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Engage Your Remote Employees And Make Them Happy And Efficient

The pandemic has changed the functioning of businesses and how people carry out their business. Many business organizations have made a 360-degree change in their functioning.

Organizations that are moving with the times are here to stay, and others have vanished into the black hole. With Covid-19, the work-from-home pattern has been trending, and most of the organizations follow this work pattern.

Almost 83% of the organizations have switched to a hybrid model of working, i.e., work from home and onsite. With the increasing fear of a pandemic, work-from-home patterns have been in high demand.

Although there are some negative effects of working from the home pattern, many still prefer it. The positive outcomes of working from home outweigh the negative ones.

The remote workers

Organizations that have offered flexibility to the employees have seen a rise in their productivity. Several other factors contribute to high productivity, but remote working is one of them.

 Remote working is proving beneficial, but many factors cause stress and anxiety while working at home. Everybody is dealing with social isolation, and this is one of the biggest reasons for stress and anxiety for employees working from home.

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Remote employees’ engagement ways

If you are also in favour of working from home, read out the ways to keep your employees engaged.

1. Regular informal communications

Formal communication in the form of emails and messages is a common process. Amidst all this, it is essential to indulge in informal communication too. Emails are a good way to communicate, but you can indulge in informal chats and have a light time with your colleague.

When you are going to an office, these conversations are bound to happen but working at home leaves no scope for having conversations over coffee. Hence, have more informal chats and stay motivated and focused on your work.

Work from home can be a big reason for distraction. If you are indulging in informal chats, try to limit it. You can decide the specific time for it. This will not hamper your work and work quality.

2. Virtual lunch meetings

Everybody likes team celebrations; when you conduct such celebrations, your team members become happy and motivated. You can conduct regular virtual lunch meet-ups to catch up with your colleagues and management in an informal way.

Just by appreciating and saying well done, you can see an increase in the productivity and motivation level of employees.

Once you finish your lunch meeting, you can send some tokens to every employee’s house and make them happy. You can also send a meal that can be delivered to their doorsteps.

These small gestures will motivate your employees and make them feel connected to your organization. It also instils unity in your workforce. You should know when to be friendly and when to be bossy.

3. Indulge your employees in extra-curricular activities

Team building and interactions are an important part of any team. While working onsite, it is possible to take your whole team out for a game session or sports meet.

But remote working has restricted these opportunities. You can provide an online opportunity for team building and virtual sports sessions.

You can organize a multi-player competition that your employees will enjoy. Once your session is over, send some meals or e-cards to your employees to end their day on a happy note.

4. Conduct video meetings on a daily basis

Before starting your day, connect with all your employees for a short 15-minute meeting every day.

There may be employees working in different time zones. You can record a briefing video that your employees have access to before the start of their day.

5. Be considerate for employees having kids

Employees having kids can actually have a hectic schedule as they have to work and also look after their kids.

Some employees have school-going kids, while others may have infants or teenagers. Be considerate to every employee and send them some gifts that they can redeem for their kids.

6. Conduct open office hours without any agenda

Every employee will love this concept i.e. a meeting without agenda. Every employee would like to join this call. Your remote employees will be excited to join this chat and might be looking forward to it.

You can present it in the way of an open forum just to share random ideas, opinions and thoughts. In this meeting, people may discuss the loans borrowed by them as it is not an official meeting.

For example, if an individual has borrowed loans, he may ask for suggestions to repay such loans from his other fellow mates. This way, employees will enjoy and can get information too at the same time.

7. Visit your employees

Not frequently, but you can plan occasional visits to your employees’ homes. You can plan it as a personal trip and create a rapport with them so that they can be open with you.

Many employees may meet you on face time, but meeting them in person is crucial and beneficial for the employee-employer relationship.

8. Easy participation

Whenever you are conducting online meetings and workshops, always remember to keep the joining process easy.

Any difficulty can lead to hassle and demotivate the employee from being a part of the team meeting. Also, the employees will lose interest in the meeting. They may give an excuse not to be a part of the meeting.


It may look very easy to engage your remote workers. But keeping them engaged and managing them from a distance can actually be tough and tasking. Engaging your employees also depicts potential risks for which you have to find ways to resolve and recreate.

All the above indicators contribute to the fact that the remote work culture is trending and is not going anywhere. Hence, you have to find ways to keep your remote employees happy and motivated.

You are wrong if you feel you can keep your employees engaged and just money. You have to be flexible and open to various ideas and approaches toward work.

Managing your employees remotely is a task, and if done properly, it can lead to higher efficiency and greater benefits to the business. Many employees have complained of being distracted as they are working from home and are not able to focus properly.

As mentioned above, you can keep open meetings to let people share feelings and thoughts. Every employee is different from one another, so do not stick to any idea and instead implement various ideas. Make their work from home as much fun as possible.

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