructions when installing it.
  2. Launch the solution to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST format.
  3. Select the Open tab next, and then choose a folder from the drop-down menu or open configured Windows Live Mail accounts. We will now select the option to Select Folder.
  4. You should get ready to import the folders from Windows Live Mail that you want to convert to PST.
  5. All of the Live Mail information that you selected earlier in this procedure will now be visible in the left pane of the WLM Converter.
  6. Should the necessity arise, you can preview every WLM email from this point.
  7. Simply choose the Export Tab and then the PST format from the drop-down menu.
  8. The files that are displayed that you want to export to PST should have checkmarks next to them.
  9. Make your choice after navigating to the spot where your files will eventually be kept.
  10. Include the email heading and any extra options that are offered if you want a better outcome.
  11. Finally, in the top right hand corner of the screen, click the Save option to export Windows Live Mail to PST.
  12. Your data will start to be converted in a few seconds. When this procedure is complete, you’ll be informed. Additionally, a screen labelled “Open Folder” will be displayed to you, allowing you to access the location of the created files directly from the software.

Your assignment is finished.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the application operates, we’ll guide you through some of its features. We urge you to review them and learn how this app may be your biggest asset and the best choice for your data migration.

Learn More About the Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion Tool

  1. Conversion Capacity: The utility has an infinite capacity for conversion. It offers the capacity to batch convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST simultaneously and according to the identical steps.
  2. Dual Mode: There are two options available while converting Windows Live Mail data. There are two options: manually choose a folder or select one of the pre-configured Windows Live Mail accounts.
  3. Data Analysis: The software also enables you to view Windows Live Mail files, as seen in the image preview. You may examine the files in their entirety after sending them to the tool.
  4. Compatibility for Devices: The tool is compatible with all devices running Windows. Any version of Windows, including versions 11, 10, and older, can be used with the Windows Live Mail to PST Converter tool.
  5. Browse Area: When using the Windows Live mail emails to PST converter, you are not need to save your produced files in a specific location. Instead, you might browse locations. This app lets you choose the preferred location to keep the resultant files.


We detailed how to manually convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST files. The manual method varies across versions of Outlook PST, though. The procedure for converting Windows Live Mail to PST is the same as for any other email client. Reviewing the procedures listed on this page, you are now free to start working on your project.

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